The hottest and most popular global flower landscape(Top 10, for reference only)

1Lavender field in ProvenceProvence lies in the south of FranceIt is the world-famous hometown of lavender. It extends from the Mediterranean coast to the inland hilly areas. Many historical towns have amazed the world with warm sunshine and blue sky, charming the Mediterranean, and intoxicating Lavender since ancient times. Lavender is a famous flower in Provence. The fragrant oil extracted from the flowers can be made into essence, perfume, herbal tea, and other famous products. The flowering period is from July to August every year.
2Dutch tulip flower seaEurope NetherlandsAs the “magic flower” of the European population, the tulip has long been transformed into the color symbol of the Netherlands. The annual tulip season lasts from March to August. Tulip exhibitions are held all over the country. The best season to see the flower fields is in the middle and late April. The tulips of the Netherlands are blooming in large areas. From the air, they look like colorful stripes, which are dazzling. In spring in Holland, tulip fields turn everywhere into a sea of flowers and parks. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple are really as gorgeous as the rainbow among the ridges. The strong color makes people suffocate. It is really “beauty is a word”.
3Hokkaido flower seaHokkaido JapanHokkaido is a famous tourist attraction in Japan, with beautiful scenery in four seasons. In the middle of April every year, the snow on the Hokkaido desert grassland begins to melt, the grass and trees grow green buds, and the tufts of longevity grass along the river burst into flower stamens; Sapporo in May is the season when cherry blossoms and lilacs are in full bloom; In June, you can also enjoy the beautiful and lovely lily of the valley on the region and Shisheng plateau in Hokkaido; In July, all kinds of flowers and plants in the wild gardens along the Okhotsk Sea compete to open, including lemon Hemerocallis, orange lilies, pink roses, etc. Hokkaido in spring and summer is a sea of flowers. Colorful colors dot the beautiful season. At the same time, the plateau plants on the hills of the Daxue Mountain National Park are also blooming, and the sea islands such as Liwen island also beginning to usher in the season of flowers in full bloom.
4British bluebell woodlandBritainIn the spring in England, large areas of bright blue bell flowers in the woodland are definitely the most magnificent scene. May in England is the best time for bluebells to bloom. The Blue bellflower is very common in ancient forests in Europe. When it comes to flowering season, the endless blue in the whole forest makes people enter a magical fairyland on earth. The Bluebell flower is the favorite wildflower of the British people. Some famous scenic spots attract a large number of tourists every year, such as the Royal Botanical Garden (Kew Garden) in London and coed Cefn in boas, Wales.
5Bulgarian rose valleyKazanlek, BulgariaBulgaria has a wide variety of roses, which can be called the most in the world, so Bulgaria is known as the “country of roses”. Kazanlek is an area with the largest number of oil-bearing roses in Bulgaria. The Rose Valley Rose Festival will be held here in the first week of June every year. The festival parade will last for 5 days. At the Rose Festival, rose queens will be selected, and rose picking ceremony, song and dance performance, dress parade, and other activities will be held. Bulgarians who love roses spread the fragrance of roses all over the world in another way. Bulgarian rose dew, rose water, rose essential oil, and white rose facial masks are well-known all over the world.
6Menyuan Baili rape flower sea scenic spot 4A scenic spotEast Street, Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai ProvinceQinghai Province is located in the basin between Menyuan County, Qilian Mountain, and Daban mountain. It is accessible by Ning Zhang highway, 217 national highway, and Minmen highway, 150 kilometers away from Xining. It is a natural scenic spot. With a length of about 50 kilometers, a width of about 12 kilometers, and an area of 535 square kilometers, it is the largest small rape base in northern China. In July every year, the annual Rape Flower Tourism Festival
is the best time to watch rape flowers. Haomenchuan in July is a sea of flowers, songs, and dances, and a unique plateau pastoral scenery. Baili rape flower scenic spot has been awarded the western
development entrepreneurship award and is a good place for agricultural eco-tourism.
7Poppy sea in bedley townBedley, Worcestershire, UKPoppy, once the word appears, will make people shudder. However, the poppy sea in bedley, Worcestershire, UK is one of the ten most beautiful
flower seas in the world. In bedley, Worcestershire, England, poppies are in full bloom like a red sea. The endless sea of poppies attracts British painters, photographers, and tourists. The Poppy, a beautiful flower, has always been regarded as a symbol of sleep and death.
However, Blackstone farm,
a nature reserve, they are a symbol of hope. The Worcestershire Wildlife Foundation encourages native plants and wildlife to return to the wild.
8Amsterdam daisy flowers seaAmsterdam 
The Dutch capital
It is believed that the daisy starring Jeon Ji Hyun has touched the hearts of every audience, and the beautiful Daisy garden in the film is unforgettable to everyone. After watching Daisy, many people will have the impulse
to go to Amsterdam and fall into that Daisy sea. Amsterdam, in the flowering season, the wooden bridges and streams are lined with daisies, so beautiful that your soul can become a cloud.
9Dubai Miracle Garden DubaiDubai miracle garden is the largest outdoor leisure resort in Dubai, also known as the most beautiful garden in the world. The construction
of the Dubai miracle garden cost 45million flowers, and it is now the largest garden in the world. As far as you can see, it is colorful. Its bright flowers decorate a long wall and a 4-kilometer-long path, shining brightly in the sun.
The 45million flowers in the park are divided into different themes, and many flowers are planted in the Middle East for the first time.
10Alsban flower sea, USAUSAThis is a quiet town between Los Angeles and San Diego. Because of the unique climate
in Southern California, it benefits from the warm sunshine all the year-round. Once spring returns to the earth, everything will be rapidly renewed and will fly everywhere for a time. One of the most famous is the breathtaking karlsban flower field.
Every spring, from mid-March to early May, the karlsban farm is covered with colorful flowers.

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