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1Duns River FallsDuns falls is located near Ocho Rios. It is said that Spain and Britain fought for
the island in 1657. As one of the fastest-growing tourist attractions in Jamaica, dunce River Falls is unique and one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Dun’s river waterfall is 300 meters high. It spreads from top to bottom like a terrace and
leads to the waterfall-like steps. The lagoon is interspersed between several
small waterfalls.
2Negril BeachNegril beach has become one of the top ten famous beaches because its weather is excellent and constant all year round. The blue sea water and fine white sand are not clear celestial beaches, but they are too tempting for celestial swimmers. Surprisingly, Jamaica will not be affected during the hurricane season throughout October.
3Prospect Botanical GardenForeground botanical garden is one of the famous scenic spots in Jamaica in
North America, and it is also the most extensive botanical garden in the Caribbean islands. It was established in 1873. After Elizabeth II came to the park in 1953, it was renamed the Royal Botanical Garden. The prospect botanical garden has
become a garden of hope locally, close to the Jamaica Institute of technology and art, the University of the West Indies, and the National Laboratory. It is
basically a park with a large number of tropical plants.
4Rose Hall MansionLocated on a hill 15 kilometers east of Montego Bay, the Rose Hall mansion was built by John, the former governor of Jamaica. Parma and his wife built it in 1770 in the style of the Georgian period. Standing at the Rose Hall mansion and looking out at the beach in the distance, you can have a panoramic view of the vast sea, which makes you relaxed and happy. The Rose Hall mansion is divided into upper and lower floors, with stones under it.
5Doctor Cave BeachBo Dong beach is a very famous scenic spot in Jamaica. It has been a famous
beach for nearly a century. The beach is about 200 meters long. It is famous for its clear bottom water and pure white sand beach. The white sand beach looks very flat and wide. Tropical fish are very common. You can see it standing on the beach, so how clear the water here is. There are sunbathing and freshwater swimming pools on the beach, as well as special shallow water swimming areas.
6jamaica blue mountainBlue Mountain is a lengthened mountain range in Jamaica. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, whenever the sun shines directly on the blue sea on a sunny day, the mountains will reflect the bright blue light of the sea, so it is called a blue mountain. With a height of 2256 meters, the blue mountain is one of the highest mountains in the Caribbean and the second largest butterfly habitat in the world and the
largest in America. Blue Mountain has fertile volcanic soil, a humid climate, no pollution, fresh air, and foggy and rainy all year round, which is very suitable
for the growth of coffee. Especially in the afternoon every day, clouds cover
the whole peak, which not only provides natural shade for coffee trees but
also brings abundant water vapor, making Blue Mountain Coffee
outstanding in taste and aroma.
7Bob Marley MuseumThe Bob Marley museum is designed to commemorate the late reggae music
star, Robert Bob Marley. Bob’s photos and cartoons are painted on the walls
of the small courtyard. The bright colors and red, yellow, or black cloth bands around the
curtain make this small courtyard located in a civilian area as unreal as a fairy
tale world. If you have heard or even understood reggae music and Bob Marley, even if you are not a “fan”, Coming to this courtyard will also give birth to the trance feeling of pilgrimage.
8Devon HouseDevon’s house was built by George Stiebel, the son of a housekeeper and Jewish businessman. After making a fortune by investing in gold mines in Venezuela,
Steve bought 99 real estates in Jamaica, including 53 acres of land in the Diocese of St. Andrew, where he built the Dafang mansion in 1881. There are many Jamaican, Caribbean, British, and French antiques and Jamaican replicas in the Dafang
mansion, which evokes people’s memories of the Jamaican great house from 1860 to 1870.
9Appleton ManorAppleton manor, which began in 1749, is the most historic old shop in Jamaica. When you enter the manor, you can see the production process of rum and the fermentation warehouse of rum. Of course, tasting rum is indispensable. You can visit the production process here in the form of a delegation.
10Greenwood MansionFounded in 1800 and with a history of more than 210 years, the Greenwood
mansion is one of the best-preserved residences in Jamaica. It was once the residence of the famous British poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Greenwood
mansion is now the best antique Museum in the Caribbean. The house is still preserved in its most primitive furniture and has the rarest musical instruments
and books in Jamaica. The Greenwood mansion has important historical
significance for two reasons. One is that it was owned by Hersey Barrett after
Jamaica was conquered by Spain in 1655. There are more than 2000 slaves
making sugar in the mansion, which is quite large, and it was not destroyed in the fire in 1830.
