List of Italian video sites, TV, radio, newspapers and other websites (for information only)

Virgiliohttps://video.virgilio.itItalianWatch Virgilio’s videos and share with your friends many videos about current sports, music, and fun and spectacular videos.
ANSA.it latest videos about Italy, the world, sports, soccer, entertainment, economy.
ComingSoonhttp://www.comingsoon.itItalianMovies, news, videos, box office, reviews, TV, music.
FilmTvhttp://www.filmtv.itItalianItalian film site, a comprehensive database of all films, including trailers, actors, photos, reviews, productions, film guides, and TV shows.
MYmovies.ithttps://www.mymovies.itItalianDatabase of all films from 1895 to the present, including reviews, full cast list, production, and duration. Dictionary of film terms, cinema, and television choreography
Italy MTV Music Video News Networkwww.mtv-.itItalianItaly MTV Music Video News Network
Switchover Media  ItalianSwitchover Media (SOM) is the broadcaster of Italian TV channels
Italian Radio and Television Corporation  ItalianItalian Radio and Television Corporation
DiscoRadiowww.discoradio.itItalianDisco Radio is an Italian internet radio station that offers 24-hour music. In addition to music, the website also provides you with information on movies, entertainment, news, environment, climate, events, games, etc.
Online free educational video resource networkwww.twig-world.comItalianOnline free educational video resource network
VideoLectures:a free educational video lecture resource networkvideolectures.netItalianvideo lectures: Free Educational Video Lectures Resource Network is a free open access knowledge base of educational video lectures, providing video lecture resources including MIT OpenCourseWare, Open Yale Courses – Yale University, and more.
Italy wit TV video networkwww.wittytv-.itItalianWittyTv is also a multimedia platform offering video content, previews, backstage, musical performances, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and much more from the “trip” to Maria De Filippi and beyond.
Libero Italian portal with search, blog, video, news, email, and more.
Kata.com famous Italian general portal, the site offers a variety of content such as news, music, blogs, search, videos, horoscopes, sports, and more.
 Tiscali  ItalianTiscali S.p.A. is an Italian telecommunications company based in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Xinhua Times Italy Xinhua Times is the best window to understand Chinese in Italy. It is co-organized by Italy Xinhua Times, Xinhua Media Network, and the General Chamber of Commerce of China. The website includes Italy news, overseas Chinese community news, Italian General Chamber of Commerce of China, Xinhua commentary, video news, etc.
European Chinese Newspaper Chinese Newspaper is a patriotic and overseas Chinese newspaper, founded in 2004 by a group of Italian patriotic Chinese entrepreneurs and Italian friends in a joint venture.
Radio and Television Italia (RAI), the Italian public broadcaster, operates a number of TV and radio stations, is one of the 23 members of the European Broadcasting Union, and is the largest TV network in Italy.
Rome Reporter Rome Reporter is a private, independent international television news agency based in Rome, Italy, specializing in news about the Pope, the Vatican, and religion, and analyzing issues relating to global interests, human development, and emerging trends.
LA STAMPA STAMPA is a very famous Italian Piedmontese daily newspaper, founded in Turin in 1867, which has historically been famous for its weighty political commentary, which is still valued today and is a general newspaper with an international reputation.
La Repubblica Repubblica is a major Italian national newspaper, founded in 1976 and based in Rome, with a daily circulation of around 650,000 copies and, as of 2008, the second largest circulation daily newspaper in Italy, after Corriere Della Sera.
La Gazzetta dello Sport di Milano Gazzetta Dello Sport is one of Europe’s oldest sports newspapers, founded on 3 April 1896, covering a wide range of sports, with football as its main focus, taking up most of the space in each issue, with coverage of the two biggest teams in the city of Milan being the paper’s biggest selling point.
Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associate) Italian newspaper cooperative news agency. It is the abbreviation of the Italian National Newspaper Association, or ANSA in a foreign language, one of the international news agencies.
Italy AGI News Agency’s second-largest news agency, after Ansa, with its head office in Rome. It provides timely, complete, and reliable news and events coverage on business, finance, politics, sports, culture, entertainment, etc. The news agency is part of the Eni Group.
Italian Evening Post of the largest national dailies in Italy in terms of circulation, founded in March 1876 and based in Milan, the newspaper is known for its independent editorial approach and more detailed and accurate international news.
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