What is an ice hole? Where is the ice hole?

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1Dobsinska Ice CaveSlovakiaThere are two halls and two ice abysses in the ice cave. There are ice tunnels, tunnels, and ice steps between them, which are connected with each other.
The first hall is 1350 meters long, 600 meters wide, and 110 meters high. It is covered with thick ice and stands with large and small icicles. Illuminated by mercury lamps and colored lights, the ice appears transparent and bright, as if it were a crystal palace.
The second hall is larger, with a natural skating rink in the center. On the ice wall of the hall, due to the intersection of cold and warm air, it condensed into frost flowers. The flower shape was prominent. Under the reflection of color lights, it was like thousands of pear flowers blooming in four seasons.
2Ice caves in the Kamchatka PeninsulaRussiaThis seemingly bizarre ice cave is in Russia’s the Kamchatka Peninsula. This region of Russia is famous for its harsh climate, but it is also the most amazing uncontaminated natural environment. Because the glaciers on the volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula have begun to melt in recent years, the top of this ice cave has become so thin that sunlight can shine through it, and then illuminate the ice structure inside. It is very strange. The surface of the ice cave is surrounded by active volcanoes, which is breathtaking. Ice is so thin that when the sun shines, it flashes multicolor light. The Kamchatka Peninsula is a truly unique and remote place, which is loved by adventurers.
3Fairy tale glacier mithralin’s ice caveSwitzerlandThe ice Pavilion inside the glacier hides ice from thousands of years ago. It is located at an altitude of 3500 m and has an ice sculpture ice gallery. The ice grotto provides an interesting interactive experience. A 70-meter-long tunnel leads to this amazing glacier ice with thousands of years of history – which may be the largest ice Pavilion in the world. The large cave with more than 5500 cubic meters is located at the mittelallalin station of Metro Alpin of the alpine train underground, with an altitude of 3456 meters, which allows you to have an in-depth understanding of the interior of the glacier. Various ice sculptures, alternating exhibitions, and activities make ice caves a real place for adventure.
4Gorner GlacierGolan, SwitzerlandIt is the second largest glacier in the Alps, with some impressive ice caves. These caves were explored by professional teams, but so far, no relevant travel organization has led a group to visit them. You can visit the most popular Gorna glacier. However, the cave is difficult to enter.
5EisriesenweltWilphen, AustriaIt is 42 kilometers long and is the largest ice cave in the world. Eisriesenwelt is an impressive natural limestone and ice cave hidden in the hochkogel mountains in welfin, Austria. The cave, which is deeply loved by tourists, provides exciting attractions. It is one of the most important ice caves in the world. The 26-mile-long dark cave has a total of 1400 steps.
6Mýrdalsjökull Glacier ice holeIcelandMýRdalsj ö Kull glacier, located in the southern highland, is the fourth largest glacier on the island. M ý Rdalsj ö kull is a very humid place, with an annual rainfall of more than 10 meters. Because this area is very humid, when the temperature drops suddenly, in M ý Several surprising ice caves will form near and around rdalsj ö kull. From M ý The floods from rdalsj ö Kull basin triggered several unusual black sand plains. Tourists will often see the clear and impeccable ice layers outlined by sand and ashes in the caves in this area, and the secret ice caves formed in them are absolutely unforgettable.
7Four ice caves in Mount Rainier, USAWashington Cascade MountainsThe four ice caves are located in the Washington Cascade Mountains near Mount Rainier, attracting many tourists. On the hiking trail, tourists can enjoy the unpolluted natural scenery. The caves in the paradise glacier around Mount Rainier are also impressive. There are many ice caves in this area.
8Mendenhall冰川冰洞Juneau, Alaska, USAMendenhall Glacier originates in the southern half of the giant Juno (Juneau) ice sheet beginning in the Boundary (Boundary) mountains, southeast of Alaska.
10Skaftafell ice caveIceland The most famous cave is located within the favorite Skaftafell National Park and is very beautiful. However, after heavy winter rains, the blue ice is visible. It is even said that when the glacier moves a millimeter, a loud sound is heard in the cave.
