Travel to Barbados recommended scenic spots (preferred)

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1Atlantis SubmarineTaking a submarine to visit the underwater world in Barbados is one of the tourism projects that every tourist to Barbados yearns for. Designed and
manufactured by Canadian Atlantic submarine International (Atlantis), this tour submarine is 65 feet long and has 48 seats. The air pressure in the boat is the same as the
water surface. It is equipped with air conditioning, comfortable and safe. The submarine is piloted by 2-3 professionals and has a depth of 130 feet (about 43 meters). After more than an hour of sightseeing, you can directly see the coral reefs, various fish schools, marine plants, and sunken ships on the sea floor. It is a veritable underwater view. There are many beaches for tourism in Barbados, most of which are located on
the West and southwest coast of the island, facing the Caribbean Sea, and are basically calm. However, located on the east coast, bashiba faces the Atlantic Ocean with high winds and strong waves, and the rocks washed by the waves are in various forms, attracting a large number of tourists. It is also a resort for local residents, and international surfing competitions are often held here. The trees along the coast have
been blown by strong winds all year round, forming a strange scenery leaning sideways in one direction. Therefore, the landscape is similar to some parts of Scotland, so it is also known as “Scotland” of Barbados.
2Farley Hill National ParkThe park was originally a resting place for British royal families and nobles and was turned into a national park after Pakistan’s independence. The park is lush with trees and lush flowers. As it is located on Mount fari, 900 feet from sea level, it is refreshing to have a panoramic view of half the mountains and the rough sea in the eastern part of Barbados. The Palace site built by the British Prince in 1861, which was destroyed by fire in the 1960s, is even more brilliant.
3Port Of BridgetownBridgeton port is located in the west of Bridgeton, the capital of Barbados. It is a comprehensive port operated and managed by the Barbados port authority. The port has five berths, with a total length of 1531 meters and a draft of 10 meters. It can berth large container ships, cargo ships, and cruise ships. Its annual
cargo throughput is about 700000 tons and receives about 500000 tourists by cruise ships.
Bridgetown is a picturesque coastal city, which not only retains ancient historical buildings, but also modern buildings have sprung up like mushrooms. Although the two architectural styles are different, they are integrated, making the city look quite elegant and attracting a large number of tourists. There are many squares,
fountains, churches, parks, sculptures, beaches, etc. in this city, well-known tourist destinations include national hero square, tropical botanical garden, Independence Square, Independence Memorial gate, Queen’s Park, synagogue, etc. The white beach in Bridgetown is very popular, with palm trees on the beach and an underwater park on the beach, so that tourists can enjoy the fun of the beach and explore the wonderful underwater world.
4Bridgetown and its GarrisonComposed of a group of well-preserved old towns built in the 17th-19th century, it is a model of British colonial architecture and a witness to the expansion of
the British colonial empire in the Atlantic Ocean. This heritage also includes a nearby military fortress composed of many historic buildings. The serpentine urban layout adopted by the towns here is different from the well-shaped layout and construction method adopted by the colonial towns of Spain and the Netherlands here, showing the different ways adopted by the colonial town planning.
5Bridgetown SynagogueThe synagogue is located in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, a
Caribbean island, just a few yards away from a broad street in Bridgetown. Bridgetown synagogue is known as one of the seven wonders of Barbados. It was built in the 17th century, destroyed by hurricanes in 1831, and then rebuilt in 1929. This is beautiful Gothic architecture, which is characterized by high spires, pointed arches, large windows, and stained glass with biblical stories. In the design, sharp rib vaults, flying buttresses, and slender beam columns are used to create a light and slender sense of flying. Gothic architecture produces a strong religious atmosphere in the church. In 1627, not long after the British colonists landed, about 300 Jews from Brazil and Recife, who immigrated from Barbados for centuries, established this unique church. The scope of the Synagogue in Barbados includes a cemetery for Jews who immigrated here in the 1830s. Bridgetown synagogue is considered to be the oldest church in the Western Hemisphere.