11Martha BraeMather Bray river is a major river in triloni. There is also a magical legend about
this river. An Arawak witch lives on the Bank of the mather Bray river. After
hearing that the alawak people have treasure, the Spanish caught the Witch and asked him to lead the way to find the treasure. The witch pretended to
took them into a cave, and suddenly disappeared. The frightened Spaniard
rushed out of the cave but was swallowed up by the mather Bray river. From then on,
the witch completely changed the direction of the river. At present,
the 3-kilometer-long mather Bray river is the best bamboo raft scenic spot in Jamaica. Skilled boatmen will paddle on a 30-foot-long bamboo raft to
take tourists into a quiet and beautiful scenic spot and into an exciting
and romantic adventure.
12Santa Ana BayThe bay of Santa Ana is the capital of the parish of Santa Ana and the third
capital of Spain in the Americas. It is famous because the great Italian
navigator Columbus first landed here in 1494, and then was trapped in the
bay of Santa Ana for a year during Columbus’ fourth voyage. In the center
of Santa, Ana Bay stands the sculpture of Columbus, the great navigator, to commemorate the discovery of Jamaica. The name Santa Ana Bay comes
from the vast and beautiful bay here. Columbus was deeply attracted by
the Bay scenery here when he first came here. He called it a beautiful paradise.
13Rockland Bird Feeding SanctuaryThe Rockland wild bird reserve was established by a woman named Lisa. She moved to live near the current Rockland wild bird reserve in 1954. Because of her love for nature, she often feeds local birds, so she won the title of “bird lady”. She often visited various local birds and decided to establish a wild bird reserve. Eight years later, her dream came true and established the Rockland wild bird reserve open to the public.
14Bloomingers Fields BeachBluefields beach is a public beach in the southeast of West Moreland. It is not only a beach, but also a landmark of Jamaica. Bluefields beach is a good place to go on a weekend trip. Usually, there are few people on the beach, but on weekends and holidays, there will be a sea of people here. Bluefields beach is very narrow, about 1 km long. The sand on the beach is fine and soft, but there will be some small stones. Originally, there was no gravel on the beach, which was brought by Hurricane Dean.
15 Montego BayA city on the northwest coast of Jamaica. Located on Montego Bay. With a population of 120000, it is the second largest city in Jamaica. Montego Bay’s
name comes from Manteca (voice of grease) in Spain. Once upon a time, this
place was the loading and unloading port of tallow and lard. With a long
history, it has left many places of interest, suitable for you to explore.
an Indian village, Columbus landed here in 1494 and visited the local
Indian tribe. It became a colony after 1655, and it became a resort after
20th century.
16Nine Mile townNine Mile town is located in the parish of Santa Ana. On February 6, 1945, Bob, the founder of reggae music? Mary was born here, and he used to rest in the
same place in the town. Bob? Mary’s grave is located in this small town and is managed by her family. There are many Bob in this famous Nine Mile town? Mary’s
historical relics, including guitars, medals, and photos.
Nine Mile town is Bob? The place where Mary’s journey began also had a great impact on his songs. Another famous attraction of the town is the “stone pillow”. When writing songs, he used to pillow on that stone for inspiration. Bob?
Mary’s body and his guitar are buried in an oval marble tomb in a church.
Although he is gone, he will not be alone, and his guitar will accompany him forever.
17National hero ParkThe national hero Park was established in 1783, covering an area of 20 hectares. It is the largest botanical garden in Kingston. It is famous for a
large number of monuments, and it is also the burial place of
Jamaican national heroes, prime ministers, and cultural leaders. The war
monument in national hero Park was established in 1922 to commemorate
the soldiers who died in World War I and World War II.
The earliest monument in the park is to commemorate the famous black
leader Marcus. Garvey, the first national hero of Jamaica, also has the tomb
of his black Pentagram near the monument. The tomb of Jamaica’s famous
Prime Minister Bustamante is also located in this park. The monument stands
on his tomb. The base of the monument is very wide and the top is pointed. Bustamante became the first Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1962 and made
great contributions to Jamaica’s national independence. In addition, the park
is also the burial place of 140 elderly women who died in a fire in a nursing
home in 1980.
18O’choriyoNorthern port of Jamaica. Located on the Caribbean coast, about 11 kilometers
east of San ansbe. Population 7000. One of the most important bauxite export
ports in China. Famous tourist attractions. Surrounded by coconut forests,
sugarcane forests, and fruit plantations, the Bay has beautiful tropical scenery
and mild seawater. The bathing beach can be opened all year round. The Dunn
river waterfall in the west of the city, with a drop of 180 meters, pours directly
into the sea, which is spectacular. There are flights and railways connecting
with other cities in China.
19MandevilleTowns in Midwest Jamaica. It is located in the central plateau mountains, 72 kilometers east of the capital Kingston, with an altitude of 628 meters. The population is 30000 (1982). The pasture surrounded by stone walls is rich in
the characteristics of British mountain villages. Mountain scenery and fresh
air used to be a sanitarium. The Kingston Montego Bay Railway passes here.
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