List of Thai video sites, TV, radio, newspapers and other websites (for reference only)

Showded.comhttp://video.showded.comThailand Thailand video-sharing website.
MthA! Thailand video-sharing website.
Sanook.com Thailand video-sharing website.
Siam Celebrity Newshttp://www.siamdara.comThailand Thailand entertainment news website.
siamzone.comhttp://www.siamzone.comThailand Thailand’s largest video and music entertainment website.
Popcornfor2.com Asian Movie News.
Thailand SF Movie Cityhttp://www.sfcinemacity.comThailand Thailand SF Movie City website, movie venues, movie tickets, movies to watch, and latest movie trailers.
postjunghttp://www.postjung.comThailand Thailand entertainment news website, a variety and entertainment new hot topics, popular video clips, entertainment news, celebrity news, movie reviews, etc.
TeeNee.comhttps://www.teenee.comThailand Thai celebrity entertainment news.
Thailand 3http://www.ch3thailand.comThailand Thailand 3 official website.
Thailand 5 Thailand 5 official website.
Thailand 7 Thailand 7 official website.
Thailand National Televisionhttp://www.nationchannel.comThailand 24-hour news station.
Voice TV Thailand Internet TV, TV news, technology news, international news, business news, economic news, sports news, entertainment news, fashion, music, lifestyle, etc. is a famous portal in Thailand.
MSN Thailand Microsoft officially announced the launch of the MSN Thailand portal on 30 June 2004, thus making Thai the fifth Asian language supported by MSN.
Kapook entertainment portal with sections on games, music, TV, movies, news, women, football, videos, animation, pictures, travel, pets, health, and more.
Thailand Daily News Daily News is known as the “Thai’s own newspaper” and accounts for 35% of Thailand’s newspaper market share, with a current circulation of 750,000 and a readership of around 18 million. The newspaper is produced in Bangkok and distributed throughout Thailand, and every Thai can buy a copy of this newspaper at 7 am.
Thai International Chinese Television International Chinese Television (TCITV) is currently the only television station in Thailand that broadcasts Thai current affairs in Chinese. It was officially launched on May 1, 2011, and its signal can cover more than 20 countries and regions.
Thai National Television Channel (Thailand) is a well-known TV station in Thailand. Most of the website content is in Thai.
Radio Thailand International Thailand International’s transmitting station is located in Udon Province in northeastern Thailand, with a single transmitting power of 250 kilowatts. Radio Thailand International’s programs can be received in most areas of China. Chinese language programs are broadcast from 21:15-21:30 BST on shortwave 41m 7465 kHz.
Thailand National Newspaper Nation (Thailand) is the second-largest English-language newspaper in Thailand. With a readership targeted at the young elite, the newspaper has a wide reach in Thailand with a daily circulation of 70,000 copies. The group’s editor-in-chief and the president are both founders of the Asian Press Alliance.
Thai Thai Ratch Newspaper Rak Thai is Thailand’s largest circulated Thai language daily newspaper in folio, published in Bangkok.
Royal Thai Government Gazette Royal Thai Government Gazette (GG, RG) is a Thai popular magazine and newspaper of record.
The Bangkok Post The Bangkok Post is an English-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand.
Thai Ratch Newspaper Thai Rath is a Thai daily newspaper. It is published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide. The newspaper is best known for its news section, which covers sensational crime and accident reports, as well as Thai political, economic, and social stories. Thai Ratch is Thailand’s best-selling newspaper, claiming a daily circulation of over one million copies.
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