World Natural Heritage List

The following list of world natural heritage includes natural and cultural dual heritage (in bold italics). The order of countries and regions is based on the order in the official UNESCO World Heritage list, which is basically arranged according to the initials of the English names of countries or regions; The heritage projects of a certain country or region are arranged according to the time sequence when the projects are listed in the world heritage list.

List of world natural heritage sites in Asia and Oceani

AustraliaKakadu National Park (1981, 1987, 1992) Great Barrier Reef (1981) Willandra Lake area (1981) Tasmanian wilderness (1982, 1989) Lord Howe Islands (1982) rain forest reserve in eastern Australia (1986, 1994) Uluru katachuta National Park (1987, 1994) tropical rain forest in Queensland (1988) shark Bay in Western Australia (1991) fender Island (1992) Australian mammal fossil sites (1994) heard island and MacDonald Islands (1997) Macquarie Island (1997) Great Blue Mountains (2000) Honolulu National Park (2003).
The People’s Republic of BangladeshSundarbans (1997)
ChinaMount Tai (1987), Mount Huangshan (1990), Jiuzhaigou scenic spot (1992), Huanglong scenic spot (1992), Wulingyuan scenic spot (1992), Mount Emei Scenic Spot, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot (1996), Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot (1999), three parallel rivers Nature Reserve in Yunnan (2003), Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat (2006), karst in southern China (2007), Sanqing Mountain National Park (2008)
IndiaGazilanga National Park (1985) Manas wildlife reserve (1985) Keoladeo National Park (1985) Sundarbans National Park (1987) Nanda Devi Mountain National Park and Flower Valley National Park (1988, 2005)
IndonesiaUron kulong National Park (1991) Komodo National Park (1991) Lorenz National Park (1999) Sumatra tropical rain forest (2004)
JapanYakushima (1993) baishen mountain (1993) Zhijin Peninsula (2005)
KazakhstanSarak-North Kazakh Prairie and Group Lake (2008)
the republic of KoreaJeju volcanic island and lava Cave (2007)
MalaysiaShenshan National Park (Sabah) (2000) Mulu National Park (Sarawak) (2000)
MongoliaUbusu basin (2003) (shared with Russia)
NepalSagamata National Park (1979) Royal Chitwan National Park (1984)
New ZealandTongariro National Park (1990, 1993)
Tiwahipnamu in southwest New Zealand (1990), including four national parks, namely, Mount Cook National Park, fjord National Park, espalin National Park, and Western Zone National Park New Zealand subarctic Islands (1998)
the PhilippinesTubataha Reef Marine Park (1993) Princesa port Underground River National Park (1999)
 Solomon Is.East Rennell (1998)
Sri LankaSinhalaja forest reserve (1988)
ThailandTongai huikaken wildlife reserve (1991) dongbayeyan Kauai mountain forest reserve (2005)
turkeyGraeme National Park and kapadocia Grottoes (1985) herapolis Pamukkale (1988)
VietnamXialong Bay (1994, 2000) Fengya – Jibang National Park (2003)
YemenSocotra Islands (2008)

