What are the interesting attractions and recommendations in Canada (preferred)

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1Stanley ParkThe world-famous Stanley Park is only a 15-minute walk from downtown Vancouver. The primeval forest dominated by coniferous trees such as Sequoia is the most famous scenic spot in the park., Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Covering an area of 1000 acres, there are three big beaches, zoos, aquariums, small golf courses, rose gardens, small trains, and
countless giant round Teng pillars.
2Canadian national television towerLocated in Toronto, Canada. The Canadian national television tower is the symbol of Toronto and a must-see attraction for tourists to Toronto. The TV Tower is 553.33 meters high and consists of a base, an observation deck, “the cover of the sky” and an antenna tower from top to bottom.
The CN Tower is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1995, it was listed as one of the seven engineering wonders of the world by the American Civil Engineering Association and a member of the world-famous tower alliance.
“CN” in the original English name was originally the acronym of “Canadian national”, but now it is the acronym of “Canada’s national”, but both names are not often used. With a height of 553.33 meters, the tower is now the fifth tallest self-supporting building in the world. The tower is considered a landmark of Toronto and attracts more than 2 million
visitors every year. Since its completion in 1976, the tower has been the tallest building in the Guinness Book of world records until it
was surpassed by the Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai). But from a professional point of view, the Canadian national television
tower is not a building, but a nonbuilding structure. The Canadian national television tower is
a landmark building in Toronto and the second tallest communication tower in
the world. There are nearly 1700 metal stairs in the tower, and the height of the tower is about
100 floors. In 1995, the Canadian national television tower was listed as one of the seven engineering wonders of the world by the American Civil Engineering Association.
3Cathedral of Our Lady (Our Temple)Located in Montreal, Canada. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is magnificent in appearance and magnificent in the interior. Every decorative detail is full of artistic flavor.
4Banff National ParkLocated in the ninth improvement area of Alberta, Canada. Covering an area of 6641 square kilometers, the park is covered with glaciers, hot springs, pine forests, and lakes. There are a wide variety of plants and animals in the park, many of which are endangered species.
Banff National Park is the first National Park in Canada. Built-in 1885, it is located in Alberta, Canada, in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains. It is a national park open all day, with main scenic spots including Lake Louise and Lake Monroe. The park has modern hotels, motels, and campsites in the forest. The mountain is also equipped with suspended cableways, which lead from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. There are pavilions and observation platforms on the top of the peak, and visitors can overlook the surrounding scenery by leaning on the railing.
Banff National Park was included in the world heritage list in 1984 as part of the “Rocky Mountain National Parks”.
5Quebec CastleThe ancient city of Quebec covers an area of 135 hectares, accounting for 5% of the total urban area. The oldest urban core is concentrated
in Xiacheng. With Royal Square as the center, there are many narrow streets and ancient buildings such as the Knight Hotel and victory Church at
the beginning of the city. Around the Royal Square and on both sides of Notre Dame Street are buildings of the 17th and 18th centuries. Among them, the Church of Notre Dame Victoria was founded in 1688, burned down during the siege of the city in 1759, and then rebuilt. Little samplan street has the longest
history and is a place where commercial advertisements and carved wood signs gather. Built on the cliff, the Shangcheng district has always been the religious and administrative center of Quebec, with many churches, monasteries, and famous historical buildings, including Fontina castle,
Star Castle fortress, etc. Prominent buildings in the upper city
are the Jesuit Monastery (1625), the Puritan Monastery (1629), the ursulina Monastery (1624), and the Seminary (1663). Although these buildings have been
repaired, some of their ancient buildings still exist.
6Hog’s Back FallsIt is a well-known waterfall dam in Ottawa. It is suitable to bring relatives and colleagues together. It is worth a lot of experience. It is very good. It is worth a lot of experience. The scenery is charming. The waterfalls here will be more spectacular. All kinds of scenic spots are indispensable during the trip. It is highly recommended by friends. It must be a great pity not to go.
7Niagara FallsLocated at the junction of Ontario, Canada, and New York, the Great Falls is composed of horseshoe falls, American falls and bride’s veil falls.
