Desert is beautiful, desert oasis is more beautiful, record those well-known desert oases

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1Huacachina oasisHuacachina oasis is known as the most beautiful oasis in South America. [bai] centered on a natural lake, palm trees, eucalyptus, and buildings are concentrated on the lake. The green lake water is surrounded by dozens of meters of sand dunes. Because the lake water has medical effects, it was once a resort in Peru. Now the back of Peru’s new SOL 50 yuan bill is this lake. In addition to rowing, you can also slide sand and drive sand dune SUVs here. Wakachna oasis is located in the southern hemisphere. Every July and August is winter in the region. During this period, the temperature of the oasis will be relatively low, which is more suitable for tourists.
2Oasis of BahariaBahia oasis is an oasis in the desert of Western Egypt and one of the world-famous oases. From here, you can easily go to the black and white desert and crystal mountain. There are many hot springs in Mahalia oasis, where the famous Golden mummy was found. Davida is the largest village in this oasis. In addition to the picturesque scenery of the hillside, you can also see a natural fountain left over from the Roman period, constantly gushing hot water. Kasha village next door is built on the basis of an ancient temple, where you can still see ancient murals and mysterious tombs.
3Farafra OasisFarafra oasis is perhaps the smallest oasis in Egypt, with a famous Egyptian landscape – Alberta white desert. It is located in the south of baharia oasis, also in the Libyan Desert, 540 kilometers away from Cairo. The desert is covered with a layer of white powdered material, which is formed by limestone under the long-term action of desert storms. The people here mainly live in kasha village in farfara, with about 5000 residents. The style of buildings in the village completely follows the tradition – simple, quaint, simple, maintaining the original color of the soil.
4Engorge OasisLocated in the west of the dead sea and more than 400 meters below sea level, aengodi is a low-lying place in the world and is famous for its springs and rich and diverse flora and fauna. There is also a large botanical garden, covering an area of 24.7 mu, with more than 900 plants from all over the world. In the Bible, aengordi has been mentioned many times. According to Jewish tradition, David hid in a cave here to avoid Saul. Joshua describes this as one of several tribes in Judah. Near the oasis, there is a small city, kibbutz, which was founded in 1956. There are many famous tourist attractions there. With the help of the local rich water resources, the village is vibrant.
5Katie OasisKhatif oasis, located in Saudi Arabia and on the east coast of the Persian Gulf, is one of the world’s famous oases, dating back to the late Bronze Age 3500 BC. It is famous for springs and palm trees. As a large settlement of Islamic Shiites, the tense atmosphere here is also an important factor for its reputation. Cardiff oasis has abundant underground springs, and the oasis is particularly beautiful surrounded by a palm forest. To the west is the famous Aldana desert, where the sand shines like gold.
6Wacazina OasisHuacazina oasis is known as the “oasis of America”. Huacazina is a small village built around the lake, located in the city of ICA, Peru. Now it has become a resort for people in the nearby IKA city. You can also see a fantastic mirage in huakazina, and the local desert surfing competition can also attract many tourists. The local characteristic tourism project with sand as the theme allows you to visit the whole Oasis by sitting on a desert carriage, and you can also see the ancient whale fossils exposed under the wind and rain.
7Elhassan OasisEl Hassa oasis is an oasis formed by groundwater recharge in the world. It has been settled since ancient times, and the vast area within 65 kilometers around it is maintained by the groundwater of the oasis. Every year, there are five months of summer and relatively cold winter, which leads to the abundance of groundwater resources. The unique dry tropical climate benefits the local environment. In ancient times, it was the hub of many trade routes. Merchants came here along the Arabian Peninsula, India, Persia, and the Far East, and trade was very frequent.
8Oasis of MozartMozambique oasis is located in the northern Sahara desert, in Algeria, 500 kilometers away from the southern capital Algiers. Mozambique is actually a highland made of limestone. The extremely hot climate makes it one of the hottest places in the world. In the past, every summer, local residents would move into the “summer Castle” to avoid the hot weather. These mosque yards with the appearance of a castle were surrounded by palm trees, and it was very cool inside. In 1982, the Mozambique valley was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list to show the world the outstanding achievements of keeping the traditional buildings intact and integrating them into the modern environment.
9Siwa OasisSiwa Oasis is located in Egypt, in the Libyan desert between the Katara basin and the Egyptian sand sea, 560 kilometers away from the capital Cairo. Here is the ancient Siwa fortress, which is completely made of natural salt rock, which was made by the ancients with salt, mud, and palm trees. A three-day continuous heavy rain in 1926 was enough to destroy the salt rock city, but now it seems that the main body of the castle has been preserved. Other well-known historical sites include the temple of prophecy, the mountain of death, and a strange natural fountain called Cleopatra.
10Shebekai OasisShebikai oasis is one of many beautiful oases in the northern part of the Tunis mountains. Shebikai oasis is not as famous as other oases here, but the scenery it presents may be the most unforgettable scenery you have ever seen or experienced. This beautiful oasis is a vast oasis in the world.
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