European World Natural Heritage

BelarusBelowezh nature reserve / biawoweza forest (1979, 1992): biawoweza forest in Poland (1979) – belowezh Nature Reserve in Belarus (1992) (shared with Poland)
Bulgaria Srebrenner Nature Reserve (1983) pilin National Park (1983)
CroatiaPlitvice Lakes National Park (1979, 2000)
DenmarkIlulissat ice Bay (2004) (in Greenland)
FinlandKwalken islands / High Coast (2000, 2006): High Coast of Sweden (2000) – kwalken islands of Finland (2006) (shared with Sweden)
FranceGirolata Bay, Porto Bay, scondola nature reserve and pianacaranches (1983) Pyrenees Perdue (1997, 1999) (shared with Spain)
GermanyMesser pit fossil site (1995) Wadden Sea (2009) (shared with the Netherlands)
GreeceMount Athos (1988) matteola (1988)
HungaryOgtellake Karst Cave and the karst landforms of Slovakia (1995,2000) (shared with Slovakia)
IcelandSirtsai Volcano Island (2008)
ItalyIoria Islands (2000) The Doromite Hills (2009)
MontenegroDummitor National Park (1980)
NetherlandsWaden Sea (2009) (shared with Germany)
NorwayWest Norway Fjord-Galonell Fjord and Naroi Fjord (2005)
PolandBeloday Nature Reserve and Bioveza Forest (1979,1992): Bioveza Forest, Poland (1979) -Beloveza Nature Reserve, Belarus (1992) (shared with Belarus)
PortuguesaLaurel Forest, Madeira (1999) (located in Madeira, Autonomous Region)
RomaniaDanube Delta (1991)
RussiaComi primeval Forest (1995) Lake Baikal (1996) Kamchatka Volcano Group (1996,2001) Altai “Jinshan” (1998) Western Caucasus (1999) (2001) Ubusu Basin (2003) (shared with Mongolia) Francel Island Nature Reserve (2004)
SlovakiaOgotel Lake Karst Cave and the Karst landscape of Slovakia (1995,2000) (common with Hungary) Carpathian Pristine beech forest (2007)
SloveniaShikotsyan Karst Cave (1986)
SpainGalahoai National Park (1986) (located in the Canary Islands) Doniana National Park (1994) Pyrenees-Perdue Hills (1997,1999) (shared with France) Biodiversity and culture of Ivisa (1999) Ted National Park (2007)
SwedenRap settlements (1996) Kvalken Islands / High Coast (2000,2006): Sweden High Coast (2000) -Kvalken Islands, Finland (2006) (shared with Finland)
SwitzerlandGirls Peak-Alich Glacier-BiQifeng (2001,2007) St. George Hill (2003) Sadona Circular Geological Structure (2008)
MacedoniaCultural and historical sites and natural environment in Ohrid Region (1979,1980)
BritainGiant Causeway and Causeway Coast (1986) (in Northern Ireland) St Kilda (1986,2004,2005) (in Scotland) (1988) (in Pitkite Islands) Gove Island (1995,2004) (in St Helena) Dorset and East Devon Coast (2001) (in England)
UkrainePrimeval beech forest in Carpathians (2007)

World Natural Heritage in Africa

AlgeriaAjell Plateau (1982)
CameroonJiahe Animal Reserve (1987)
Central AfricanManovo-Gonda Saint-Floris National Park (1988)
Cote d’IvoireNimba Mountain Nature Reserve (1981, 1982): in Guinea (1981) – in C ô te d’Ivoire (1982) (shared with Guinea) Tai National Park (1982) Comoe National Park (1983)
Democratic Republic of the CongoVirunga National Park (1979) Garamba National Park (1980) Kahuzi Biega National Park (1980) saronga National Park (1984) okapi (the standard expression should be dog okapi) wildlife reserve (1996)
EgyptWhale Valley (2005)
EthiopiaThergate National Park (1978)
Gabon Lope ── Okander Ecosystem and Cultural Relics Landscape (2007)
GuineaNimba Mountain Nature Reserve (1981,1982): In Guinea (1981) -Ivory Coast (1982) (shared with Ivory Ivoire)
Kenya Lake Turkana National Park Group (1997,2001) Mount Kenya National Park (1997)
MadagascarChinji Nature Reserve, Bemalaha (1990) chin Ana rainforest (2007)
MalawiLake Malawi National Park (1984)
MaliBangjagara High Cliff (Dogon Region) (1989)
MauritaniaAlkin Beach National Park (1989)
NigerAir-Tenelei Nature Reserve (1991) W National Park (1996)
SenegalJuji National Bird Refuge (1981) Nicolokoba National Park (1981)
SeychellesAldarbra Atoll (1982) Maya Valley Nature Reserve (1983)
South AfricaGreat Saint Lucia Wetland Park (1999) Drakens Range Park (2000) Cape Botanical Reserve (2004) Fort Fried Crater (2005)
TunisiaAshkeller National Park (1980)
UgandaBwy National Park (1994) Mount Ruwenzori National Park (1994)
TanzaniaNgorgoro Nature Reserve (1979) Serengeti National Park (1981) Seluth Nature Reserve (1982) Kilimanjaro National Park (1987)
ZambiaMosittunya Falls / Victoria Falls (1989) (shared with Zimbabwe)
Zimbabwe Manapur National Park, Sapi Nature Reserve, and Chevore Nature Reserve (1984) Mosioduna Falls / Victoria Falls (1989) (shared with Zambia)

