How much do you know about Vanuatu, the most popular tourist attraction?

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1Hideaway IslandThe exile island (also called Hedwig Island) is only half an hour’s drive from the center of Port Vila. This island is a coral reserve and a snorkeling resort. The only underwater post office in the world is here. The underwater post office is about 50 meters away from the shore.
At a depth of 3 meters, there is no need for diving equipment, just take a face mirror and a breathing tube. The coast is white coral, very unique. It’s easy to snorkel here, and you can see all kinds of tropical fish everywhere. Hedwig Hotel on the island is a hotel with simple and basic facilities and general accommodation conditions. The food is simple and light, but also very delicious.
2Mele Cascade WaterfallsMele Cascade Waterfall Park is located in Port Vila, and you can wade or walk to the waterfall. You can participate in the waterfall falling project here. After the training in landing safety operations by specially assigned personnel, first, climb to the top of the waterfall by land, then tie the safety landing rope, and then control the landing rope to fall from the top of the waterfall, which is very exciting, novel, and fun.
3Espiritu SantoLondon Beach, located on the east of the island, and Champagne Beach nearby have fascinating scenery. The clear sea water and fine soft sand make you linger. Don’t forget to bring snorkeling equipment to explore the beautiful glass-like shallow sea world. You can also bring food tablecloths and have an island picnic with the sea breeze.
On the way to the above two beaches, you will enjoy the clear blue holes, which are covered by tropical rainforests and are good places for swimming or diving. In addition, the surrounding trees are dense, the environment is very fresh, and there is no lack of adventure and fun in the elegant, so many romantic couples come here to experience.
Mount Yasur
Mt Yasur, the Jesus volcano on Tanna Island, is an active volcano that has erupted for hundreds of years. It erupts every day for 365 days a year. Because the direction of magma eruption is generally vertical, it generally does not hurt people. It is a lifetime experience to stand in the crater and experience the spectacular shock of a volcanic eruption.
5Blue Lagoon Swimming HoleBlue Lake is a classic natural scenic spot on Effat Island. Tourists can enjoy the natural blue inland lake here. Because of the gift of nature, the lake is not the common green, but the attractive blue. If you dare to take risks, you can also try diving into the lake.
6Ekasup VillageEkasup Village, the most representative indigenous cultural village on Efate Island, is the best place to fully understand and deepen the magic and ancient Melia culture. The warriors in their original costumes ambush in the tropical jungle with bows, swords, and spears to welcome tourists, and then led by the headman with feathers, hoops, and cart sticks, they walk through the tree hole to their low hut village.
After a celebration ceremony, the chief will show everyone their daily lifestyle and some skills, their way of hunting and food storage that has lasted for hundreds of years, And how to make herbs from local unique plants. The villagers’ singing and dancing performances full of aboriginal customs are very unique. Of course, there are eye-catching performances of stepping on flint.
7TannaTanna Island is the most mysterious outer island of Vanuatu, where there is the only active volcano in the world that can be viewed from a close distance – Isul volcano; There are also many primitive tribes living here, living in the way we have only seen in books or movies.
The nude tribe is the tribe that maintains the most primitive ecology on Vanuatu Tana Island. Male villagers only use a straw to wrap their genitals, and female villagers only wear a straw skirts, so they are called the “Nude tribe”. “Luha” means “hello” in the tribal language. When you go to Vanuatu, you must go to Tana Island to have a look and feel the different national styles.
8Volcano isurLocated on Tana Island, Vanuatu Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean, Isul volcano has a 1300-foot wide (about 396 meters) circular crater, which has erupted continuously for several centuries and can erupt several times an hour when volcanic activity is most intensive.
Because of perennial eruptions, it is used as a “beacon” in the Pacific Ocean by pilots and sailors. This volcano is 1184 feet high (about 361 meters), but most of the lava ejected from it rises and falls straight, rarely escapes obliquely, and generally does not hurt tourists. Therefore, it is known as the “closest active volcano” in the world.
9Underwater post officeYou must go to the only underwater post office in the world. In a natural ocean park, the underwater post office of Vanuatu Post Palace is located 3 meters below sea level. Its appearance looks like a giant soda can at the bottom of the sea. It is 35 meters away from the beach of Port Vila. Every year, more than 50000 tourists come here to dive.
