List of UK video sites, TV, radio, newspapers and other websites (for information only)

YouTubeUK your favorite videos and music, upload original content and share it with friends, family and the world!
Reuters Video news and business videos.
UK Guardian Video reports, documentaries, Guardian interviews and commentary, the world’s leading liberal voice.
MTV UK Music Video high quality music videos from all your favourite artists, covering all genres, all for free!
msn UK video UK video channel
CNET UK Video Video includes HD streaming and downloadable content, the latest technology news, video commentary, CNET shows and more
Scottish TVwww.stv.tvUKScottish Television (STV) is a television station in Scotland. STV now holds two independent television (ITV) licences, one for the north and one for the center of Scotland, previously held by Grampian Television (now legally known as STV North) and one by Scottish Television (now legally known as STV Central). STV Central is based in Glasgow, while STV North is based in Aberdeen. Scottish Television began broadcasting HDTV in 2010. UTV in Scotland and Northern Ireland has not been broadcasting under the ITV brand
UKThe long-form pay-per-view platform (Distrify) mainly provides access to pay-per-view long-form movies (ad-free versions), in addition to incentivizing users to share videos for a fee, i.e. if a video shared by a publisher brings in new paid purchases, then the video publisher gets a cut from Distrify. Thus, the site is very attractive to the copyright holders of the videos.
UK TV4www.channel4.comUKChannel 4 is a British public broadcasting channel, launched in 1982 and operated by Channel 4, which provides information on current programmes and previews.
Digital Spy news about TV shows, movies, celebrities, games and technology, updated 24 hours a day.
The LAD Biblehttp://www.theladbible.comUKWe focus on providing the best photos and videos as well as interesting articles.
Cineworld Cinemas UK UK’s number one cinema chain. Watch the latest movies, as well as Bollywood films, 3D and digital movies, IMAX, D-box, theatre and opera performances. Contact us for cinema ticket bookings, unlimited cards, meetings or screen hire.
Chortle UK Comedy Guide in 2000, the Chortle UK comedy website features comedy news, comedy reviews, comedian profiles and more. The site serves as a reference for the UK press in the form of an industry website. During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Chortle Comedy website reviewed many shows using the five-star system. In addition, the website creates an annual comedy award.

Daily Star latest news, sport and entertainment from the UK’s most successful newspaper, updated 24/7!
United International Pictureswww.uip.comUKUnited International Pictures (UIP) is a British film company founded in 1981 as a joint venture between Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures, based in London and distributing films outside the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Commonwealth.
BBC Worldwidewww.bbcworldwide.comUKBBC Worldwide Limited (BBC Worldwide) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), reorganized in 1995 by BBC Enterprises (1979-1995) and headquartered in London. America, BBC Lifestyle, etc.
Full Moviewww.totalfilm.comUKTotalfilm is the online version of the UK’s leading film magazine, featuring news, weekly box office statistics, theatrical releases, DVDs, Blu-rays, reviews, premieres, trailers, film clips, feature films, competitions, free monthly UK screenings, forums and more! is a specialized entertainment and cultural television station under the BBC, the largest public media in the UK, mainly providing entertainment and cultural programs, games, TV series, movies, etc. The website language is English
Life teaching videoswww.videojug.comUKThis website is a video teaching website (VIDEO Jug), which provides a platform for users to exchange their life experience by means of visual videos, including health, life, work, finance, entertainment, etiquette and other contents related to life.
Future Movies is a movie website in the UK, which not only provides all kinds of movies, but also has the latest movie previews, great movie reviews, movie blogs, star information, hot movies, great highlights and so on.
ITV in 1954, ITV is the third programme under the Independent Television Commission, the body that hosts and manages commercial television in the UK. ITV features a wide range of home-grown, original regional programmes.
The Scotsman Scotsman is a compact daily newspaper published and distributed in Edinburgh. Founded in 1817, The Scotsman is part of the Johnson Media Group in Scotland and covers news, sport, economics, life, work and more.
The Scottish Sun Scottish Sun is the Scottish version of The Sun newspaper, published in Glasgow and part of News Corporation, covering news from Scotland, the UK and the world, covering politics, economics, sport, society and more.
City A.M. City A.M. (London) is a free business morning newspaper in London, established in 2005, covering news on business, finance and the economy, plus politics, life and sport.
Daily Record Scottish Daily Record is a Glasgow-based daily tabloid newspaper. It was the first newspaper in the UK to introduce computerised typesetting technology, covering breaking news, politics, entertainment, football, health and curiosities in Scotland, the UK and the world.
NEW NATION NATION is the UK’s number one black community newspaper, established in 1996 and published weekly, focusing on sports, social and political issues, in addition to sections on recruitment and entertainment, it has pioneered the development of a black and Asian digital newspaper industry within the UK.
