What are the most popular tourist attractions (USA)

There are one or two tourist attractions with a good reputation in the United States, which are only for reference and learning, and the ranking is not divided.

1Dayanshan National ParkSmoky Mountain National Park, also known as Big Smoky Mountain, is located at the junction of Tennessee and North Carolina. With about 10 million tourists every year, it is the most visited national park in the United States. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park covers an area of 200000 hectares, which has not been damaged by human beings, so it provides a relatively favorable growth environment for plants and preserves the best temperate deciduous forest in the world. It has 3500 species of endemic plants and many endangered animals, especially the largest salamander group in the world.
It is not only rich in natural heritage but also has a long cultural history. From Cherokee Indians to Scottish Irish immigrants, this land is home to many cultures and nationalities, and you can learn about the lifestyle of farmers’ families and communities living in the southern Appalachian Mountains in the early days. The garden provides tourists with unique resources for outdoor leisure. Tourists can walk on the green land and hike in remote areas.
Camping, fishing, outings, horseback riding, or just overlooking the beautiful scenery are all good ways to relax. The four seasons here are good seasons for tourism. The flowers are blooming in spring, the summer is cool, the leaves are flying in autumn, and the winter is quiet and pleasant. The blue sky is always the best reason for sightseeing.
Tourists can explore its ethereal peaks and valleys full of waterfalls through the mountain sightseeing highway, or explore its foggy peaks and valleys full of waterfalls along a more than 1300-kilometer hiking route across North Carolina and Tennessee. In 2021, more than 14 million tourists went to Bayanihan National Park.
2Niagara Falls“Niagara Falls” is also literally translated as Lago falls. “Niagara” means “water of Thor” in the Indian language. Indians believe that the roar of the falls is the voice of Thor.
Before they actually saw the waterfall, they heard a sound like continuous thunder, so they called it “onguiaahra” (later known as Niagara), which means “huge mine”.
Located on the Niagara River between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario at the junction of Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls is one of the more famous wonders of the North American continent and one of the three major transnational waterfalls in the world. The source of Niagara Falls is the Niagara River, which is composed of three parts: Horseshoe Falls, American falls and bridal veil falls. The main waterfall is located in Canada, shaped like horseshoes, accounting for 94% of the water volume. The river water is blue, and the waterfall is semi-annular, 792 meters wide, with a drop of 58 meters; The waterfalls in the United States are separated by Moon Island, accounting for 6% of the water volume. The river is blue. The waterfalls are 323 meters wide and have a drop of 52 meters.
3Grand Canyon National ParkIn 2021, the Grand Canyon National Park attracted 4.5 million people to witness one of the largest canyons on earth. It is 1.6 kilometers deep and 29 kilometers wide in some places. Hiking, mule riding, or rafting on the mighty Colorado River are all good ways to explore.
The Grand Canyon of the United States is located on the kebab plateau in northwest Arizona. It is a world-famous natural wonder. The Colorado River flows through it. It is one of the natural heritages selected by UNESCO as protected, one of the more magnificent sceneries on the earth, and one of the longer canyons in the world. The Grand Canyon has a total length of 446 kilometers and a top width of 6 to 28 kilometers. The climate and landscape of the two walls and the bottom of the canyon are very different. The south wall is dry and warm and there are few plants; The north wall is higher than the south wall, the climate is cold and wet, and the trees are green; The bottom of the valley is dry and hot, presenting a desert landscape.
4Times Square, New YorkTimes Square is a bustling block in Manhattan, New York City, the United States, known as the “crossroads of the world”. Times Square was originally named laneck square, which was later renamed Times Square because of the headquarters building set up here by the New York Times in the early days. Due to its high popularity, many famous cities in the world have shopping malls or buildings named “Times Square”, and the name of times square has become popular. Near Times Square, there are nearly 40 shopping malls and theatres, which are prosperous entertainment and shopping centers. The theatres on Broadway, a large number of dazzling neon tube advertisements, and TV billboards have become symbols of New York and reflect the strong urban characteristics of Manhattan.
Due to the high popularity of times square, many famous cities in the world have shopping malls or buildings named “Times Square”, such as Takashimaya Times Square, a branch of Japanese department store Takashimaya next to Shinjuku Station and one of the local landmarks. There are two shopping malls with the same name in Hong Kong, namely, Times Square in Causeway Bay and Times Square in Tuen Mun. As many as 27 cities in Chinese Mainland have times square, and many buildings in Taiwan are named after times square. As for London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, there are local times square.
5Rocky Mountain National ParkThe Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado attracted 4.4 million tourists in 2021. The park contains 150 lakes and 724 kilometers of streams, as well as various ecosystems from wetlands to pine forests, from mountains to alpine tundra.
