List of Singapore video sites and learning video TV and radio sites (for reference only)

Yahoo! Singapore-Movies video entertainment news, movie box office revenue, movie schedule, etc.
Sistic concert tickets, sports events, music, and other events, including programs, venues, and online ordering.
New Motion Network entertainment, current news, fashion, technology, videos, celebrity blog links, etc.
Raaga and videos in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. – Global Star News is the most important and authoritative overseas news website, with a third-eye view of Greater China, objective news, and in-depth commentary are the favorite of many readers in the Asia-Pacific region.
New Media Group Website Affiliation Introduction
MEDIACORP (MediaCorp Group), its subsidiaries: MediaCorp TV (Channel 5 – Channel 8 – Channel U – Mobile TV – MDigital – MOBTV), MediaCorp Radio ( 938LIVE – Gold 99 – City Channel…), MediaCorp Media Technology, MediaCorp Newspapers, etc.
MediaCorp TV Channel 8 TV Channel 8 (Channel 8), program listings, film, and TV episodes, artists and events, etc.
Radio Singapore International Chinese Website SingaporeListen to the webcast.
MediaCorp TV Channel 5 TV Channel 5, a 24-hour English language entertainment and information program.
Asia News Channelhttps://www.channelnewsasia.comSingaporeChannel NewsAsia (English: Channel NewsAsia abbreviated as CNA) is a TV channel located in Singapore to cover Asia-Pacific news, started broadcasting on March 1, 1999, covering more than 20 Asian countries and regions, the broadcast language is mainly English, a small number of Chinese.
MediaCorp TV U Channel TV U (Channel U), including the TV schedule, program introduction, program discussion forum, comment box, etc.
Y.E.S. 93.3http://www.yes933.sgSingaporeTop pop music radio stations, chat online, listen to idol interviews and songs, and order a good song.
Power98FM radio station in Singapore, providing the latest pop and entertainment news.
FM 95.8 City Channel Highlights, City News, Online Games, Broadcaster Profile.
UFM 1003 schedule, DJ introduction, interview recordings, etc.
Love 97.2FM’s radio stations, games, and jukeboxes.
Togglehttp://www.toggle.sgSingaporeToggle is MediaCorp’s new online service that redefines watching TV. It goes beyond the TV set, bringing news, entertainment, information, behind-the-scenes stories, and live insights to watch on multiple devices.
lioncity.com is one of the largest Chinese portals in Singapore. The main sections of the website include Lion City Forum, Classified Ads, Floating in Lion City, Property, Album Groups, Games, Rankings, etc. The website also has a highly popular Chinese forum in Singapore.
Singapore Infomap portal with information on Singapore news, weather, maps, people, history, and national icons, as well as jobs, studies, business partnerships, and more. It helps foreign users to understand Singapore.
MSN Singapore Singapore’s website, provides a portal for news, entertainment, shopping, email, and chat services.
Lion City Hotline City Hotline is an Internet site with graphic information, video on demand, feature stories, entertainment news, a virtual community, free resources, and e-commerce. It is Singapore’s Chinese communication community.
Vasantham is a Singaporean free-to-air television channel owned by MediaCorp, a network that primarily targets the country’s Singaporean Indian community.
Okto SingaporeOkto on 5 is channel 5 of New Media, it is a daily children’s program channel that airs daily on Fridays in the morning and afternoon slots.
Suria is a Singaporean free-to-air television channel owned by MediaCorp. Initially, the channel aired popular Malay television series produced by MediaCorp or imported from Malaysia.
Channel U SingaporeChannel U (formerly known as Channel U) is a Singaporean free-to-air television channel owned by MediaCorp. It was launched on 6 May 2001 by Singapore Press Holdings. The channel was transferred to MediaCorp on 1 January 2005.
MediaCorp Channel 8 MediaCorp Channel 8 (Singapore) is a free-to-air Chinese-language TV channel in Singapore.
New Media 5 Channel Media 5 Channel 5 (Singapore) is Singapore’s national 24-hour free-to-air English-language terrestrial radio and television channel.
ViKi is a video streaming website and the company is based in Singapore. The site offers TV shows, movies, and music videos from around the world.
Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) is a Singaporean mass media conglomerate that dominated Singapore’s television and radio broadcasting industry from 1980 to 1994, virtually cornering the market.
Radio Singapore International SingaporeRadio Singapore International (RSI) is the official international radio station of Singapore and the largest international radio station in Singapore.
Power98FM is an English-language radio station in Singapore, offering online listening, the latest pop, and entertainment news.
Singapore New Media SingaporeMediaCorp, also known as MediaCorp, is a commercial media company in Singapore. The company is involved in television, radio broadcasting, interactive media, print publishing, and film production.
New Motion Network Action is Singapore’s No.1 Chinese lifestyle portal for the younger generation, built on the strengths of the MediaCorp Group.
Today Newspaper is the second most widely read free newspaper in Singapore.
Singapore Newsline New Paper (Singapore) is the second largest English language newspaper in Singapore by circulation
United Morning Post Zaobao (United Morning Post) is a Singaporean language newspaper in Chinese with a daily circulation of about 176,000 copies.
Lime is a monthly magazine owned by MediaCorp, targeting a readership focused on news, music, celebrities, entertainment, and lifestyle for young Asians.

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