Racing Post Racing Post is a daily newspaper containing all the information on horse racing in the UK. It was established in 1986 to report on the latest racing news, racing results and racer information.
Herald Scotland Herald Scotland is the UK’s “national” authority and one of the world’s oldest continuing English-language newspapers, founded in 1783, providing national and international news, politics, economics, sport, the arts, life and more.
The Art Newspaper in 1983, The Art Newspaper (UK) is the world’s leading art publication, based on a unique concept and vision, tracking the global art world through a diverse range of news, interviews, reviews and debates.
Huawenweekly is the first UK-wide simplified Chinese newspaper. The newspaper adheres to the philosophy of “cultural confidence, from quality reading” and aims to provide overseas Chinese with informative and quality Chinese reading materials.
Bermuda Royal Mail Royal Bermuda Gazette is the island’s only daily newspaper, established in 1828, and is Bermuda’s most in-depth and wide-ranging news organisation, covering the latest local and overseas news, sport, business, life, opinion and more.
The Anglo-Chinese Times British Chinese Times is a free weekly Chinese language newspaper founded by Dr Chan Ming Ming in 2003, bringing a new wind to the Chinese language media in the UK, where traditional Chinese newspapers dominated in traditional Chinese and paid subscriptions, and is the largest weekly Chinese language newspaper in the UK and even the mainstream Chinese language print media in Europe.
Observer Observer, founded in 1791, is the earliest Sunday newspaper in the UK and has long been known for its emphasis on international news coverage. The paper often has some exclusive news, with a large number of block articles, and is quite popular among the upper-middle class intellectuals.
UK National News Agency National News Agency (also known as News Associates) is the UK’s leading multimedia news and information provider, established in 1868 and run by a consortium of four companies – PA News, PA Sport, PA Search and PA Data Design – with an excellent reputation for providing fast, impartial and accurate information.
The Independent newspaper British newspaper The Independent was founded in October 1986 by Andreas Whitem-Smith. The newspaper claims to be politically independent. Founder Whitem-Smith himself was editor-in-chief of the paper and was named ‘Editor-in-Chief’ of the year 1989 by the British television programme ‘Newspaper Digest’.
The Mirror Mirror, founded in 1903, is a major and influential British newspaper. It is a daily popular newspaper of a national nature and publishes news that is generally regarded as reliable and authoritative.
The Daily Mail Daily Mail, founded in 1896, is the earliest modern newspaper in the UK. It is a highly intellectual, popular daily newspaper and belongs to the conservative category of British newspapers.
The Daily Telegraph Daily Telegraph was founded in 1855 and is the largest-selling of the four national ‘premium’ daily newspapers in the UK. It is the mouthpiece of the Conservative Party. The layout is compact and extensive, but its news is shorter than that of the other major national newspapers.
British Sky Broadcasting UK’s largest digital TV pay-TV operator, based in London, formed in 1990 through the merger of Sky TV and British Corporation Satellite Broadcasting. Its website Sky is the leading broadcaster of sports, movies, entertainment and other information.
Evening Times Evening Times (UK) is the best-selling evening newspaper in Scotland, featuring local and international news, sports news, film and entertainment information, etc. Its official website provides various news, digital versions of newspapers, weather, appointments, pictures for sale, job hunting, etc.
The Daily Express British Daily Express is a British national popular newspaper, founded in London in 1900 by Sir Beaverbrook. The newspaper is published in a 4-page format and covers mostly domestic news, but also major international news. The articles in the Daily Express are short, concise and easy to understand, and its readers are mostly from the lower and middle classes.
Financial Times Financial Times is a leading global financial newspaper with over 1.6 million readers in its four print editions in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. The newspaper covers business and financial news and details daily stock and financial commodity prices.
The Sun Sun is one of the highest selling newspapers in the UK, with a daily circulation of 3.2 million copies in late 2004. The newspaper is a small-format daily owned by News Corporation, which is owned by wealthy businessman Keith Rupert Murdoch.
The Guardian Guardian (UK) is the UK’s national general content daily newspaper. It was known as The Manchester Guardian from its inception in 1959, when it was based in Manchester, and moved to the capital, London, in 1964. The Guardian is generally regarded by the public as being left of centre in its political views.
The Times Times is a comprehensive, nationally circulated daily newspaper in the UK, one that exerts a huge influence on politics, economics and culture around the world.
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), founded in 1922, is the largest news broadcaster in the UK and one of the largest in the world.
Reuters economic news, breaking news reports, macroeconomic reports, in-depth analysis, opinion commentaries and lifestyle information from the world’s hotspots.
Future Music UK Magazine Music (UK) is a leading UK audio publication founded in 1992, offering reviews, audio-based news, music equipment profiles, videos and more.
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