List of Grenada news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Grenada.gov is located in the southernmost part of the Windward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, about 160 km south of the Venezuelan coast. It has a tropical maritime climate with an average annual temperature of 26°C. It was originally inhabited by Indians. It was originally inhabited by Indians and declared independence on 7 February 1974, the same year it joined the United Nations.
The Grenada Times Grenada Times is a local weekly newspaper in Grenada. The official website is in English and focuses on news within Grenada and is very current. It has a comprehensive range of sections, is popular with local readers, has a history and influence, and is among the top sellers in the country.
Grenada Tourist Tourist Board provides information on the country’s profile, accommodation and transport, holidays, exhibitions, tourist events, destinations, and more
Music plays plays an important role in the lives of Grenadians. The Grenada Music website introduces Grenada’s music and provides information on local musicians in Grenada from a cultural perspective and is a well-known music website for locals
Gone Viral TV Viral TV is one of the leading commercial television stations in Barbados, keeping up to date with TV programs, providing top news and various online videos, some of which require registered users to view, in English.
CaribVision is one of the most famous TV stations in Barbados. The station was established in 2000 and keeps up to date with TV programs, presenting what’s coming up, times, weather, etc. The website language is English.
Nation News News is a Barbados news website that features the latest local and international political, current affairs, social, sports, and economic news. The news site also features a special section for the Harvest Festival, which is dedicated to the festival. Readers can now subscribe to the newsletter online and it is available in both mobile and web versions.
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