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1Magens BayMegan Bay is a U-shaped Bay, which is calm all year round because many islands around it block the turbulent waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean.
The bay is surrounded by low mountains and lush, coupled with sunny weather and soft beaches, so it is a good resort.
The United States Virgin Islands, an overseas dependency of the United States, is an “unconsolidated territory” of the United States. The United States Virgin Islands is part of the Virgin Islands. Because the sovereignty of another part of the Virgin Islands is now owned by the United Kingdom, the British part of the islands is usually called the “British Virgin Islands”, while the United States part is called the “United States Virgin Islands”, The United States Virgin Islands is composed of more than 50 large islands and coral reefs, covering an area of 344 square kilometers. The largest of the islands is Santa Cruz Island, St. John’s Island, and St. Thomas Island, as well as the relatively small water island with special historical significance. It has a tropical climate and is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
2Maho Bay BeachThe airport is located at the back of the beach, where you can see the planes coming and going, and it is a good place to watch the planes take off and land.
MAHO Beach (also known as MAHO Beach) is known as the most dangerous beach in the world, and it is also a holy land loved by aircraft lovers. This beach is close to Princess Juliana International Airport, so you can personally experience the cool feeling of the plane roaring from the top sweeping the beach towel. But when the plane lands or takes off, the sea waves are huge, and people standing on the beach will be in danger of being blown into the sea. More than 200 people have been injured here, which is undoubtedly the most unique and dangerous beach in the world.
MAHO beach is located in the southern half of St. Martin Island, close to Phillips fort, just across the road from Princess Juliana International Airport. The runway of the airport drives directly to the beach. When the plane lands or takes off from St. Martin, it flies over the beach and blows the sand with a strong gust. Here, you can watch the details of the plane and the attitude of taking off and landing from an excellent perspective. It is an excellent photography holy land and one of the most iconic beaches in the world.
3Buck Island Reef National Monumentt. Croix island is relatively flat and has a wide view. There are three national parks on the island. During the Danish rule, it was the capital of the islands. Since the United States took over the Virgin Islands and moved the governor’s office to St. Thomas Island, it has become increasingly depressed and no longer prosperous. Now, it has become a very quiet resort, and you can still see the traces of the Danish rule, the governor’s office, the Castle, and the streets, which Are full of strong European Caribbean style. This is really a small island, which is not close to our people. In fact, there are still many places to visit. It should be said that there are surprises and turns everywhere. The towns here are small, far away, and there are no hills. They are all lush shrubs. As long as there are one or two coconut trees, they are already leading the pack. Only when you reach the town, can you see some people? I estimate that you can walk here at night, If there is no street lamp, I dare not go out at all. As long as I walk in the street, I can see a large blue sea. At night, it is so quiet that I can only hear the sound of waves beating the beach. If you are used to living in a big city, is this a paradise? See the world by chance.
4Mountain TopThere is a very famous scenic spot in the Charlotte Amalia District of St. Thomas Island, which is called the “top of the mountain” scenic spot, and it is also one of the scenic spots that must be visited when visiting St. Thomas island.
The “peak” scenic spot is located at the top of Mount St. Peter, 1500 feet high, with a panoramic view of the entire bay and island. There are many ways to climb the “top of the mountain”, including self-driving, hiking, or taking the cable car of the scenic spot to the top of the mountain directly. The cable car is surrounded by glass. While taking it, you can watch the changes in the beautiful scenery from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.
There are abundant souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and distinctive live performances on the top of the mountain. Some interesting photo frames are placed in scenic spots to add fun to tourists’ photos.
5Trunk BayElephant trunk Bay is located on St. John’s Island. It is a Caribbean beach with high visibility and one of the top ten beaches in the world. There is an underwater snorkeling trail here, and the name is marked with a nameplate beside the coral, as well as the fish that often appear here.
Elephant trunk Bay is the place where many famous stars hold their weddings. The classic beach wedding photos of famous movie star Renee Zellweger were taken here. The wedding ceremony in elephant trunk Bay is usually held around 5:00 p.m. when the tourists on the beach basically disperse, and a touch of the sunset just creates a different romance for the wedding. Elephant trunk Bay is most suitable for barefoot weddings because it is all beach, not suitable for walking in shoes. In addition to the priest’s voice, the most heard in the wedding scene is the rhythmic sound of waves and the singing of seabirds. Compared with the luxury wedding in the bustling city, the wedding in the Caribbean is more quiet, romantic, and more natural!
6Lindquist BeachVery beautiful beach, water, and sky meet like paradise! Eat, drink, play, and have fun. How wonderful is life? Excited!
Beautiful, charming, and brilliant Lindquist beach! People miss the Caribbean area! Everywhere, the water is clear and the sand is young! Atmosphere full of joy!
It’s a very beautiful beach. The Caribbean is really a resort. Many people come here to swim and surf. It’s very popular
It’s very good outdoors. We were very happy when we arrived here late. It’s really good on the whole. The charge is not very expensive.
7Sweet Bottom Dive CenterIf you like this sport, if you are close to it, if you want to change your mood, here is a good choice.
8St.JohnSt. John’s Island is an island in the United States, located in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of the Virgin Islands and is under the jurisdiction of the Virgin Islands of the United States. It is 6.4 kilometers away from St. Thomas Island, with an area of 50.79 square kilometers and a population of 4197 in 2000.
Most of St. John’s Island and some nearby islands belong to the Virgin Islands National Park. The biggest features are tropical rain forests, beaches, and snorkeling, and the essence is trunk Bay. A Trunk Bay ticket is $5, free under the age of 18.
The place that will definitely be visited again is as beautiful as heaven on earth, but it can only be reached by ferry, and all accommodation on the island is booked for more than two days.
There are many family hotels on this island, with elegant layouts and good environments. Many people fly here for vacation. St. John’s Island is the most beautiful of the islands I went to.
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