Dangerous cliff trails are so many famous in the world

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1Moher cliff, IrelandIrelandMoher cliff in Ireland is the highest cliff in Europe. Under the cliff is the endless Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding black cliffs look like the sawteeth of monsters, which looks exciting. Moher cliff is one of the higher cliffs in Europe. The highest part of the cliff is more than 200 meters away from sea level, on the edge of the Midwest of Ireland island. Facing the vast Atlantic Ocean, the cliff is famous for its adventure. It spans 214 meters across the Atlantic Ocean and covers 8 kilometers along the west coast. At the same time, the Mohe cliff is also an important seabird habitat in Ireland. More than 30000 seabirds breed there every year. At the same time, many rare plant species grow on the cliff. More cliff is breathtaking. It is formed by the impact of crustal changes and the terrible waves of the Atlantic Ocean for countless years. It is an amazing masterpiece of nature.
2Huashan Changkong plank roadCHINAThe mountain sky plank road is not only popular in China but also attracted many foreign tourists. You can experience the climbing of cliffs here. Although the safety measures are complete, the wanzhang cliff behind you will also make people sweat. The long sky plank road is located on the hillside on the east side of the south peak of Huashan Mountain. It is the first generation of masters of the Huashan Sect. Gao Daohe Zhizhen of the Yuan dynasty built it by inlaying stone nails and wooden rafters on the cliff of Warren to become an immortal far away from the earth. Up and down the plank road are cliffs and cliffs, with iron cables hanging horizontally. The road is made of stones, and the lower part is fixed by stone columns. Tourists come here, face the wall close to their belly, and move breathlessly. The Changkong plank road has a history of more than 700 years, and it is the danger of Huashan dangerous road. Throughout the ages, there has been an endless stream of adventure explorers, including many scholars and celebrities, and many accounts have been handed down.
3Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain glass plank roadCHINAThe glass plank road of Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China, is also famous in the world, with the title of “the road of the sky”. Although the safety measures are very good, the fully transparent glass will also scare people half to death. The whole journey is about 60 meters, with an altitude of 1430 meters. The glass plank road is another daring work built by Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area after the ghost Valley plank road suspended on the cliff, the glass balcony stretched out from the sky and the wooden suspension bridge across the canyon. In order to let tourists see the beautiful scenery through the glass bridge without defects, tourists on the bridge are required to wear shoe covers to keep the glass bridge transparent and clean. The excitement and shock of the glass plank road can be comparable with the world-famous “Sky Road” of the glass corridor of the Grand Canyon in the United States, so it has the reputation of “Sky Road” in the East.
4Malaga King trailSpainThe king’s trail in amaraga, Spain, is called the most dangerous trail in the world. It is located on a 100-meter-high cliff wall and is only 1 meter wide. Although the distance is short, it takes at least half an hour to complete the whole journey. Some people turn around halfway and even faint. It was built from 1901 to 1905 and was originally used by workers shuttling between the hydropower station and gaitanejo waterfall. The plank road is about 1 meter wide and less than 50 cm narrow, which is known as the “global thrilling trail”. One side of the plank road is a cliff, and the other side is a canyon about 100 meters deep. Due to the beautiful scenery and steep canyon in this area, it has attracted many tourists and adventurers. In 1921, Alfonso XIII, king of Spain, stepped on this plank road, hence the name of this place.
5Newport cliff trailAmericaNewport cliff trail is a 5.6-kilometer trail. The official website of Newport cliff trail once posted a warning, “you want to pass through this cliff trail at your own risk”, which shows its danger. However, if you step on the trail, the beauty of the combination of architecture and nature will also be displayed incisively and vividly on this trail.
6Jiankou Great WallCHINAJiankou great wall belongs to a section of the Great Wall. It is located in Huairou District in the suburbs of Beijing, with an altitude of 1141 meters. The mountains here change endlessly, and the shape of the whole section of the Great Wall is also very special, in the shape of the letter W. it is the most dangerous section of the Great Wall.
7Liger mountain single trackIreland The reason why the lig mountain one-man trail can be included in it is that this trail is extremely narrow and can only be passed by one person, and if you slip carelessly, you are likely to fall directly into the sea of more than 600 meters. Liger mountain cliff is located in Donegal County, Ireland. If you want to reach the top of the liger mountain cliff, you need to go through a single footpath that allows only one person at a time. But please be careful. If you slip, you may fall into the sea below from the 609-meter footpath. Therefore, you are advised not to experience bad weather such as heavy fog and strong wind.
8Luohuo CapePuerto RicoCape Rojo, Puerto Rico, is not dangerous from any point of view, but in fact, every place here is “in danger”, because the white line on the edge of the cliff is very fragile, and it is likely to enjoy the beauty one second and be buried in the sea the next. Surrounded by white lime outside the Cape Roho lighthouse, it looks easy to climb, but in fact, it is very fragile, and it will be in danger if you are not careful. There is a warning: this white lime cliff is deceptive. It looks solid, but it’s only a few miles thick and extremely fragile. Therefore, tourists here should be very careful.
9Tianmen Mountain Ghost Valley plank roadCHINATianmen Mountain Ghost Valley plank road is a scenic spot located in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. The plank road of ghost Valley in Tianmen Mountain starts from Yihong pass and ends at xiaotianmen. Ghost Valley plank road is all in the middle of wanzhang cliff. The starting point is Yihong pass, and the endpoint is xiaotianmen. Unlike other plank roads, the whole line of ghost Valley plank road is neither on the top nor on the side of the cliff, but in the middle of the cliff, giving people the feeling of ups and downs with the cliff. Standing on the plank road overlooking the mountains, the ancients’ feeling of “being extremely high and looking at the small mountains” came naturally.
10Karola trailHawaiiThe coastal scenery around the Karola trail attracts many tourists, especially the surrounding volcanic rocks and waterfalls, but if you really want to travel here, you must be careful and take every step steadily, otherwise, you will die without a burial place. Kalala trail this trail has all the typical Hawaiian scenery – coastal scenery, waterfalls, and volcanic rocks. But the 300-foot high cliff is frightening for some people. This trail is not only steep and difficult to climb, but also surrounded by amazing Hawaiian scenery, coast, waterfalls, and volcanic rocks. But people who come to travel need to pay attention to safety, no matter how beautiful the scenery is.
11Norwegian sermon stoneNorwayNorwegian preacher stone is said to be naturally formed. It stands in the mountains, with a vertical altitude of 625 meters. Below it is a breathtaking fjord. Many tourists here dare not close to the edge, and most of them lie prone to enjoy it because it is too dangerous.
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