Located on the Niagara River between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario at the junction of Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls is one of the more famous wonders of the North American continent and one of the three major transnational waterfalls in the world. The source of Niagara Falls is the Niagara River, which is composed of three parts: Horseshoe Falls, American falls and bridal veil falls.
The main waterfall is located in Canada, shaped like horseshoes, accounting for 94% of the water volume. The river water is blue, and the waterfall is semi-annular, 792 meters wide, with a drop of 58 meters; The waterfalls in the United States are separated
by Moon Island, accounting for 6% of the water volume. The river
is blue. The waterfalls are 323 meters wide and have a drop of 52 meters.
8Capilano Suspension Bridge and ParkCapilano suspension bridge and the park is the most famous tourist attraction in northern Vancouver and the oldest tourist attraction in Vancouver. Capilano suspension bridge has a total length of 137 meters. Since more than 100 years ago, the suspension bridge has only been suspended at an altitude of nearly 70 meters with two thick hemp ropes and fragrant wood and hung on the turbulent water surface of the Capilano River Valley.
9Prince Edward Island National ParkPrince Edward Island Provincial National Park covers an area of 55.56 square kilometers. Cycling and walking are good
methods for the 29 provincial parks on the island. The white sand beaches distributed along the coast of the island are among the most spectacular and unspoiled beaches in North America. Sailing and sports are also popular activities, and ice sailing is
popular in winter. The completion of the federal bridge makes it easy for people to get on this incredibly beautiful island.
There are three most awe-inspiring drive tours on the island. Wearing light and comfortable shoes, drive to the coastline for a ride, tracking the traces of blue herons, red sandy beaches, and vivid sea sand dunes.
Prince Edward Island is located in
the south of St. Lawrence Bay, separated by the 15-kilometer-wide Northumbrian Strait in the southwest and facing the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by a strip of water. With beautiful
scenery, it is known as the “Bay Park”. The shape of the island is like the Bay moon, and the island is composed
of three parts: Prince, Queen, and king from west to East. The island is 224 kilometers long from north to
south and 6-64 kilometers wide from east to west. Because the soil contains a lot of iron oxide, the ground is reddish brown and the soil is fertile. The island has a winding coast and many ports. There are many beaches on the north bank, forming many natural bathing beaches.
The width of the whole island ranges from four kilometers to sixty kilometers. The fertile agricultural land is surrounded by
fine white sand beaches, small coastal sand dunes, and steep red sandstone cliffs. Except for a few hills in the East and middle, the height of other places does not exceed 500 sea level.
At the same time, it takes no more than 15 minutes to drive from the seaside to any place; As for the western region, only Summerside to North Cape is relatively flat.
10McMaster UniversityLocated in Hamilton. McMaster University is known as the “MBA of Canada”. The school has a beautiful environment, with large forests and various wild animals behind it.
McMaster University (McMaster University for short), founded in 1887 with a donation of 900000 Canadian dollars from Canadian Senator William McMaster, is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is a member
of Universitas 21 and the Canada U15 Research University Alliance. In 1930, the main campus was moved from Toronto to Hamilton. The main campus is about an hour’s drive away from Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo, New York,
the U.S. border city.
Since the 20th century, McMahon has become one of the most famous public universities in Canada for its unique innovation and realism. Four Nobel Prize winners have been born at the University. In the evaluation of
Canada’s first-class universities, McMaster University has been praised by McLean magazine as the most creative and innovative institution for years. It pioneered the problem-driven teaching method and affected the whole
North American teaching system.
The university has world-class laboratories and various advanced facilities. It is one of the few universities in North America that have their
own nuclear reactors. The medical school retains some brain samples of Einstein. The school has 73 members
of the Royal Society of Canada, 72 chief
scientists of Canada, and about a 360million Canadian dollars of scientific research funds. In 2018, the per capita scientific research funding of professors was $405300, and the per capita scientific research funding of
students was $81000.
McMaster University has a medical school with strong teachers and scientific research, as well as a first-class business school; the Engineering college is well-known.