11VatnajökullIceland,Vatnajokull is the largest glacier in Europe, representing 8% of Iceland’s territory. In 2019, the Watna Glacier National Park, 🎑, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming Iceland’s third World Heritage Site. Centering on the glacier, Iceland established the Watna Glacier, National Park. The most popular and classic outdoor travel projects such as Skaftafell, Glacier Tour, and November to March are all held in Watna Glacier National Park. The Watna Glacier is a vast area of 8,100 km 2; the thickest ice sheet is 1 km, with an average thickness of about 500 meters.
12en thousand years ice holeShanxi Xinzhou City Ningwu County westWannian BingCave in Shanxi Xinzhou City, Shanxi Ningwu County 50 kilometers west of Chunjingwa village, near the tourist line, 2300 meters above sea level. According to the cave experts of the Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this cave was formed in the Cenozoic Quaternary glacial period, about 3 million years ago, so it is named ten thousand years of the ice cave.
13Yunqiu Mountain Ice CaveNing County, Linfen Township, Shanxi ProvinceA rare spectacle of ice holes in the world. Ice caves hidden in the mountains, the cave ice bamboo shoots, icicles, ice cones, ice stalactites, and ice stone flowers can be seen everywhere, crystal clear, beautiful Huan, like a fairyland.
14Giant ice holeAustrian WerfenGiant Ice HolGiant Ice Cave is a natural limestone ice cave in Werfen, Austria, about 40 km south of Salzburg. The highest height of the cave is 65 meters, and the widest place is 350 meters, and the length is an amazing 42km, and the length and height are very considerable, so many Austrian residents call the cave the Giant Ice Cave. As far as maigoo Xiaobian knows, this cave was originally part of the inland river. In the seventh century AD, the second-century earthquake occurred in the lower mountains, and the rocks at the exit of the inland river collapsed, and the cave hole appeared.
15The Mandeho Ice River CaveAlaska, USAMandehe Ice Cave is the world’s natural ice cave and one of the top ten famous ice caves. It is located in the Juno Mandohe Valley, Alaska, United States. It is a karst glacier shaped like a cave formed by the melting of mandehe glacier. Because of the constant movement of the ice and the melting of the ice, coupled with the change of the color of the external light, the view is very different every time. This is very similar to the Blue Ice hole in Iceland.
16Antarctica TunnelAntarcticaAccording to the Daily Mail (Daily Mail), researchers from various British universities and the British Antarctic Survey (British Antarctic Survey, BAS) spotted the tunnel while flying over the ice shed (Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf) in West Antarctica. The Antarctica tunnel is 820 feet (246 meters) high, four times as high as the 213-foot tower bridge in London, and almost matches the 987-foot Eiffel Tower.
17Volcanic ice holeThe Southern Kamchatka Peninsula, RussiaIn Russia’s southern Kamchatka Peninsula, there is a spectacular —— volcanic ice cave, surrounded by thick ice and snow, and the cave is 300 meters long. The formation of the ice cave is mainly because of the geothermal energy released by the volcano, making the hot spring water flows under the glacier, accumulated over time, the water penetrates into the original crater and condenses into the ice cave wonder. At the bottom of the cave is scattered rubble and flowing streams, while the top and two walls are completely ice cubes. When the sunlight shines through the ice into the cave, it will emit colorful light, very beautiful.
18Waithmore Firefly CaveThe Waikato, New ZealandWhitmore firefly wormhole, also known as firefly wormhole and Whitmore cave, is located in the Whitmore cave area of Waikato, New Zealand, and is famous for its underground cave phenomenon. This is a very rare active rock cave. According to maigoo Xiaobian, this cave was formed about 15000 years ago. The original small lake on the mountain of this cave was frozen. Later, due to climate change, the ice and snow gradually receded, flowed into the crack of calcareous rock below, and gradually eroded into a cave. Because the generation age is still young, there is still water in the cave, and the cave is still expanding, so it is called an active rock cave.
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