Top 15 list of global current affairs news websites (for reference only)

Name WebsiteIntroduction Forbes’s official website, “Forbes” (Forbes) is an American Forbes Company business magazine. The magazine is published biweekly and is known for its original articles on topics such as finance, industry, investing, and marketing. Forbes also covers the fields of technology, communications, science, and law. Forbes magazine is headquartered in New York City, and its main competitors in the U.S. business magazine category are Fortune and Bloomberg Businessweek. The official website of the Wall Street Journal, the founder of the Wall Street Journal, Charles Dow and Edward Jones, established the Dow Jones Company in 1882, which operated in the financial district of New York City and made its living collecting and extracting business information for its business clients. “At the end of the 19th century, the United States was at the peak of its economic development, and the volume of customers of the Dow Jones Company was expanding. In 1889, the two owners of the company officially launched the newspaper to meet the growing demand for information from the booming business community. Money.cnn.comInformation about finance and current topics. Fortune magazine’s home page with current business and finance news. An online publication that provides consumers with financial data, research, and editorial information on non-investment financial products. on setting up a business, managing money, personal finances, and making the right career move. Daily website reporting on news from a wide and inclusive perspective. Features the DiversityInc Top 50, an annual metrics-driven evaluation of how successful a company is at hiring, developing, and retaining talent inclusive of gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, and disability. USA telecom regulator – responsible for both telecoms and radio/television media. News and information about operations, policies, publications, appeals, and how to help. Includes special reports, questions and answers, and video. Website of the Federal Reserve, with news, speeches and testimony, and other resources. Https://, current data, and other information from the official website of the NYSE Official site of the gadfly of corporations, creator of the film Roger and Me, and the television show The Awful Truth. Includes mailing list, message board, and news. news, stock reports, and business articles are featured. page website from The Wall Street Journal, with commentary and analysis on politics, business, the economy, public policy, and the arts. financial network news page
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