The World Natural Heritage Site of the America

ArgentinaGlacier National Park (1981) Iguazu National Park (1984) Valdes Peninsula (1999) ischigalasto / taranpaya Natural Park (2000)
BelizeBelize Barrier Reef Reserve (since 1996)
Bolivia Noel-Kempf-Meckado National Park (2000)
BaxiIguasu National Park (1986) Southeast Coastal Forest Reserve (1999) Atlantic Coastal Forest Reserve (1999) Amazon Reserve (2000,2003) Pantanal Reserve (2000) Brazilian Atlantic Islands: Fernando Dinoronia and Rocas Atoll Reserve (2001) Cerado Reserve: Veradrus Plateau National Park and Emas National Park (2001)
Canada Nahi National Park (1978) Provincial Dinosaur Park (1979) Klunn / Rangel-St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tarchenini-Alsek (1979,1992,1994) (shared with the United States) Wood Buffalo National Park (1983) Canadian Rockies Natural Park Group (1984,1990) Groone National Park (1987) Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park (1995) (shared with the United States) Rice Gaza National Park (1999) Georgins Fossil Bluff (2008)
ColumbiaLos Catios National Park (1994) Marpelo Animal and Fauna and Plant Reserve (2006)
Costa RicaTaramanca Mountains-Friendship Reserve / Friendship National Park (1983,1990): Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica-Friendship Reserve (1983) -Friendship National Park in Panama (1990) (together with Panama) Koko Island National Park (1997,2002) Guanacaste Reserve (1999,2004)
CubaGranma Tera National Park (1999) Alejandro-DeHumboldt National Park (2001)
DominicSanfeng Mountain National Park (1997)
EcuadorGalapagos Islands (1978,2001) Sangay National Park (1983)
GuatemalaTikal National Park (1979)
HondurasPlatano River Biosphere Protection (1982)
MexicoZian (1987) Eliscayino Whale Reserve (1993) Islands and reserves in the Gulf of California (2005) Mona Butterfly Ecological Reserve (2008)
PanamaDalen National Park (1981) Talamanca Mountains-Friendship Reserve / Friendship National Park (1983,1990): Costa Rica Talamanca Mountains-Friendship Reserve (1983) -Friendship National Park in Panama (1990) (shared with Costa Rica) Koiva National Park and it’s Special Marine Conservation Area (2005)
Peru Machu Picchu Historical Preserve (1983) Vaskaran National Park (1985) Manu National Park (1987) Abio River National Park (1990,1992)
Saint LuciaPitong Mountain Conservation Area (2004)
SurinamCentral Suriname Nature Reserve (2000)
AmericaYellowstone National Park (1978) Everglades National Park (1979) Grand Canyon National Park (1979) Klunn / Rangel-St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tagchenh-Alsek (1979,1992,1994,) (common with Canada) Redwood National Park (, 1980) Mammoth Cave National Park (. 1981) The Olympic National Park (. 1981,) Fog Mountain National Park (. 1983) Yosemite National Park (1984) Hawaii Volcanic National Park (1987) Carlsbad Hole National Park (1995) Waterton Glacier International Peace Park (. 1995,) (shared with Canada)
VenezuelaKanema National Park (1994)

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