Many people don’t know what good scenic spots Panama has. Now let’s make a brief summary

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1Anton ValleyAnton Valley is a small town located at the mouth of a dead Fire Mountain, surrounded by dense tropical rain forests and peaks. With an altitude of 600 meters and a cool climate, the nearby villages are very suitable for walking or riding horses. The nearby forest is an excellent bird-watching place. In addition, Anton Valley has many impressive waterfalls and some rare golden frogs.
2Panama CanalPanama Canal (English: Panama Canal; Spanish: Canal de Panama) is located in Panama, a central American country. It crosses the isthmus of Panama and connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is an important shipping artery and is known as the “World Bridge” of one of the seven engineering miracles in the world. The Panama Canal was built by the United States and opened to navigation in 1914. It is now owned and managed by the Republic of Panama and belongs to the sluice canal. The length from the coastline on one side to the coastline on the other side is about 65 kilometers (40 miles), and from the deep water of the Caribbean to the deep water of the Pacific side is about 82 kilometers (50 miles), with a width of 304 meters and a narrowest of 152 meters.
3Pearl Is.With a long history and rich natural scenery, Pearl Islands is located in the Gulf of Panama on the Pacific coast. Pearl Islands is famous for its primitive forests and beaches. Contadora island is the most developed island in the Pearl Islands, with several resorts and an airstrip. Tourists can rent private yachts to cruise and explore the island.
4The Panama Canal MuseumThe Panama Canal Museum is located in a prefecture level office suite, consisting of 3000 square feet and three exhibition halls; Charles W Hummer, historical research library, museum store; And storage, meetings, offices, meeting areas and additional offsite storage A core of about 750 members and individuals from the United States, Panama, and several other countries, as well as store sales revenue and other fund-raising activities, donated money to support the museum, and enabled it to hire a director and two part-time clerical staff to enhance their services, which are volunteers from an increasing number of cadres in key positions.
5Baruch volcanoLocated in Chiriqui Province, it is the highest point in Panama’s geography, providing a real adventure opportunity for experienced hikers and climbers. In the long process of climbing to the summit, hikers will encounter climate change. Tourists who don’t like adventure can go to the hot spring 30 minutes away from the town. The hot water in the hot spring comes from the hot spring under the dormant volcano.
6Casco Viejo Old TownLocated in Panama City, the old urban area of Casco Viejo is a United Nations World Cultural / natural heritage site. There are many good hosts here, which are also favorite places for backpackers. Walking in the ancient city, there are new Spanish colonial buildings on one side and ruins on the other. You can imagine the brilliant scene of 17th-century Spanish naval rule. It feels a little like the old city of Havana, which is as dilapidated and decaying, as exquisite and elegant, and is a complex of contradictions.
7Chiriqui BayThe Gulf of Chiriqui is located on the Pacific coast of Panama, extending westward from the border of Costa Rica to the eastern part of the asteroid peninsula. This area is contained in the Pacific Ocean, with Panama’s largest coral reef, Central America’s richest mangrove forests, many beaches, and Panama’s largest island, Coiba. The unpolluted and unopened marine environment in this area is an excellent place for boating, fishing, surfing, and diving.
8Dalian National ParkDarien National Park is located in the border zone of Darien Province in the southeast of Panama close to Colombia, with a core area of 5970km2. The park is a bridge connecting the two continents of North America and South America. It displays rich and diverse animal and plant habitats, including sandy beaches, rocky coasts, mangroves, wetland swamps, and tropical rain forests in low-lying mountains and highland mountains, providing a rich home for a considerable number of wildlife. The park area also lives two Indian tribes.
9Boku valleyLocated in the mountains on the western border of Panama, the opaque Valley extends to Costa Rica. Pokie Valley is also known as the valley of flowers, where you can experience real flower tourism. Whether you’re meandering through the misty woods, taking a hot spring bath near the crater, or boating on the Chiriqui River, it’s very interesting.
10IskardupIt is an island in the San Blas archipelago, 1 mile from the Caribbean coast in Panama. The St. Blas archipelago is composed of about 400 small islands, which are basically uninhabited and incredibly primitive. Among them, iskadup island is only the size of a football field, and it is all sandy beaches. Food: sapibenega Kuna hotel is still your only choice, But you can choose what to eat in every meal. Lobster, octopus, and all kinds of fish may be in your stomach.
11Santa Catalina VillageAlthough Santa Catalina is only a small fishing village located on the Pacific coast of Panama, it is one of the best tourist destinations in Panama. In fact, it is the remote, quiet, and unpolluted characteristics of the village that attract a large number of tourists. In addition, Santa Catalina has become a world-class surfing spot because of its most beautiful beach, and it is also the only way to Kosiba National Marine Park.
12Isla De ContadoraContadora island is the closest to the mainland in the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama, about 50 kilometers away from Panama City, and it is also the smallest one, with an area of only 3.4 square kilometers. The area is only 3.4 square kilometers. People who have been to Panama say that the most beautiful place in Panama is the Pearl Islands, and the most beautiful of the Pearl Islands is Contadora island. The island is full of towering banyan trees, coconut trees, palm trees, and low shrubs, occasionally dotted with various unnamed tropical exotic flowers and plants.
13Puente de las AméricasIt is a highway bridge in Panama and the entrance of the Panama Canal across the Pacific Ocean. The bridge was built in 1962 at a cost of 20 million US dollars. Until the Centennial bridge was completed and opened to traffic in 2004, the American bridge has always been the only bridge connecting the north and South American continents.
14La France Square, PanamaThe French Square in Panama has a monument
(the French technician celebrating the successful construction of the canal) , and square spires. The French technician has made great contributions to the development of Panama and has opened up a new chapter for
the water transportation industry of Panama, even the whole of North and South America, and even the world. On the face of the square building, in addition to the court, there is a colonial-era building of the justice mansion, the white
ancient building for the Panama Presidential Palace, is the original Spanish colonial era governor residence, known as the “Heron Palace”, because herons often stand in front of the fountain around, so-called.
15San Blas, Arch. deLocated on the northern coast of the isthmus of Panama, the San Blas archipelago is composed of more than 400 islands and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Panama. Because it has beautiful scenery without pollution, indigenous people, and a simple lifestyle. Among the more than 400 islands, only 49 are inhabited. These islands are the homes of the kunayala tribe. Electricity and modern facilities are not available on the island, which creates a completely relaxed environment for tourists and has a lonely attraction.
16Bocas del ToroBocas del Toro is a popular tourist destination, which is composed of six forest islands and many uninhabited islands in the Caribbean Sea. The main attractions are natural, pure beauty, and outdoor exploration. Bocas del toro, the provincial capital, is very worth visiting. Visitors can enjoy its historic Caribbean architecture, play on numerous white beaches, sail, and dive. You can also take part in jungle hiking, mangrove kayaking, visiting black Indian settlements, and observing rare birds and animals.
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