Opinion: What are the statistics on the most beautiful mountains in the world?

All data are for reference only. The standard of beauty is not unified, and the ranking is not in order.

1Matterhorn peak
Matterhorn, Wallis,Zermatt
Matterhorn peak is only about 4500 meters above sea level, but the four seasonal scenery here makes people particularly like it, attracting many lovers to come to watch and climb. Looking from a distance, it is like a pyramid, standing quietly there, waiting for tourists to watch and stop.
2Namcha BarwaNyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region, ChinaIn the 2005 China National Geographic Magazine “Beauty China” campaign, Nanga Barwa Peak ranked first. In April 2020, it was selected for the “2020 World Summer Mountain List”. In April 2020, it was selected for the “2020 China Summer Mountain List”.
From Lhasa, along the Kangzang Highway east to Bayi Town, the whole journey of 404 kilometers. And along the Nile River south, through the Yarlung Zangbo River Gangga Bridge to Milin county, travel 75 kilometers. It runs 91 kilometers east along the Yarlung Zangbo River to 3,100 meters above sea level. From the district along the simple highway north 18 kilometers, through Dadu ka township to Gea. Then walk to the base camp, 3,512 meters above sea level.
3Mount QomolangmaDue south of Dingri County, Shigatse City, the Sino-Nepal border in the middle section of the HimalayasMount Everest, Mount Qomolangma (English: Mount Qomolangma; Tibetan: Nepali:), for short, 8848.86 meters. For more information, please refer to geography magazine or other data, but not much interpretation here.
Ama Dablam
The Mount Everest Region of NepalAmadablam (English Name: AMA Dablam) is usually translated as ama Dablam, with an altitude of 6856 meters. It is not particularly high among the peaks in the Mount Everest region of Nepal, but many people who have walked the hiking route in the Mount Everest region believe that ama Dablam snow mountain is one of the most unforgettable snow mountains in this region; From the summit of ama Dablam, you can see the four highest peaks in the world around you: Zhuo you, Luozi peak, Everest and Makalu. The most eye-catching Ama Dablam is the most famous in this place, and it is also one of the peaks that climbers of the Himalayas want to climb the top of most.
5Lavaredo three peaksNortheast ItalyThe three peaks are named CimaPiccola, Cim-Guange, and Cimooist, and this charming mountain group is located at 2,999 m in the Dolomite Mountains. It is picturesque, and if the sunset is not beautiful, it is an outdoor paradise, with many hiking trails to the mountain that are both simple and challenging.
6Meri Snow MountainDeqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan ProvinceMeili Snow Mountain is one of the “ten most beautiful famous mountains” in China and the “tourist attraction with the most international brand value”. Meili Snow Mountain is one of the regions with the richest biodiversity in Yunnan. The vertical distribution of alpine vegetation types in Meili Snow Mountain is equivalent to the horizontal distribution of vegetation types in the Northern Hemisphere from subtropical to polar regions. Meili Snow Mountain scenic area is composed of five plates: the Jinsha River Great Bay scenic area located in the three parallel rivers Yunnan reserve and listed in the world natural heritage list, the fog thick top welcome platform at the best location for shooting the panoramic view of Meili Snow Mountain, the Feilai Temple observation platform entering the important hub of Meili Snow Mountain or avalanche, the avalanche scenic area with God waterfalls and ice lakes, and the Mingyong glacier scenic area with low latitude tropical monsoon marine modern glaciers.
7Torre peakSouth Patagonia Ice sheet, South AmericaTorre Peak is located in the South Patagonia ice sheet, a disputed area between Argentina and Chile, 3128 meters above sea level and a relative height of 1227 meters, it is one of the world’s famous peaks of granite giant tower. The long, pointed shape is its most charming point, especially in the winter is covered with a little snow scene, absolutely!
8Alps/AlpenSouth-central EuropeThe Alps is the highest mountain range in Europe, located in the part of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, mainly in Switzerland and Austria.
The Alps is a world-famous scenic spot and tourist attraction, known as “the palace of nature” and “the real landform exhibition hall”. It is also a holy land for ice and snow sports and a paradise for explorers. The scenery is very charming. It is a resort for mountaineering, skiing, and tourism. Glaciation forms many lakes. The largest lake is Lake Leman. In addition, there are four forest state lakes, Zurich lake, Boden lake, major lake, and Como lake. The beautiful lake area is a tourist attraction. A large number of tourists come here every year. In addition, it is also a necessary place for the annual tour de France.
9Denali PeakSouth Central Alaska, USAMcKinley Peak, also known as Denali Peak, is located in south-central Alaska, 6,190 meters high, and is the highest peak in North America. It is a major attraction in the local Denali National Park, but its altitude is very high, resulting in extremely thin air, coupled with the weather and extremely low temperature, making it an insurmountable barrier for climbers. The scenery here has always had its unique charm throughout the year.
