What are the departments related to artificial intelligence at Microsoft? (Ⅰ)

Here are some of the key departments related to artificial intelligence at Microsoft that I gathered from publicly available information:

1. AI and Research Group

This is the core department for Microsoft’s AI business, responsible for core R&D and innovation in AI.

2. Cognitive Services

This department develops various cognitive services APIs, providing AI services for vision, speech, language, etc.

3. Machine Learning Platform

Develops the machine learning platform to provide ML capabilities for various applications.

4. Tools

Develops various tools and frameworks to support AI R&D.

5. Ethics

Establishes AI ethics guidelines to ensure social responsibility.

6. Strategy

Responsible for strategic planning of the AI business.

7. Product Marketing

Responsible for marketing and promotion of AI products.

8. Sales

Sells AI products and solutions to customers.

9. Industry Solutions

Develops AI applications for different industries.

These are the major departments I gathered related to Microsoft’s AI business based on publicly available information. The organizational structure is likely more complex, with many interdependent departments coordinating to drive Microsoft’s AI efforts. 

Author: listenerxu
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