List of Barbados news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
The Barbados Government website Barbados Government website, in English, contains a country profile and information on the functions of state agencies, government news, residents, and business. Barbados is located in the easternmost part of the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean of North America and has its capital and seat of government in Bridgetown.
Barbados Tourism Authority Barbados Tourism Authority’s main content includes information about Barbados, tourist activities, attractions and entertainment, travel plans, and more.
The Barbados Agitator Barbados Agitator is the second largest domestic daily newspaper in Barbados, founded in 1895 and based in the capital city of Bridgetown. It provides local and international news on politics, business, sports, entertainment, forums, and more.
NATION NEWS News is a Barbados news website that features the latest local and international political, current affairs, social, sports, and economic news. The news site also features a special section for the Harvest Festival, which is dedicated to the festival. Readers can now subscribe to the newsletter online and it is available in both mobile and web versions.
CARIBBEAN WORLD TRAVEL SERVICES World Travel Services is a large travel services group based in Barbados with branches throughout the Caribbean. The group offers the following services: car hire, travel advice, expedition trips, coastal adventure tours, hotel accommodation, Caribbean tours, tropical weddings, and more.
CARIB VISION is one of the most famous TV stations in Barbados. The station was established in 2000 and keeps up to date with TV programs, presenting what’s coming up, times, weather, etc. The website language is English.
Gone Viral TV Viral TV is one of the leading commercial television stations in Barbados, keeping up to date with TV programs, providing topical news and various online videos, some of which require registered users to view, in English.
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