6Wales CanyonIf you like nature, hiking, plants, natural culture, and history, Welsh Canyon must be the best choice to visit Barbados. The quiet Welsh Canyon will definitely
shock you. It is the best place to experience pure nature, and it is a natural canyon to experience the life of primitive islands 300 years ago. Visiting Welsh Canyon is a
touch of nature and primitive tropical forests. There are not only tropical rainforests but also other tropical plants of different colors. Welsh Canyon is connected with Harrison cave. On the way, you will also enjoy strange stalagmites and stalactites, which
are formed by the erosion of running water and the corrosion of rain for a long time. Wales Canyon is also home to more than 150 kinds of animals and plants, of which
only two are unique to Barbados. Their existence makes the canyon more vibrant and energetic and increases people’s desire to explore.
7Sangbaili plantationThe history of sambury plantation can be traced back to 300 years ago.
It was established by Chapman, the colonist who first came to Barbados. Chapman continued to expand the planting area and make its scale continue
to increase. Sambury plantation is a mansion and museum built of flint and other stones transported from Britain. It has been burned once and repaired twice.
It is the only mansion in Barbados that can visit all rooms. Sampley plantation is not only a mansion but also a museum, with a collection of mahogany antiques,
old prints, and carriages. At present, the Thornberry plantation has become a well-known wedding place in Barbados, where many couples complete sacred and unforgettable weddings, which is of great significance. The plantation
will provide a garden view garden for taking wedding gowns and holding wedding ceremonies, and the scenery in the garden will also add a lot of
vitality, vitality, and festivity to the wedding. In addition, sambury plantation is also the best choice for dining in Barbados. It provides a variety of dining styles and forms, including romantic and warm candlelight dinner, colorful breakfast and lunch buffet, grand dinner, cocktail party, etc.
8Andromeda GardenAndromeda garden was built in 1954, covering an area of 6 acres. It is a picturesque landscape garden. The flowering plants, tropical plants, and the forest of flowers in the garden are fascinating scenery, making Andromeda garden one of
the most charming parks in Barbados. The name Andromeda garden comes from the Ethiopian Princess Andromeda in Greek mythology. She was bound to a boulder and later saved by the hero Perseus. The umbrella palm tree in Andromeda garden is one of
the largest palm trees in the world. In addition, there are orchids, ferns, Haikang plants, hibiscus, leaf flower, Begonia, and cactus. The fragrance in the garden is diffuse, and the fragrance of flowers also leads to the dancing of butterflies in the garden, which
is harmonious. The colorful flowers and plants in the garden attract children to explore, love, and protect nature.
9Mount Farley National ParkAcres of mahogany trees surround an ancient manor, Mount Farley
National Park, which was the setting for the 1957 film “Sunshine Island”. Mount Farley National Park was originally a resting place for British royal families and nobles and
was turned into a national park after Pakistan’s independence. With verdant trees and lush flowers, the park is a good choice for rest and tourism. When you are depressed or
tired, sit in Mount fari National Park and enjoy the scenery in the park. The feeling of depression and fatigue gradually leaves. Here, you can also enjoy the Palace site built by the British Prince during his visit in 1861. Although it is old, the site is well preserved and full of historical beauty. As Mount fari National Park is located on
Mount fari, 900 feet from sea level, it is refreshing to have a panoramic view of half the mountains and the rough sea in Eastern Barbados. The Palace site built by the British Prince in 1861, which was destroyed by fire in the 1960s, is even more brilliant.
10Barbados wildlife reserveBarbados wildlife reserve was established in 1985 near Mount Farley, covering an area of 4 acres. It was jointly established by Canadian primatologist Jean baulu and his wife. They discovered this place in 1982 when they came to study and protect the green monkeys growing here. Due to the continuous reproduction of
green monkeys in this generation, they were listed as a wildlife reserve in 1985. In addition to the lively and cute green monkeys that play everywhere, there are many other animals growing in the reserve, including red antlers, red-footed turtles, South American deer, squirrels, caimans, rabbits and guinea pigs, iguanas, peacocks, etc. some of them are accessible to tourists at close range. I believe children will have great fun watching these lovely animals.
