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1East African Great Rift ValleyEast AfricaIn terms of geography, we know that the Great Rift Valley in East Africa is the largest fault zone on the continent of the world because it looks like a huge scar through satellite observation, so the Great Rift Valley in East Africa is known as the “scar of the earth”. This rift valley is located in eastern Africa, starting from the lower valley of the Zambezi River in the south, passing through the shire River Valley to the north, and dividing into East and West branches to the north of Lake Malawi (Nyasa Lake).
2The Grand CanyonNorthwest Arizona, United StatesThe Grand Canyon is selected as a protected natural heritage by UNESCO. Located on the kebab plateau in the northwest of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent sceneries on earth. With a total length of 446 kilometers, it is one of the longest canyons in the world. The top of the canyon is 6 to 28 kilometers wide and the deepest point is 1800 meters. The water surface at the bottom of the valley is less than 1000 meters wide. In summer, ice and snow melt, and the water depth increases to 18 meters. Most of the rocks are red. The rocks at the bottom of the valley have experienced about two billion years of changes, half the age of the earth.
3Yarlung Zangbu Grand CanyonNyingchi region, Tibet, chinaYarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the largest and deepest canyon in the world. The Grand Canyon starts from Viduka village, Pai Town, Milin County in the North (with an altitude of 3000 meters), passes through the great bend of Yarlung Zangbo River in Pailong Township and ends at baxika village, Moto County in the South (with an altitude of 115 meters, in southern Tibet near Assam state in India), and the main body is Moto County. From Doka village, Ganden Township, Moto County to Gala village, Pai Town, Milin County, it is the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon no man’s land. The Grand Canyon area is the most mysterious area of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Because of its unique tectonic location, it is regarded by scientists as “a keyhole that opens the door to the history of the earth”.
5Tianshan Grand CanyonBanfanggou Township, Urumqi county, Xinjiang, chinaTianshan Grand Canyon is also known as Cecilia Grand Canyon. Located in Urumqi county, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tianshan Grand Canyon has a planned area of 1038 square kilometers, an average altitude of 2020 meters, and an annual average temperature of 4-6 ℃. It is the most complete and most ornamental primitive snow ridge spruce forest on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain.
6Telugu XiaHualien County, Taiwan ProvinceLocated in Hualien County, Taiwan Province, failure gorge is the general name of the middle and upper reaches of Liwu stream (formerly known as Dajili stream) on the eastern slope of the northern section of the central mountains. From the lower part of the Hehuan pass of Shangyuan to the failure community of Chongde village near Hekou, the total length is about 78 kilometers based on the length of the central cross highway. Hehuan pass, 2565 meters above sea level, is the watershed of Liwu River and Zhuoshui River, and also the boundary between the East and West sections of the highway. Along the east of Liwu River Valley, it passes through the distribution areas of the Gaoshan ethnic group, Taiya ethnic group and East seek ethnic group.
7The Capertee Canyon, AustraliaHualien County, Taiwan ProvinceCapertee Canyon is the largest canyon in Australia and is famous for its rugged terrain and towering sandstone cliffs.
At the bottom of the canyon, the caper tree River erodes the Permian and Triassic rocks, and the rock history can be traced back to millions of years ago. Aborigines have a rich history in this land, which can be seen from the 2000-year-old rock paintings here.
8The Kaligandaki Gorge in NepalNepalThe exact depth of the Kaligandaki Gorge has been debated, as not everyone agrees with the height of its rim. But, if it could be measured from the highest peaks on either side of the river, it would be the deepest canyon in the world, with a depth of 6,800 meters.
9Yuhe Grand CanyonAIS / hithwaite transnational ParkThe Fish River Grand Canyon is located in the Ace / Hittthwaite International Park, and is one of the largest canyons in the world, for the first Grand Canyon in Africa. With about 160 kilometers long, 27 meters wide, and more than 550 meters deep, it is one of the major tourist destinations in southern Namibia. The Fish River Grand Canyon hiking trail is among the top hiking trails in southern Africa, and backpackers can walk along the river. The road is surrounded by steep cliffs and deep winding below, and the entire route runs from the northernmost point of the Fish River Grand Canyon to Ace Springs.
10Colca CanyonThe Andes in PeruCorca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. It is located in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The snow-capped peaks often covered by clouds stand 3200 meters above the valley. The canyon looks like a crack in the mountain range cut off by a big knife. During the rainy season, the turbulent and turbid kolka river winds through the dead fire mountains scattered along the bottom of the valley. There is a 64-kilometer-long valley between the mountains on the kolka gorge, with 86 conical volcanoes, some of which are about 300 meters high. Some of them are raised from the field, and some are located around the foothills. They are solidified black lava. Cacti and thick-stemmed pineapples grow on some volcanic cones.
11Cotahuasi CanyonPeruLocated near Arequipa, cotavasi Canyon (Peru) is the deepest canyon in the world, about 3535 meters deep, 335 meters deeper than the coca Canyon and twice as deep as the Colorado Canyon in the United States. Kota Huaxi gorge is formed by the long-term erosion of two mountains by the Kota Huaxi River. The gorge is deep and long.