10Daocheng Sanshen mountainDaocheng County, Sichuan ProvinceDaocheng Sanshin mountain is 6032 meters away from xiannairi on the north peak, 5958 meters away from maiyong on the south peak, and 5958 meters away from xianuoduoji on the East peak. The three snow peaks are white and steep, like sharp swords straight into the sky. Xiannairi is like a giant Buddha, proudly holding the lotus seat; Yang maiyong is like a girl, quiet and dignified, ice and jade; Shano Dorje is like a teenager, strong and energetic. Around the snow peak, there are many horn peaks, more than 30 large and small, in a variety of forms, which is spectacular.
11Kilqiu mountainGlendi Erze on the west side of IcelandKilqiu mountain is only 463 meters, but the scenery is quite attractive. Tourists will also enjoy the very magical northern lights when the sun sets here. This is a great resort for photography lovers. The scenery on the mountain is very mid-earth century. Three waterfalls flow down and are filled with clear streams winding at the foot of the mountain, forming a beautiful picture of Xanadu.
12QogirChina- -PakistanQiaori Peak is the main peak of the Karakoram Mountains, also known as K2 peak, 8611 meters above sea level, is the unparalleled snow mountain prince, Qiaori peak mainly has 6 ridges, the northwest-southeast ridge is the main ridge of the Karakin Mountains, is also the border of China and Pakistan. On October 23, 2005, Qiaogori Peak was named one of the top 10 most beautiful famous mountains in China.
The western Alps of SwitzerlandOne of the Alpine peaks in Switzerland, Eiger), 3,967 meters (13,015 feet), is magical in every direction, taken in spring in green and challenging to climb.
14Andes MountainsWest Bank of South AmericaThe longest land mountain range in the world: The Andes Mountains belong to the Cordillera mountain system, also known as the Antis Mountains or the Antis Mountains, and are located on the west coast of South America, ranging from Panama to Chile. With a total length of more than 8,900 kilometers from north to south, it is the longest mountain range in the world, running through the west of the South American continent, and is known as the “backbone of South America”.
15Table MountainS. Africa
Cape Town
Table mountain (English: Table Mountain, Afrikaner: tafelberg) means “Cape city”. It is a representative natural wonder in the local area. The whole height is 1084 meters. For tourists who like climbing friends, it is a good place to go. The natural landscape and various plants and birds make people linger. The Bay opposite Table Mountain has a natural harbor and is named Table Bay because of table mountain.
16Mount AssiniboineThe Canadian RockiesMount Assiniboine is a peak in southwest Canada, located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, located in the continental watershed, British Columbia and Alberta border, 3,618 meters above sea level, the natural landscape and terrain are very attractive.
17hima alayaBetween China and India and other countries, the south top of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateauthe main peak is the world’s highest peak, Mount Qomolangma (also known as the Virgin Peak, Tibetan name: Qomolangma), which is the third Tibetan language goddess, with an altitude of 8,848.86 meters. According to the latest measurement data, Mount Everest increases by an average of 1 centimeter per year.
18Mount FujiBetween Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, JapanJapan’s temporarily dormant active volcanoes spanning Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, Mount Fuji, the Holy Land, and the source of artistic inspiration, are important symbols of Japan. Mount Fuji is an active volcano across Shizuoka and Yamanashi counties in Japan, and it is the highest peak in Japan. Mount Fuji is known as the “holy mountain” by the Japanese people and is a symbol of the pride of the Japanese nation. Mount Fuji is towering into the clouds, and the top of the mountain is covered with snow. Looking around, it looks like a fan hanging upside down in the air, so it is also known as the “jade fan”. As one of the symbols of Japan, Mount Fuji enjoys a high reputation in the world, and is often referred to as “Hibiscus peak” or “Fuyue” and “the only kaolin”
19Kunlun MountainsChina’s Xinjiang borders Qinghai and TibetKunlun Mountains (Kunlun Mountain), also known as Kunlun Xu, is the first sacred mountain in China, the mountain of ten thousand ancestors, Kunlun mound or jade mountain. The total length of the mountain is about 2500 kilometers, with an average altitude of 5500-6000 meters, a width of 130-200 kilometers, and a total area of more than 500000 square kilometers. It is the mountain system in Central Asia and the backbone of the mountain system in Western China. Kunlun Mountain has a prominent position as “the ancestor of mountains” in the cultural history of the Chinese nation. The ancients called Kunlun mountain the “ancestor of the dragon vein” of China. Ancient mythology believed that there lived a fairy “West Queen Mother” in the Kunlun Mountains, with a head and a leopard body, served by two green birds. It was a Taoist God, who shared the responsibility of male and female immortals with the East King.
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