11Animal flower caveLocated in the parish of Saint Lucie, the animal flower cave is an accessible sea erosion cave in Barbados. It is formed by the continuous impact of the sea
on the hills and the rocks out of an alley. The animal flower cave was
discovered by two British explorers in 1780. Although it was formed on the sea level, it was 6 feet higher than the highest water level the sea level, because Barbados
rises by an inch every 1000 years. There are sea anemones in the animal flower cave, which is locally known as “animal flower”, and the cave is also named “animal flower cave” for this reason. Although animal flowers look like flowers, they are actually predators. Colorful parts are stretched during the day to make symbiotic algae fully photosynthesis, and tentacles are stretched out to prey at night.
The tentacles of animals can sting and paralyze passing fish to prey. There is a coral floor in the animal flower cave, which is about 400000-500000
years old. There is also a large pool called “swimming pool” by the guide. In fact, it is very shallow. If you are interested, you can try swimming in it!
12Former residence of George WashingtonThe former residence of George Washington is the house where George Washington, the first president of the United States, once lived in 1751. It has a history of more than 250 years. In 1751, George Washington, who was only 19 at that time, accompanied his Brother Lawrence, who was suffering
from tuberculosis to Barbados, a Caribbean island for convalescence, where he lived. The reason why I came to Barbados to recuperate was that Barbados’ tropical climate and the curative effect of hot spring recuperation
on lung diseases were well-known at that time. The Barbados trip was the only overseas trip in George Washington’s legendary life. At present, the former residence of George Washington has two floors, orange, but when
Washington lived in 1751, there was only one floor. The upper floor was stamped around 1850, and the name was changed to “former residence of George Washington”. In the room, there is a sculpture of
Washington reading carefully with books in his hands, valiant and valiant. In 1997, when visiting Barbados, U.S. President Bill Clinton visited Washington’s former residence. One of the biggest gains of the Barbados
government from this visit was that Bill Clinton brought a total renovation cost of up to $2.5 million for Washington’s former residence, which made the renovation plan of Washington’s former residence the most expensive housing renovation plan in the history of this small Caribbean island country.
13Mount hirabiMt. helabi is located in St. Thomas District, but its highest point is in the St. Andrew district. It is 340 meters high and is the highest peak in Barbados. Many tropical plants and flowers grow in the deep forest of the flower garden near Mt. helabi. Their strong aroma can produce magical and attractive sensory stimulation. Because Mt. hirabi is not very high and climbing is not very difficult, you can also see colorful flowers and some small animals on the way to Mt. hirabi. They appear to welcome
tourists and add infinite vitality to Mt. hirabi. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery around. You can see the snow-white beach, the endless sea, and the dark green forest. The breeze blew in front.
14Harrison Rock HoleHarrison cave was first mentioned in 1795 and then forgotten 200 years
later. It was discovered by Danish Speleologists in 1976. In 1981, Harrison cave was opened to the public, allowing tourists to enjoy Barbados’ most beautiful natural geological landforms. Now it is the first tourist attraction in Barbados. The peculiar landscape of Harrison cave ,is the result of the perennial erosion of limestone by running water, forming graceful stalagmites and stalactites, which have different postures and characteristics. In addition to stalagmites, and stalactites, you can also enjoy the stone pillars formed after tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. Tourists can take the tram along the zigzag route ,to watch the landscape in the cave. Under the effect of colorful lights, the Harrison cave will also become bright, and the stalagmites, stalactites, and pillars inside will also become colorful.
