If you are in Honduras or are going to Honduras, it is recommended to visit the following scenic spots

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1Maya Site of CopanThe Maya site of Copan, the capital of the ancient Mayan kingdom for more than 2000 BC, is located about 225 kilometers north of Brazil, the capital Tegucigalpa, near the border with Guatemala. It was also the center of scientific, cultural, and religious activities at that time. The site is located in a valley 13 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide, with an altitude of 600 meters and an area of about 15 hectares. It covers an area of about 15 hectares, including pyramids, altars, squares, 6 temples, stone steps, 36 stone tablets, and carvings. The history of the Copan kingdom can be traced back to the 2nd century A.D., reaching its peak from the 5th century A.D. to the 9th century A.D., and then, like other Mayan city-states in the classical period, it suddenly declined and was completely abandoned in the jungle. It has attracted many foreign scholars to come here for archaeological research, and it is also one of the important tourist spots in Honduras.
2TegucigalpaTegucigalpa, also known as “degusgaba”, is the capital of the Republic of Honduras and the capital of Francisco morasan province. The famous Notre Dame de Cuiaba is an art holy land in Honduras. It is located in the town of Cuiaba on the outskirts of the city. Here, there is a valuable statue of the virgin of Cuiaba with a height of about 80 cm. It is called the patron saint of the virgin of Cuiaba. In addition, there are also sculptures, Indian Handicrafts, and another essence of Honduras’ national art. The streets in the old urban area are relatively narrow, the buildings are soft in color, and the balconies of residents are mostly suspended. In the center is the “morasan Park”, in which stands the statue of Francisco morasan, Honduran national hero and outstanding activist during the Central American independence movement. In the center of Tegucigalpa is a big square. Behind the park is the central government building. On the left is the Cathedral of San Miguel, which was built during the colonial period. On the top of the tower is an ancient Spanish bell. On the right is the National Museum, which holds various historical relics and animal and plant specimens.
3Yojoa, L. deLocated between the three provinces of SantaBarbara, Cortes and comaiagua in the northwest, Lake Yohua is the largest inland lake in Honduras. The lake is 22 kilometers long, 14 kilometers wide at the widest point, covers an area of 285 square kilometers, and has an altitude of 650 meters With charming scenery, surrounded by mountains, lush trees and roads, Yohua lake is a tourist attraction. Tourists can fish and shoot ducks by the lake and hunt in the surrounding hills. Located on a main road connecting the capital Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula and the urban center along the Caribbean coast, tourists may wish to come here for a visit.
4Leopratano Biosphere ReserveReopratano biosphere reserve is one of the few wet tropical rainforest reserves in Central America. Located at the watershed of the reopratano River, it is rich in plants and wildlife. There are more than 3000 indigenous people living here, which is the most important biological reserve in Honduras.
The reserve is the original tropical rainforest reserve, most of which (about 85%) belong to the humid tropical forest, and only 10 ~ 15% are located in the subtropical humid forest zone. It is also one of the rare humid tropical rainforests in China and the United States. The forest is rich in plants and wild animals.
5Butterfly and Insect MuseumThe butterfly and insect museum, located in La Ceiba, Atlantis, is a museum established by private individuals at their own expense. Most non-profit museums are private collections, collecting insects for 30 years, and displaying their lifelong collections in this museum to tourists. The museum has a collection of more than 17000 butterflies, moths, and other insects from 139 countries around the world. There are more than 6000 butterflies and moths collected from Honduras. Ms. Lehman is a retired teacher. She will guide tourists to introduce the collections in the museum in detail. In addition, there are many other insects, including green beetles, giant cockroaches, giant rhinoceros turtles, locusts, black spider wasps, flying cockroaches, mantis, and bedbugs, etc. In the butterfly and insect museum, visitors can enjoy the world’s largest moth, the world’s reddest butterfly, the world’s heaviest insect, and the insect with the longest legs, as well as the world’s longest nose butterfly. Among them, the more than 1000 square feet of walls in the butterfly and insect museum are bright red and rainbow blue, which are divided into two walls. One wall shows butterflies and moths, and the other wall shows other insects.
6Islas de la BahiaLocated near the north coast of Honduras, it is about 30 kilometers away from La Ceiba in the South and about 56 kilometers (35 miles) away from the Caribbean coast. It is composed of the main islands Roatan, Guanaja and nearby islands. It is a province of Honduras. It covers an area of 261 square kilometers. The population is 24000 (1991). Most of them are British, black and Caribbean. The capital, Roatan. Columbus first arrived in 1502. It belonged to Honduras in 1859. The climate is mild and humid. The economy is dominated by agriculture and fishery, producing bananas, cassava, coconuts, livestock, etc. Guanaha island has built refrigeration facilities and electronic instrument factories, and tourism has developed in recent years.
7ComayaguaComayagua is a city in central and Western Honduras. On the West Bank of the human River, it is the commercial center in the west of the country. The capital of Comayagua province. Western business center. Located in the fertile valley on the right bank of Amaya River, it is 60 kilometers away from Tegucigalpa in the northwest. The altitude is 459 meters.
8TeraTera is the port city of Atlantida Province in northwest Honduras, located on the Gulf of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea, 50 kilometers away from the port of Cortes in the West. As one of the three major ports in China, it is also a railway hub with airports. Tera river flows through the city, divided into new and old urban areas, connected by iron bridges. Industries include vegetable oil, cement, wood processing, etc. Formerly known as banana port, citrus and coconut are now exported in bulk.
9Roatán, I. deThe earliest residents of Roatan island are ancient Mayans. Therefore, Roatan island is known as the “Mayan pearl” on the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the top ten tourist attractions in America. Roatan has the most beautiful beach in America. Its pure white fine sand and clear water make the beach shrouded in a color like a green pearl. These paradise-like islands are worth visiting. They are paradise on land, which makes people forget to return.
10Roatan IslandThe focus of Honduras’ tourism industry is Roatan Island, the largest Gulf Island along the Caribbean coast of the country.
Roatan is an unspoiled island paradise.
In recent years, it has become a regular stop for cruise ships in the western Caribbean and the preferred destination for Honduras’ holidays.
Roatan and the other Gulf Islands – Utila, Guanaja, and cayos cochinos, Jr. are surrounded by one of the world’s * largest living coral reefs, where many colorful fish and plants live.
Therefore, it is not surprising that diving and snorkeling are popular activities in Honduras.
Each Honduran travel guide lists hundreds of underwater places for beginners and professional divers to explore.
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