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We need to understand its own concept: Geopark is a unique natural area composed of geological relic landscapes with special scientific significance, rare natural attributes, high aesthetic appreciation value, a certain scale and distribution range, and the integration of other natural landscapes and human landscapes. It not only provides people with places for sightseeing, vacation, leisure, health care, and recreation with high scientific grades, but also is a key protection area for geological heritage landscape and ecological environment, and a base for geological science research and popularization.

1Nature Park EisenwurzenAustria
2Ore of the Alps Global Geopark of AustriaAustria
3Huangshan GeoparkCHINA
4Wudalianchi GeoparkCHINA
5Lushan GeoparkCHINA
6Songshan GeoparkCHINA
7Zhangjiajie sandstone Fenglin GeoparkCHINA
8Danxia Mountain GeoparkCHINA
9Shilin GeoparkCHINA
10Reserve Géologique de Haute ProvenceFrance
11Park Naturel Régional du LuberonFrance
12Monts d’Ardeche Global Geopark of FranceFrance
13Nature Park Terra VitaGermany
14Geopark Bergstrasse-OdenwaldGermany
15Vulkaneifel GeoparkGermany
16Geopark Swabian AlbsGermany
17Geopark Harz Braunschweiger Land OstfalenGermany
18Vikos – Aoos GeoparkGreece
19Chelmos – Vouraikos GeoparkGreece
20Petrified Forest of LesvosGreece
21Psiloritis Natural ParkGreece
22Marble Arch Caves and Cuilcagh Mountain ParkBritain
23North Pennines AONB GeoparkBritain
24North Western HighlandsBritain
25Lochaber GeoparkBritain
26Forest Fawr GeoparkBritain
27English Riviera GeoparkBritain
28Geo Mon GeoparkBritain
29Shetland GeoparkBritain
30Madonie Natural ParkItaly
31Keshketeng GeoparkCHINA
32Copper Coast Geopark-Republic of IrelandIreland
33Kanawinka GeoparkAustralia
34Araripe GeoparkBrazil
35Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark of CanadaCanada
36Stonehammer GeoparkCanada
37Odsherred Global Geopark of DenmarkDenmark
38M’Goun Global Geopark of MoroccoMorocco
39Cabo de Gata Natural ParkSpain
40Maestrazgo Cultural ParkSpain
41Subeticas GeoparkSpain
42Sobrarbe GeoparkSpain
43El Hierro Global Geopark of Canary Islands Autonomous Region, SpainSpain
44Molina and Alto Tajo Global Geopark of SpainSpain
45Basque Coast GeoparkSpain
46Hateg Country Dinosaur GeoparkRomania
47Naturtejo GeoparkPortugal
48Arouca GeoparkPortugal
49Lands of Knights Global Geopark of PortugalPortugal
50Gea-Norvegica GeoparkNorway
51Magma GeoparkNorway
52Adamello Brenta GeoparkItaly
53Parco del BeiguaItaly
54Madonie Natural ParkItaly
55Geological and Mining Park of SardiniaItaly
56Rocca Di Cerere GeoparkItaly
57Cilento and Vallo di Diano GeoparkItaly
58Tuscan Mining ParkItaly
59 Novohrad – Nograd geoparkHungary
60Petrified Forest of LesvosGreece
61Psiloritis Natural ParkGreece
62Chelmos – Vouraikos GeoparkGreece
63Vikos – Aoos GeoparkGreece
64Rokua GeoparkFinland
65Bohemian Paradise GeoparkCzekh
66Papuk GeoparkCroatia
67Dong Van Karst Plateau GeoparkVietnam
68Langkawi GeoparkMalaysia 
69Aso Global Geoparkof JapanJapan
70San’in Kaigan GeoparkJapan
71Lake Toya and Mt. UsuJapan
72Oki island Global GeoparkJapan
74Jeju Island GeoparkKorea
75Qeshm GeoparkIran
76Grutas del Palacio Global GeoparkUruguay
77Kula Volcanic Global GeoparkTurkey
78Idrija Global GeoparkSlovenia
79Hondsrug Global GeoparkNetherlands
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