15St. John’s Parish ChurchThe parish church of St. John is the first church of St. John. It was built on a cliff overlooking the east coast in 1836. It was built to replace the original church completely destroyed by the hurricane in 1831. In the courtyard of the
church is buried Ferdinando Palaeologus, a descendant of Constantine the Great, whose family was driven out of Constantinople by the Turks. Ferdinando died in Barbados in 1678. At this time, he had lived on the island for
more than 20 years. The parish church of St. John is a Gothic building with a statue of Mary Westmacott. At present, many tourists will come here to visit the first church of St. John, which has a long history. Its Gothic architectural style makes the church very religious.
16Barbados MuseumThe predecessor of this unique museum is the British detention barracks, which are used to hold prisoners. It is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper
part was established in 1817, and the lower part was established in 1853. It was renamed the Museum of Barbados in 1930. The Barbados Museum records the evolution history of the island, from the 16th century to the present. It features excellent natural history exhibition halls, historical maps, artworks, shops, and courtyard cafes to
describe the historical changes in Barbados. Many exhibition halls of the museum are located in the repaired cells. In addition, there is a live drama performance, called “1627 and all that” in the courtyard of the museum. The Barbados Museum reflects Barbados’ history, ancestry, and the dress of people in 18th-century plantations. The characters in the artworks are lifelike and vivid. This museum is of great historical ,and cultural value, and it is also a rare military prison Museum. The exhibition hall is the former cell, which is also rare.
17Bashiba mushroom cloud scenic spotBashiba mushroom cloud scenic spot is located in bashiba, St. Joseph’s district on the east coast of Barbados. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the wind is high and the waves are fierce, and the rocks washed by the waves are in various forms. Represented by the “mushroom cloud”, it stands majestic in the waves, attracting a large number of tourists all year round. Mushroom cloud rocks are in different shapes, and shapes, or stand in groups or in isolation on the sea, constantly telling tourists about
the magical power of nature. It is also a resort for local residents, and international surfing competitions are often held here. The trees along the coast have been blown by strong winds all year round, forming a strange scenery lying sideways in one direction, which is similar to some parts of Scotland, so it is also known as “Scotland” of Barbados. There are not only “mushroom cloud” rocks, but also charming beaches that are unforgettable. Waves sometimes rise and sometimes fall on the beach. Tourists can follow the steps of the waves to walk on the beach. And the beach is lined with coconut trees and lush green, which is a very interesting tourist resort.
Terminus BayTerminus Bay is located on the southeast coast of Barbados and is under the jurisdiction of St. Philip’s district. Local people think it is the most beautiful and charming beach in Barbados, and it is full of tourists every day.
Surrounded by coral rock walls, the white beach, vast sea, and swaying palm trees form a charming picture, which makes people seem to enter the holy land. The tall palm trees swayed with the wind, adding a little peace and comfort to the bay. As the waves are rough,
it is not recommended for tourists to swim here, and a pleasant picnic under the palm tree is a highly respected tourist project here. Terminus Bay is not only a good place for picnics but also an ideal place to live. Many people choose to build houses on the top of the cliff. They can not only enjoy the intoxicating scenery ,of the Bay from time to time but also enjoy the quiet and beautiful time in life. People living here have also found turtles and whales in the lower rock area.
Morgan Lewis windmillMorgan Lewis windmill is the last sugar windmill still in use in Barbados. The mill stopped use in 1947 and was sent to the museum for preservation in 1962.
Morgan Lewis windmill was included, in the World Cultural Heritage Foundation’s world cultural monument protection program in 1996, and the restoration of the Morgan Lewis windmill began in the following summer. In 1997, American Express provided emergency damage repair assistance to the Morgan Lewis windmill, which was reopened to the public in 1999. The original parts of the Morgan Lewis windmill,
that can run have been preserved intact. Half a century later, the windmill began to work again. When it comes to the autumn harvest season, that is, from February to July, the Morgan Lewis windmill will work one Sunday every month, to squeeze sugarcane juice. Inside the windmill, there is a museum about plantation relics and sugarcane juice, displaying some old photos. Tourists can climb to the top of the windmill to enjoy the surrounding scenery.
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