You can mail waterproof postcards here, and the salesperson will stamp your postcards. Instead of using traditional ink to cancel stamps, it uses embossed date stamps to print special embossed marks, indicating that the postcard has been sent. When you mail postcards, you can also enjoy the most fascinating underwater animals and plants in the world.
10Port-vilaVila Port is the capital of Vanuatu, with an international airport and port. It is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. It is also the location of the business center, food center, and tourism center. It is far away from the noisy world and combines the original Melanesian culture and the century-old British French colonial tradition. It is a leisurely but vibrant tropical paradise. There are not only beautiful beaches, clear sea water, colorful corals, and tropical fish, but also rainforests, waterfalls, clear blue lagoons, and the world’s unique undersea post office.
The best choice to visit the downtown area in Port Vila is the local bus. There is no fixed time point and route for the bus, so it can stop at once. Get on the bus and tell the driver where you want to go. The ticket price is generally between 100 Watts and 200 Watts per person. You can go to the local market in the city center to enjoy the daily life of local people.
The colorful tropical flowers sold in the market are very beautiful. A lot of them cost only a few yuan. I bought one and inserted it in the hotel room. It is famous for its coconuts. There are fresh coconuts in roadside stores. They are refreshing and delicious, and cheaper than buying a bottle of water. There are many kinds of foreign wines in the duty-free shops in the city, which are very cheap.
There are many grocery stores and building materials stores opened by Chinese people in Port Vila. The local people like Chinese people very much because the Chinese government has helped the country a lot. The hospitals, schools, and stadiums were built with the help of the Chinese people. Port Vila is the base of each island. If you jump to the island, the planes flying to the island are usually small planes, with limited luggage available, so you can deposit large luggage in Port Vila.
11Millenium CaveMillennium Cave is a very challenging journey. This cave is the largest cave in Vanuatu, which can only be reached by walking through the tropical primitive rain forest, running through the Trent river, climbing over mossy rocks, and passing through the waterfall. If you are a real challenger, don’t miss this scenic spot. There are many mosquitoes in the tropical rainforest, so we must spray them to prevent mosquitoes. Anti-slip waterproof shoes suitable for hiking are the best, and anti-slip climbing gloves are also very useful.
The cave is wet and slippery. It is basically a wading road. Because of the lack of light, it is easy to cause visual errors when you use a flashlight to shine on the light in the water. You cannot correctly estimate the distance between the stones in the water and the water surface, so it is still easy to sprain your feet. Besides, the walls around are very smooth, which makes it difficult to control. My friend told me that the reason why the walls are smooth is that they are all bat dung!
12Fatumaru BayWhen you pass by around the island, you can enjoy the local characteristics.
13Pentecost IslandPentecost Island is located north of Port Vila and is covered by dense tropical rainforests. Most islanders live in small villages and live primitive life of self-sufficiency. Many places on the island are not affected by modern culture, and tribal culture and beliefs are the main part.
Pentecost Island is famous for Tanggal (land diving), the ‘ancestor’ of modern bungee jumping, also known as land bungee jumping. This is the rite of passage for local boys and the celebration of the Grain Festival, which is held every Saturday from April to June every year.
14Lelepa IslandLalapa Island is about 30 minutes away from Port Vila and is located in Havana Bay. The scenery along the way is charming. You can overlook many small islands in Vanuatu from the top of the mountain. After taking the ferry to the island, first, explore the mysterious cave on the island.
The cave is about 20 meters deep. The guide will go into the cave in advance and light candles along the way. The local people say that this was the base of the original cannibals. When the hurricane hit in 2015, the people on the island were still taking refuge there. There are many bats on the top of the cave.
Opposite Yandongkou is a quiet and beautiful beach, which is very suitable for snorkeling. Villagers built sheds and toilets on the beach. There is a hammock tied between the coconuts on the bank. After snorkeling, I lie in it and wonder. Lunch is a barbecue and rich tropical fruits prepared by local villagers.
15Champagne BeachChampagne Beach is located on the east coast of Santo Island. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Luganville.
Champagne Beach is worthy of its name, except that the whole bay is shaped like an old champagne cup. When the tide ebbs, the sound of gas released by volcanic rocks on the sea floor is like the sound of bubbles of champagne. Sitting under the coconuts on the coast, the pure white silty sand beach and crystal clear sea water are dazed, playing with the water, and maybe you can see sea turtles.
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