2022 Recommended five American TV dramas (I). There is always one suitable for you. It is recommended to collect it.

The first one, “Man Vs Bee”, a new film by Bean, is as funny as ever and worth watching. In 2022, the TV series starring Rowan Atkinson and the comedy “Man Comes to the Bee” directed by David Cole and starring Rowan Atkinson and India Fowler will be broadcast on the Netflix platform on June 24, 2022. Trevor, a cute but clumsy father, has found a new job: looking after luxury houses. The mansion is full of priceless works of art, a classic car, and a cute dog named “Cupcake”. But when a bee suddenly breaks in, can Trevor control everything, or will their fierce competition lead to more and more serious consequences? What irreparable losses will be caused in this process?

The second part is She-Hulk. Jennifer Susan Walters, also known as She-Hulk, is a superhero under American Marvel Comics. She made her debut in the first issue of Savage She-Hulk (February 1980), the first part of the first part, which was jointly created by Stan Lee and John Buscema. He was originally a criminal lawyer because the case he took over involved a gang. The gang shot and killed her in order to prevent her from defending herself in court. Jennifer was badly injured and needed a blood transfusion, but because of the ischemia in the hospital blood bank, he had to accept the blood of Dr. Bruce Banner. Later, Jennifer’s DNA mutated and became She-Hulk.

The third part, MoonKnight, is a superhero under Marvel Comics. It first appeared in the 32nd issue of Werewolf by Night (August 1975). Marc Spector, originally a mercenary, was seriously injured by his employer Raul Bushman when he was performing a mission in Egypt. Mark, who was dying, came to an ancient tomb and swallowed his last breath. However, at this time, the statue beside him came to life. The Egyptian myth moon god Khonsu revived him, making him his agent on earth, Later, Mark brought the statue back to the United States, started the heroic career of the Moonlight Knight, and joined the Avengers Alliance and other superhero teams

The fourth part, The Boys, is a comic book screenwriter released by Amazon Studio. The first season of the play was launched on Prime Video in the United States on July 26, 2019; The second season will be premiered on September 4, 2020; The third season will premiere on June 3, 2022.

The play tells the story of a group of spontaneously formed “pickets” who fight to the death with the evil superpowers of Walter International in order to prevent the hypocritical corrupt “superheroes” from abusing their superpowers to harm the world.

.The fifth part is “Ms. Marvel”. “Amazing Girl” is a new Marvel play directed by Adil El Abi, Bilal Farah, Mira Menon, Sammy Obed Chinoy, and starred by Iman Welland, Matt Linz, Yasmin Fletcher, Zenobiya Chernov, Mohan Kapoor, and Sagar Sheikh. The play will be broadcast on June 8, 2022.

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