Rocky Mountain National Park, located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, was founded in 1915, covering an area of 415 square miles. One third of the park is located above the forest line, and includes 78 peaks with an altitude of more than 12000 feet; Among them, the highest is the long peak, which is 14255 feet high. The park has a complete ecosystem. Regardless of the altitude, wild animals can be seen everywhere, such as elk, long eared, coyote, horned deer and bighorn sheep. In addition, the Colorado River, which runs through the Grand Canyon, also originated here.
6Zion National ParkVirgin River originates in the highland country of Utah. It passes through Zion Canyon and enters the desert below. The vertical terrain of Zion National Park – rock towers, sandstone canyons and steep cliffs – attracted five million tourists in 2021.
Zion National Park, also translated as Zion National Park, is an American National Park located near Springdale, Utah in the southwest of the United States. The primary attraction of this 229 square mile (593 square kilometer) National Park is the zain Canyon, which is 15 miles (24 kilometers) long and half a mile (800 meters) deep. Its red and yellowish brown Navajo Sandstone is divided by the northern tributary of the Virgin River. Other famous features include the white throne, chessboard mountain walls, Kolob arch, the three holy fathers and the virgin river narrows.
7Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge, also known as the “golden gate channel bridge”, is a cross sea channel connecting San Francisco Downtown and Marin County in the north in the United States. Located on the golden gate channel, it is the main symbol of San Francisco in the United States.
The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge started on January 5th, 1933; The project was completed on May 27th, 1937 and opened to the public; It was opened to traffic on May 28, 1937.
The Golden Gate Bridge starts from California in the north, crosses the Golden Gate Strait on the north, and ends at San Francisco Peninsula in the south; The total length of the line is 2780 meters, and the total length of the main bridge is 1967.3 meters; The bridge deck is a two-way six lane urban trunk line with a design speed of 60 km / h; The total cost of the project is about 35.5 million US dollars, and the design engineer is Joseph Strauss.
The Golden Gate Bridge, also known as the Golden Gate Strait Bridge, is the sea crossing connecting San Francisco and the northern Marin County in the United States. It is the main symbol of San Francisco and a miracle of modern bridge engineering. Golden Gate Bridge, designed by bridge engineer Joseph Strauss, started on January 5,1933, north from California, across the Golden Gate Strait to the San Francisco Peninsula; the south of 27,767.3 meters, the main bridge, a two-way six-lane city main bridge, main bridge, bridge, viaduct, two tower, anchorage, suspension, suspension, bridge and interchange ramp.
8Las Vegas StripLas Vegas strip is a virtual venue in the game “the Star Trek experience”.
Las Vegas is a tourist attraction in the United States and has become a symbol of gambling in the world. Las Vegas Boulevard is located in the desert of Southern Nevada and is called the center of resorts, hotels and casinos. Stroll along Las Vegas Boulevard, you will enjoy the scenery of large resorts and giant casinos, with dazzling luxury facilities, such as entering the adult amusement park.
9Yellowstone national parkYellowstone National Park, referred to as Yellowstone Park for short, is managed by the National Park Service of the United States. On March 1, 1872, it was officially named as a national park for the protection of wildlife and natural resources, and was listed in the world natural heritage list in 1978. This is the first and largest national park in the world. Yellowstone National Park covers an area of about 898317 hectares, mainly located in Wyoming, the United States, and some in Montana and Idaho. The park is one of the largest craters in the world, and it has one of the largest forests in the world. There are more than 10000 hot springs and more than 300 geysers. There are more than 290 waterfalls. There are Huangshi lake, Huangshi River, valleys, waterfalls, hot springs and other landscapes in the park, which is a famous tourist attraction. There are many kinds of wild animals in the park, including 7 ungulates, 2 bears and 67 other mammals, 322 birds, 18 fish and cross-border gray wolves. There are more than 1100 native plants, more than 200 exotic plants and more than 400 thermophilic microorganisms.
10Yosemite National ParkYosemite National Park is located in California in the west of the United States, at the Western foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Merced River flows through the canyon. Covering an area of about 1100 square miles, it is a national park in the United States. Yosemite National Park. Across the Mediterranean climate and plateau mountain climate, the vegetation types mainly include subtropical coniferous forests. It was listed in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list in 1984. On May 13, 2006, it officially became a friendly park with Huangshan scenic spot in Anhui Province, China.
John Muir wrote, “no man-made building can be compared with Yosemite.” It was his efforts that led to the establishment of Yosemite National Park in California in 1890. Every year, more than 3 million tourists come to this temple composed of granite cliffs and towering waterfalls. Most people spend their time in Yosemite Valley, a 1.6km wide and 11.3km long Canyon cut by rivers and then widened and deepened under the action of glaciers.