11Jasper National ParkJasper National Park is one of the famous
alpine national parks in Canada, and it is also a large
national park in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.
It is located in the
north of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, north of Banff National Park, and
west of Edmonton. There are
many kinds of wild animals and plants growing in
it. It covers an area of 10878 square kilometers. In the park, there are witch Medicine Lake, Patricia and Pyramid Lake, Malin lake, and Malin canyon. The lake water
and mountains complement each other, showing the uncanny beauty
of nature. There is also the Columbia ice sheet glacier, an ancient
and large ice field in the Rocky Mountains, which attracts
people all over the world every year.
12Parliament BuildingThe Capitol is located on Capitol Hill
in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is the symbol of Ottawa and
even Canada. The Capitol is composed of three Gothic buildings, which
are divided into Central District, Eastern District, and
western district. It is the seat of the Canadian government and
Senate at present. The parliament building is the central symbol of Canada.
The Maple Leaf flag flying in the wind on the
bell tower and a series of Gothic buildings with stone and
copper roofs on the Bank of Ottawa River stand resolutely, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of Canada’s famous people.
13Whistler VillageNestled at the foot of Whistler Mountain and
the height mountain, Whistler town has experienced rapid
development relying on its unique geographical advantages in the 50 years
since its establishment. But no one expected
that this small mountain village has now become a world-class ski resort.
The town is the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It has high-quality
champagne snow,
world-class professional skiing facilities, and a top resort with everything
from food, accommodation, shopping, and entertainment.
14 Old MontréalThe old urban area is the main tourist attraction of Mengcheng.
It is an area bounded by berry street and McGill street from east to west, and St. Lawrence River and St. Jack street from north to south.
It is located on the Bank of the St. Lawrence River. Many famous scenic spots
converge here. 300 years ago, it was a busy port, and now it is dominated by tourism. Wandering in the busy harbor entrance of the old urban area, the sightseeing carriage with gorgeous costumes and flowers drovethrough the exquisite French landscape and ancient castles from time to time. The crisp sound of horses’ hoofs sprinkled with bells all the way, stepping out the joy and spring of the streets as if to call back the ancient style of European leisure poetry.
15Fundy BayFundy Bay is located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada, with a northeast-southwest trend. It is famous for its rapidly rising and falling tides. Thanks to the unique topography along the coast, the tide can rise by 21 meters (70 feet),
making it the bay with the highest tide level and the largest tidal range in the
world. Transportation, fishery, and tourism are all developed. There is Fendi National Park with beautiful scenery. St. John, an important port in eastern Canada, is located at the place where the St. John River flows into Fundy Bay.
16Churchill townChurchill is a town in Manitoba, Canada. It is located in Hudson Bay and the estuary of Churchill river. It is famous for polar bears who migrate inland to the coast every autumn. It is for this reason that the town has the reputation of “polar bear capital of the world” and promotes the development of local tourism.
17GastownWhen you come to Gastown, don’t be afraid of being smoked by gas,
because it doesn’t produce gas, and its name comes from the nickname gassy of a bar owner. All the streets of the gas town lead to maple tree square, where a statue of Mr. gas himself stands. The 2-ton steam clock is the most famous scenic spot. Driven by steam, the big clock emits white steam every 15 minutes with the music of the Westminster bell. Jailer’s Mews, built in the 18th century and rebuilt from the first prison in Vancouver, is now an antique and warm little square. In addition, blood alley and Inuit gallery are also famous scenic spots.
18Thousand IslandsThe Thousand Island Lake in Canada is located near Kingston, which is more than 200 kilometers southwest of Ottawa. Kingston is also known as the “water city” because it is located at the junction of the Great Lakes. Long ago, it was a well-known water transportation fortress. A thousand islands of Thousand Island Lake refer to the river section connecting the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, cattered with more than 1800 islands of different sizes, the smaller one is just a reef, and the larger one can reach several square miles. The definition of an island in Qiandao Lake is very interesting. It is said that as long as there are two trees growing on the land above the water, it can be called an island. These islands are scattered all over the St. Lawrence River like stars, just like a fairyland in a fairy tale.
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