Summary of tourist attractions in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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1Port of Spain, Trinidad, and TobagoPort of Spain, a beautiful coastal garden city and deep-water port,
is known as
the “hub of the Americas” and the capital of the Republic of Trinidad
and Tobago (hereinafter referred to as Trinidad and Tobago). The port
of Spain is surrounded
by mountains and the sea, with beautiful scenery and lush trees everywhere.
The whole city is like a large garden on the sea and has become a recognized
tourist attraction in the Caribbean.
Port of Spain is located on the West Bank of Trinidad, the two major
islands of Trinidad and Tobago, bordering the Gulf of Paria. It is the
of North and South America. The old area in the city takes Woodford square
as the center, surrounded by the Cathedral of the national church of England,
the administrative building “Red Mansion” and Queen’s Park, etc., there are
botanical gardens and bathing beaches in the north of the city, new towns
and high-end residential areas in the west, and the former royal agricultural
college in the east of the city. With palm trees, coconut trees, and Spanish
and medieval buildings everywhere, the style of the Caribbean is coming.
2Tobago IslandTobago island is the second largest island of Trinidad and Tobago in South
America, is located in the Atlantic Ocean at the southern end of the West Indies.
The island is 42 kilometers long and only 11 kilometers wide at the widest point.
It is narrow and long in shape, like a cigar, and the island is rich in tobacco.
Therefore, the name of the island is also called “Tobago”, which means “tobacco”. Tobago island covers an area of about 300 square kilometers, with undulating
peaks in the northeast and flat terrain in the southwest.
3Lake PicchiLake Picchi is a natural asphalt lake, located in the label, southwest of Trinidad. Strangely, there is not a drop of water in this lake, but some natural asphalt,
so people call it an “asphalt Lake”. Lake Picchi is considered a tourist attraction, attracting about 20000 visitors every year. It is compared to a “bad parking
lot” and “the ugliest tourist attraction in the Caribbean Sea”. Lake beach is
located on Trinidad Island, Tobago, in the Caribbean Sea, about 96
kilometers away from the capital port of Spain.
4Trinidad IslandIt is the larger of the two main islands of Trinidad and Tobago,
located in the
southwest of the West Indies, facing the northeast coast of Venezuela,
the nearest place is only 11 kilometers. Trinidad is the sixth largest
island in
the West Indies and the largest in the Lesser Antilles. The main scenic
on Trinidad island are pitch lake, assawright Nature Center (hummingbird watching), Caroni bird reserve (red bird watching), and Malagasy Bay
beach; Tobago’s
economy is dominated by tourism, with more than 40 hotels and
and about 60000 foreign tourists. The island is thickly covered with coconut trees,
birds chirping and flowers smelling. The central part is a tropical
the coastal beach is soft, and the seabed is a coral reef. The water
is clear, and the colorful tropical fish game is in between. The main tourist attractions
include a pigeon-horn beach, a coral reef, a sea swimming pool, and
an ancient fort. Carnival is the peak tourist season in Trinidad and Tobago.
5The Royal Botanic Gardens, TrinidadLocated in the northern part of the Port of Spain, Trinidad, founded in 6818,
it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and has become an
excellent choice for the citizens of Port of Spain for weekend trips. More
than 700 trees are planted in the Trinidad royal family, 13% of which are
endemic to Trinidad and Tobago, and others come from all over the world.
The quiet environment and fragrant flowers and plants make the whole
botanical garden full of vitality, full of green, attracting many butterflies
and bees to dance here. Within the botanical tum is a cemetery, for the
cemetery of the presidents of Trinidad and Tobago, which were buried here in 1819.
6Argyle fallsLocated in an ancient cocoa botanical garden in a small mountain village on
Tobago Island, Argyle falls is 54 meters high. It is the highest waterfall on Tobago
island and one of the best waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago. When Argyle falls
and flows vertically, many cascading waterfalls will be formed. Although the
small waterfalls are not as spectacular as the large waterfalls that flow straight
down, they are also interesting. These small waterfalls provide convenience
for tourists to climb up.
Many tourists can’t help taking photos with their cameras as soon as they
come here. They want to record the beauty and grandeur of Argyle falls.
Most tourists will swim in the pool formed under the waterfall, and soaking
in cool water is also a good pastime; Some tourists will climb to the top
of the waterfall to see the spectacular sight of the waterfall flowing down;
Some tourists even stand directly under the waterfall and let the water flow
down from the top. Located in the cocoa botanical garden, you will see many edible plants near the waterfall, and someone will personally teach you how
cocoa is made. Here, in addition to enjoying the waterfalls, you can also learn knowledge about plants, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
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