12Copper CanyonNorthwest MexicoCopper Canyon is a group of canyons in northwestern Mexico, consisting of six different canyons. The canyon system is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Although canyons can be explored by hiking, cycling, or horseback riding, the most popular way is by train. It takes about 15 hours for the train to travel from Chihuahua to Los moches along the main canyon. Copper Canyon is also home to a large number of indigenous people, who live in isolated independent mountain areas.
13Blyde River CanyonSouth Africa Mpumalanga ProvinceThe Brad River Canyon nature reserve, located in the west of Kruger National Park, is a tourist attraction in Mpumalanga Province, second only to Mpumalanga National Park.
Seeing the magnificent scenery of the Brad River intertwined with the 1000-meter-high Grand Canyon, anyone will sigh for it.
There are 532r and 534r opened longitudinally along the reserve, also known as panorama route, which is a well-located driving tour route.
Here you can enjoy the harmonious landscape that only South Africa has. It was rated as the second most popular scenic spot.
You can also visit the surrounding towns showing the development history of South Africa, such as pirgrimrester and leidenberg.
With the Brad River, which means “happy river”, as the center, it is a nature reserve with an area of 30000 square kilometers. It can be said to be the core of the panorama route.
Brad reservoir and three strange rocks in the shape of round huts, as well as waterfalls, wonderful scenery, God’s window, rock tower, and other scenery.
Burke’s good luck cave is located at the confluence of the Brad and treur rivers. It is said that if you toss a coin from the bridge into the vortex of the waterfall, all your wishes can be realized.
In addition to nature reserves, there are information offices, shops, and small museums. The reserve has also set up three hiking routes.
14Bryce CanyonSouthern Utah, USABryce Canyon is located in the south of Utah, the United States, on the North Bank of the Colorado River. It is a tourist attraction famous for its grotesque and brightly colored rocks. It is taken from Ebenezer, a Scottish pioneer who settled in this area in 1875 Bryce.
There are 14 valleys with a depth of 300 meters in the canyon. The rocks are eroded by wind, frost, rain, and snow and show more than 60 colors with different shades, such as red, light red, yellow, and light yellow. Coupled with the change of luster, the color of the rocks is golden and colorful, entertaining people. It has been a national park in the United States since 1924.
15Verdong Grand CanyonProvence in southern FranceVerdon Grand Canyon, located in Provence in southern France, is between the southern Alpes du Sud and the Provence int é rieure. It is one of the deepest canyons in the world, known as the European Grand Canyon.
16Tara CanyonCentral MontenegroTara Canyon is located in the middle of Montenegro, 82 kilometers away from the Tara river. The canyon is 82 kilometers long, the longest Canyon in Montenegro, 1300 meters deep, and the deepest canyon in Europe. The Tara river runs through the canyon. The canyon is surrounded by dense pine forests, and beside it is a deep and clear lake. Tara canyon has become a famous tourist attraction for its natural beauty. Trout fishing by the stream and white and clear rafts on the stream are all popular items among tourists.
Facing the wide Canyon, human beings actually look so small, just like a crawling little ant. As the Tara river passes through the canyon, the perfect combination of the canyon and the river makes it possible to go boating for a section of the Tara canyon. How pleasant it is to go boating on the water. The canyon section that can be boated is 11 meters long and takes two to three hours. Boating is also a way to watch Tara canyon. On a small boat, looking up and watching the 1300-meter-high Canyon, it should be impossible to see the top at a glance! It is believed that in this short period of three hours, tourists will fully experience the spectacular Canyon and the excitement and fun of boating.
17Grand Canyon of Nujiang RiverNujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, chinaNujiang Grand Canyon is located in Nujiang Prefecture in Northwest Yunnan, with a north-south trend. It continues from Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon to the southeast. It is also a geographical wonder in Yunnan. It is the longest, most mysterious, most beautiful, and most primitive Grand Canyon in the world.
Nujiang Grand Canyon is located in the three parallel rivers zone in the Hengduan Mountain longitudinal valley area in western Yunnan. The canyon is more than 300 kilometers long in Yunnan, with an average depth of 2000 meters. The deepest point is in the Bingzhongluo area of Gongshan mountain, with a depth of 3500 meters. It is known as the “Oriental Grand Canyon”.
The canyon is quiet and deep, and the roaring Nu River is shocking. There are Lisu, Nu, Dulong, Tibetan, and other ethnic minorities living in Lushui, Gongshan, Fugong, and other counties along the canyon, which adds a lot of fun to the Nujiang Grand Canyon.
18Sumidero CanyonMexico SUMITRO Grand Canyon is 2 kilometers long. It is a very deep and narrow canyon as green as emerald. The Green River in the canyon makes the canyon like a narrow emerald. The cliffs on both sides of the canyon range in height from 200 to 700 meters, up to 1000 meters. You almost have to tilt your head up to 180 degrees to barely see the top. The surrounding area of the sumero Grand Canyon is surrounded by the sumero Grand Canyon National Park, which covers an area of 21789 hectares.
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