11Universal Studios HollywoodLocated in the northwest suburb of downtown Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood is a must visit place for tourists to Los Angeles. Hollywood is a world-famous movie city. At the beginning of the 20th century, some producers began to make films here. By 1928, a strong lineup led by eight major film companies such as paramount had been formed. Since the 1930s and 1940s, Hollywood has become a cultural center of the United States. Many writers, musicians and movie stars live on the nearby Beverly Hills. The cinema consists of three parts, namely, the cinema Tour (a 50 minute film tour with special commentators), the upper Park and the lower park. You can experience the shooting process of the film at the scene of the film. Next to the entrance and exit of the cinema, there is a fashionable shopping area – Universal City Avenue.
12Disneyland USAThere are two Disneyland parks in the United States. One is Disneyland in Los Angeles, California, which was built in 1955. The other is Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, which was built in 1971. Disneyland Park in California, located in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955. It is the first Disneyland theme park in the world and is known as the happiest place on earth. The official translation of Disney Company in China is Disney, so Disneyland (amusement park) is more appropriate to be called Disneyland.
13Statue of LibertyThe full name of the statue of liberty is “the bronze statue of Liberty National Monument”. Located near the Hudson estuary on Liberty Island in the harbor of New York, it is a world cultural heritage. It was built by France in 1876 to commemorate the centenary of the victory of the American War of independence. The bronze statue was completed on October 28, 1886. The statue of liberty is 46 meters high, and its appearance design comes from the sculptor’s mother; The goddess of liberty is dressed in ancient Greek style clothes, wearing a radiant crown, seven pointed awns symbolizing seven continents, holding a torch symbolizing freedom in her right hand, the declaration of independence in her left hand, and broken handcuffs, shackles and chains at her feet, symbolizing freedom from tyranny.
14SaipanSaipan is the federal capital of the Northern Mariana Islands. It covers an area of 185 square kilometers and has a population of about 52200 (2010). The highest point, tagpochau, is 466 meters above sea level. At present, it mainly produces coconut, taro, cassava, dioscorea, breadfruit and banana, and has a merchant dock and an international airport. It was occupied by the US Army in 1944 and became an important air base of the US Army. In 1962, it became the capital of the United States trusteeship of the Pacific Islands. On November 28th, 2009, the United States federal government took over the immigration affairs of the Northern Mariana Islands.
15Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park is located on the Atlantic coast of Maine and on both sides of Frenchman Bay, covering an area of 168 square kilometers. It was built in early 1916. It became Lafayette National Park in 1919 and changed to its current name in 1929. The main part is the forest area of Mount dessert Island, with Cadillac Mountain as the main body, with anemeng cave and West Earl de Muntz spring; Other areas include half of Europe island and scuddick peninsula with cliffs. The park is located at the junction of the north and the temperate zone, and a large number of marine animals live in the cold shallow bay.
16Grand Teton National ParkThe magnificent peaks of the Teton mountains are more than 2000 meters above the bottom of the Wyoming Valley, making it the most magnificent geological landscape in the Rocky Mountains. In 2021, the gem like lakes, blue and white glaciers and bare granite peaks in Grand Teton National Park attracted 3.9 million tourists.
Grand Teton National Park: located in the spectacular glacial mountains in northwest Wyoming, the United States, it was established in 1929 and covers an area of 1256 square kilometers. The highest peak in the park is Grand Teton peak, with an altitude of 4198 meters, and there are remaining glaciers. Zhenni lake is the most famous ice lake distributed in this area. Jackson Lake, which is blocked by a dam on the Snake River, is the largest local water area. Towering mountains, covered with thousands of years of glaciers, mountains and peaks, like entering a fairyland on earth. There are herds of bison, elk and antelope in the park, as well as many other kinds of mammals.
17Indiana Dunes National ParkLess than an hour’s drive from Chicago, Indiana Dunes National Park is a protected habitat for nearly 1130 native plants, surrounded by Sandy Lake Shores and wetland landscapes. In 2019, it became the 61st National Park in the United States.
Indiana Dunes National Park is located in the northwest of Indiana. From Yellowstone National Park to the statue of liberty, Indiana Dunes National Park is one of 418 units of the U.S. national park system. The park includes 15 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and 15000 acres of biodiversity beaches, forests, grasslands and swamps. Up to 2million tourists come to Indiana dunes every year.
18Glacier National ParkIn 2021, 3million people came here to watch the wonderful (but gradually shrinking) ice mass, which gave Montana Glacier National Park its name. The “Xiangyang Road” of the park twists and turns, with spectacular mountain scenery, and is one of the most dazzling lanes in the world.
Located in the northern part of Montana and on the border with Canada, Glacier National Park is a Grand View Park of endemic species in North America. Covering an area of 410000 hectares, the park was originally part of the Indian reservation of the Bradford tribe.
It was established as a national park in the United States in 1910. Because there are more than 50 glaciers here, it is named Glacier National Park. Glaciers are formed by a large amount of snow falling on high mountains condensed into huge ice bodies moving along the ground under the action of gravity. Among the glacier national parks, blufort glacier is the largest, covering an area of about 4.8 square kilometers. It is located on the northern slope of Mount Jackson and blufort at an altitude of 2440 meters.
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