List of Finnish video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationshipIntroduction
Plaza is a famous Finnish general portal with a high number of hits in Finland, featuring current news, health and fashion information, weather information and entertainment and lifestyle information. The portal also has a search engine to provide users with information search services and is available in Finnish.
Somi24.com’s largest integrated social portal and one of the most used websites by Finnish users, founded in 1998. Somi24 offers a wide range of content and services including news, discussions, friendships, photo albums, shopping, chat, email and more.
MTV3 Finland Finland is the first commercial television network in Finland, initially known as MTV mainly on the two YLE channels and renamed MTV3 in 1993. MTV3 has a high rating in Finland and mainly broadcasts news, weather, sports and entertainment programmes.
YLE is the national public radio and television company run by the Finnish government. Founded in 1926 and state-run in 1934, YLE now runs a number of radio and television programmes, each in Finnish and Swedish.
Nelonen is a famous Finnish lifestyle and entertainment TV station, focusing on improving various variety shows, keeping up to date with TV programmes, providing the latest programme schedule, preview programme content, celebrity interviews, online videos, etc. The website language is Finnish.
Suomen Hippos ry Hippos ry is a Finnish television station specialising in horse racing, providing previews of various horse races and expertise related to horse racing, without online video or live streaming of races.
Iltalehti, the third largest newspaper in Finland, was founded in 1980 and belongs to the tabloid category, with a 40% market share. in October 2008, the newspaper’s online website was named the most popular news website in Finland.
Global Times Media Ltd (Gbtimes) Times Media Ltd (Gbtimes), a company that cooperates with local media in many European countries and is largely funded by China. The company is based in Tampere, Finland’s third largest city, and produces news about China under the motto “A third perspective”.
Voice of Finland of Finland is a well-known private television station in Finland, known for broadcasting various current news, social, economic and political issues, providing programme schedules, preview programme content, various news online videos, hot topics tracking, etc. The website language is Finnish.
Aamulehti is one of the top three Finnish-language newspapers in Finland. Founded in 1882, it is based in Tampere and has a daily circulation of 136,726.
Finnish News Agency (STT-Lehtikuva) is Finland’s leading news and photo agency and the largest news agency in Finland, based in Helsinki. In March 2010, STT purchased Lehtikuva and other photo agencies to form the current STT-Lehtikuva.
Finland’s largest circulation newspaper’s largest circulation newspaper and the largest morning paper in the Nordic region, founded in 1904, usually publishes 100 editions a day, including 40 in the news section. The Helsinki News website, which was launched in 1999, features a selection of the best parts of the weekly newspaper.
Turku News  FinnishTurku News is the third largest newspaper in Finland with a seven-day-a-week circulation and a daily readership of 257,000. Turku News has a long history, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2005, and the newspaper is one of the most widely read newspapers in southwest Finland.
Finnish newspaper Lapin Kansa (Lapland Province) Kansa is a morning newspaper published in Lapland, northern Finland, and the largest media outlet in the region. Founded in 1928 and based in the capital Rovaniemi, the newspaper covers national and international news in Finnish and has a neutral political stance.
This is Finlandfinland.fiFinnishThis is Finland is an introduction to Finland for the whole world, providing a fascinating window to all readers interested in Finland, Finnish culture and Finns. Through this window, you can learn about Finland and Finnish society in all its aspects.
Ilta-Sanomat’s largest news media.
Finland Todayhttps://finlandtoday.fiFinnishA groundbreaking, independent English language website for Finnish news.
Good News from Finlandhttps://www.goodnewsfinland.comFinnishGood News from Finland is a news service covering positive and globally interesting companies from Finland, with news topics related to business and innovation.
News Now Finlandhttps://newsnowfinland.fiFinnishIndependent and original news, daily news updates in English, analysis and commentary about Finland.
Daily Finlandhttp://www.dailyfinland.fiFinnishEnglish online daily newspaper from Finland.
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