Famous volcanoes, but they are not our travel destination. Inventory famous volcanoes

There are many volcanoes in the world, but famous volcanoes, so only a few, today we go to know again, what are the world’s famous volcanoes? Ranked in no particular order. The table is as follows:

1FujiyamaJapanMount Fuji is an active volcano in Japan, with the highest peak in Japan. The name of the mountain often appears in the “Harmony Song”. The original pronunciation comes from the language of the Japanese minority Ainu, meaning “Mountain of Fire” or “Vulcan”. The mountain is a beautiful conical shape, in the world, is very famous, at the same time, the mountain is also a sacred symbol of Japan.​
2 The Cleveland VolcanoAlaskaThe Cleveland volcano, the only volcano in the Aleutian Islands that once caused casualties during the 1944 eruption, is 1,730 meters high and is one of the most active volcanoes. It belongs to a stratovolcano, which is composed of multiple layers of hardened lava, volcanic ash, and volcanic rocks. The magma from the Cleveland volcano is provided by the moving Pacific Plate cutting down into the North American Continental Plate. When one continental tectonic plate cuts under another plate, the molten material above the lower plate is produced, and eventually reaches the surface by a volcanic eruption, becoming lava.
3Pakaya volcanoGuatemalaPapaya volcano (Spanish: Pacaya) is a composite active volcano in Guatemala, located on the Central American volcanic arc along the Pacific Ocean, coordinate 14.381°N 90.601°W, 2,252 meters elevation, about 20 kilometers away from the World Heritage Site
and La Aurora International Airport, the capital of Guatemala, is one of the most active of the 33 volcanoes in the country.​
4Mayon VolcanoBickol Peninsula, southeastern Luzon, PhilippinesMalong volcano (Mayon Volcano) is an active volcano located in southeast Luzon Island and is a famous tourist attraction in the Philippines. Its nearly perfect conical mountain, known as the “most perfect cone”, is the world’s most complete outline
of the volcano, and is a famous tourist attraction in the Philippines, Japan’s Mount Fuji is second only to it, and is often compared to Japan’s Mount Fuji.
5Etna volcanoCentral AfricaMount Etna, Mount Etna (Italian: Etna, English: Mount Etna), located in the northeast corner of Sicily in southern Italy, is an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, 29 kilometers south
of Catania. It is the higher active volcano in Europe. Mount Etna is a famous active volcano in Italy, at 3,323 meters above sea level. Frequent eruptions in recent years have brought very rich tourism resources to the local area.
6Virunga MountainCentral AfricaVirunga mountains (Virunga Mountains) is the volcanic group of east Africa, located between lake and Edward, at the same time is located in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo
and Uganda border, a total of eight main volcanoes, they are an important part of the East African rift valley, the veronica mountains are also listed in the IUCN red list of mountain gorilla habitats.
7Kavli True VolcanoEast of Java Island, IndonesiaMount Cavaijan volcano (Indonesian: GunungIjen) is located on the eastern island of Java, Indonesia, coordinates 8.058°S114.242°E, located in the east of Mount Kawaijan volcano, 2,799 meters
above sea level, the highest point. Cavaijan volcano has a crater lake about 1 km wide, with a depth
of 200 meters and an area of 0.41 square kilometers. It is recognized as the most acidic volcanic lake in the world, with a Ph value of only 0.5. It is composed of several small double-entry
volcanoes that constitute a 20 km wide crater, the north wall of the crater is an arc ridge, the rest of the various craters, the crater is famous for being rich in sulfur, as a famous tourist resort.
8Cotopaxi volcanoGwadar is 56 km south of the capital of QuitoKotopahi volcano is located in the northern section of the Andes of South America east Cordillera west slope in Ecuador, 50 kilometers southeast of Quito at the junction of Kotoppahi province
and Pichincha province, 56 kilometers north of Quito, is a layered volcano. Kodopahi is 5,897 meters high, the second highest among the volcanoes in the country. It is one of the higher active volcanoes in the world.
9Biarrica volcanoChileAt 2,847 meters in elevation, Mount Biarica is a part of the Andes Mountains and is one of the most active volcanoes in Chile.
10Kilaway VolcanoSoutheast of Hawaii Island, USAKilaway Volcano, one of the American volcanoes, located on the southeastern island of Hawaii in the United States, is one of the largest and most spectacular craters in the world, 4,027 meters in diameter and more than 130 meters deep, and has not stopped erupting
since 1983. The summit has a huge caldera, 4,027 meters in diameter, and more than 130 meters deep, which contains many craters, and is a very famous local tourist landscape.
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