The hottest and most popular global tourist attractions(Top 10, for reference only)

1American Grand CanyonArizona, USALocated on the kebab plateau in northwest Arizona, the United States, it is a world-famous natural wonder. The Colorado River runs through it. It is one of the natural heritages selected by UNESCO as protected, one of the more magnificent sceneries on the earth, and one of the longer canyons in the world. The Grand Canyon has a total length of 446 kilometers and a top width of 6 to 28 kilometers. The climate and landscape of the two walls and the bottom of the canyon are very different. The south wall is dry and warm and there are few plants; The north wall is higher than the south wall, with a cold and humid climate and green trees; The valley bottom is dry and hot, presenting a desert landscape.
2BaliBali IndonesiaLocated in the east of Java island, it is an Indonesian island and a world-famous honeymoon resort. Bali also enjoys many other names, such as “the island of gods”, “the island of demons”, “Romance island”, “the island of beauty”, “the island of paradise”, “the island of magic” and “the island of flowers”, due to its myriad customs and beautiful scenery. As Bali is located in a tropical area, there is plenty of sunshine. The rational use of light can take a variety of wedding photos in different styles. The scenery of Bali has attracted the attention of many new couples.
3The Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaAustraliaIt is the largest and longest coral reef group in the world. It is located in the southern hemisphere. It runs through the northeast coast of Australia. It stretches from Torres Strait in the north to the south of the Tropic of cancer. It stretches for a total of 2011 kilometers and 161 kilometers at the widest point. There are 2900 large and small coral reef islands, and the natural landscape is very special. The southern end of the Great Barrier Reef is 241 kilometers away from the coast, the northern end is close, and the nearest place is only 16 kilometers away from the coast. At low tide, some coral reefs emerge from the water to form coral islands, which is a very convenient transportation sea route between the reefs and the coast. When the wind is calm, cruise ships pass here, and the continuous colorful and diversified coral scenery under the ship has become the best underwater wonder to attract tourists from all over the world. It was listed on the world’s natural heritage list in 1981.
4Phuket IslandThe Andaman Sea off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula in southern ThailandThe Andaman Sea, located off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula in southern Thailand, has 32 outlying islands. Phuket, the capital, is located southeast of the island. It is a large port and commercial center. Phuket Island is the largest island in Thailand and the smallest province in Thailand. It is known as “a pearl of the Andaman Sea” for its charming scenery and rich tourism resources. Phuket Island is rich in natural resources and has the reputation of “treasure island” and “treasure island”. The main mineral is tin. It is also rich in rubber, seafood, and various fruits. The Malays call Phuket the Cape of Sarang, which is
also often called Tongka, junk Ceylon and jonsalam.
5ProvenceFrance Located in the southeast of France, it is a blue coast bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is the world-famous hometown of lavender and produces high-quality wine. Provence is a “city of knights” and the birthplace of Knight love poems
in the middle ages. The famous towns include Marseille and AIX. In Provence, there are famous cities such as AIX and Marseille, as well as cities and towns such as Arles, Gede, Avignon, and NIM. This area is rich in products,
sunny and beautiful. It has attracted countless tourists since ancient Greece and Rome. It is still a tourist attraction today.
6MaldivesMaldivesIt is an island country in the Indian Ocean and a large coral island country in the world. The Maldives is composed of more than 1200 small coral islands, 202 of which are inhabited.
From the air, it looks like a string of pearls scattered on the Indian Ocean. With an area of 300 square kilometers (excluding the territorial sea), Maldives is a smaller country in Asia. The northeast of the Maldives is 675 kilometers away from Sri Lanka, and the north is about 113 kilometers away
from the Indian Island of mini koi. The equatorial Strait and the Strait once and a half in the south of the Maldives are important maritime traffic routes.
7Lake Baikal Southern East Siberia, Russia
It is the largest freshwater lake in Asia and Europe and the deepest lake with the largest water storage capacity in the world. It was listed on the world heritage
list in 1996 and is located in the south of eastern Siberia, Russia. Baikal Lake was called “Beihai” in ancient China. It was once the main activity area of northern ethnic groups in ancient China.
Suwa sheep herding was here in the Han Dynasty. “The scenery of Lake Baikal changes greatly in seasons. Summer, especially around August, is its golden season.
8Taj MahalIndiaIt is one of the historic sites in India and a world cultural heritage, and has been selected as the “new seven wonders of the world”. Taj Mahal, known as “Taj Mahala”, is a mausoleum mosque built of white marble. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan
in Agra from 1631 to 1653 in memory of his beloved concubine. It is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, more than 200 kilometers away from New Delhi, on the right side of the Yamuna River.
It is composed of halls, bell towers, minarets, pools, etc. all of them are built of pure white marble and inlaid with glass and agate. It has very high artistic value.
9Eiffel TowerAres square, Paris, FranceIt was first built on January 26th, 1887, and completed in 1889. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel.
It was built by Gustave Eiffel at the world exposition celebrating the centenary of the French Revolution in 1889. It is a world-famous building, one of the symbols
of French culture, and one of the city landmarks in Paris. It is loved by the French as the “Iron Lady”. The Paris iron tower is 300 meters high, the antenna is 24 meters high, and the total height is 324 meters.
It is composed of many
scattered steel components. It has five areas: square, first floor, second floor, top floor, and garden. There are five elevators from the square to the second floor
and two double elevators
from the second floor to the top floor.
10Mauritius IslandMauritius Island in the western Indian OceanIn the western Indian Ocean. Formed by a volcanic eruption. Lava is widely distributed and there are many craters.
It is 61km long from north to south, 47km wide from east to west and covers an area of 1865km2, accounting for more than 90% of Mauritius’ land area. The central part is a plateau, high in the South
and low in the north, with low mountains and isolated peaks. The general altitude is 300-600m, and the highest peak, xiaoheihe peak, is 827m above sea level, which is also the highest peak in Mauritius. There are plains along the coast. The east bank is wide and the West Bank is narrow. There are coral reefs
and lakes around. There are many excellent harbors with tortuous rock lines. In a tropical marine climate, with an annual average temperature of more than 20 ℃, the annual precipitation in the southeast is more
than that in the northwest, generally more than 1500mm, and as much as 3400mm in the southeast.

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