Do you have any plans to take a trip to Guam? Scenic spot selection.

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1Guam MuseumThe shape of the Guam Museum is like an open book, and the architecture is very distinctive.
The museum shows the history and culture of Guam, as well as some interactive experiences, which are very interesting.
Guam Museum is directly opposite Spanish Square. There are many scenic spots nearby, so there are many tourists here, especially Japanese and Korean tourists. You can hear Japanese and Korean when you walk into the crowd!
The gate of the Guam Museum is very grand at first sight. The contents of the museum are about the history of Guam, including the events in Guam during World War II. People feel that it is worth visiting.
2Tumon BayTumon Bay is a bay about 4 kilometers long in the west of Guam. There are many hotels on the sea. The catering and shopping facilities are very complete.
It is even more lively at night, with various entertainment activities and colorful nightlife.
The water in Tumeng Bay is clear and bottoming out,
which is very suitable for snorkeling. At the shoal, you can see all kinds of beautiful tropical fish, colorful, swimming freely. The coastline of Tumon Bay is about 5-10km from Guam Airport, but the taxi fare is very expensive. It is recommended that tourists make an appointment to pick up the plane in advance, or rent a car in advance and drive back to the hotel.
Hotels and tourists are concentrated in this line, and you can walk along the beach. The scenery is very beautiful. There are several public beach parks, and the private beach of the hotel can also be played. There is a beach park in the northernmost JAL Hotel. The scenery is beautiful, but the wind and waves are strong. The beach of the Hilton Hotel at the southernmost is suitable for snorkeling and fish watching. There seem to be not so many fish in other places. Many hotels have wedding churches, which are worth taking pictures of.
3Two Lovers PointLover’s Cliff, also known as Lover’s Point, is located in the northern part of Guam. It is said that a couple of lovers once committed suicide because their family objected to their marriage. Now it is a scenic spot with beautiful scenery.
Lover’s Cliff Park
Lover’s Cliff is divided into two parts. One part is Lover’s, Cliff Park. At the entrance of the park is a heart-shaped flower bed, which is a popular place for many lovers to take photos. About that beautiful love story, you can see it in the form of five stone tablets painted on the Lover’s Cliff. The stone tablet is in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. At night, there will be lights on the stone tablet, which has a special flavor.
Observation deck
There is a bell on the Lover’s Cliff. It is said that lovers can love each other forever as long as they ring the bell together here. The other part is the famous viewing platform.
4Micronesia Aviation System Inc GuamThis is Guam’s unique air outdoor activity company. Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you will fly a small plane in person and feel the fun of being an airplane instructor! There are driving packages with different degrees of difficulty, which can meet the needs of different flight enthusiasts.
5Crystal ChapelThe Crystal Cathedral, built in 2004, is located north of Tumon Bay and in the JAL Hotel. The whole of Tumon Bay can be viewed from the south. The church is clean and transparent and is loved by newcomers.   
Inside and outside the church
The appearance of the church adopts a Gothic architectural style. The sunlight shines into the church with white as the keynote through transparent blue stained glass. The blue and white reflect each other, and the glass sets off each other, so it is named Crystal Church.
The facilities in the church are mostly white. The white piano, the white wooden guest chair, and the transparent glass ceremonial platform set off beautiful flowers. Through the glass, there is a beautiful sea. All the good things in the world are witnessed by love.
6The Rainbow ChapelGuam Rainbow Church, also known as the “Church of the Sea”, is located in Guam PIC Pacific Resort. The overall design element of the church is water. The exterior base and interior are all pure white. With rainbow-colored glass, the whole church looks like a rainbow floating on the water.
Internal settings
This church was built only in September 2006. The interior of the church is designed with transparent glass ceremonial tables and candlesticks.
The white guest chairs and red flowers on the back of the chairs make people feel happy. Facing the boundless sea and clear sky, the newlyweds asked the pastor and the beautiful scenery to witness the eternal love and record the beautiful moment of life.
7Taotao Tasi the Beach BBQ Dinner ShowThe Guam Seaside Show has a 150-foot stage. The ticket price includes buffet food, including fresh salad, BBQ beef, seafood, and various desserts. Tao Tao Tasi’s seaside show is characterized by more than 30 dancers in gorgeous costumes.
Tao Tao Tasi is a sea view live show+seaside BBQ restaurant.
Founded in 2015, it is located next to the JAL Hotel in Tumon District. With its unique and superior geographical location, it has been loved by tourists and local people since its opening. Adjacent to The Beach Restaurant Bar.
8Fish Eye Marine Park (Visitor Center)Located in Pity Bay, Fish Eye Ocean Park is a scenic spot with a very good environment in Guam. There are more than 200 kinds of fish and other marine life in the park. It has been designated as a marine biological protection area, with clear water quality and calm waves. It is very suitable for snorkeling, diving, underwater walking, and other water activities.
9Underwater WorldGuam’s Underwater World Aquarium has a 122-meter-long tunnel aquarium, which is the longest aquarium in the world. The aquarium tries to simulate the real underwater world. In addition to colorful fish, it also places the remains of fake planes and sunken ships, which is very realistic.
Undersea tunnel
The design of the tunnel is to allow fish to swim above and left and right through the high-pressure glass. There are rich and beautiful fish and coral reefs under the sea. When people cross the aisle, they seem to walk on the sea floor.
The underwater scenery simulated by the aquarium is very lifelike, especially the wreckage of airplanes and sunken ships, which makes people feel like walking in the water to visit them, but they don’t feel the pressure brought by the water at all. People touch the glass as if they could touch fish.
10Blue Aster ChapelHappy Blue Star Church is located next to Tumon Bay, Guam, overlooking the Philippine Sea, just like a pearl on the sea.
It was officially opened in December 2006. The church is 15 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the wedding company. The church can accommodate 30-40 people.
The appearance of the church is of Greek architectural style. It is built into a Greek romantic church with the blue and white tone of Love Sea. With its pyramid-like shape, it looks like a sailing boat with sails, which symbolizes the new people’s official sailing for the new life. The light and shadow formed by the geometric blue glass on the water surface are stacked, which is particularly attractive. The night scene and the light reflection make the illusion effect more obvious.
The interior of the Happy Blue Star Church is simple and grand. The holy road is 12 meters long and is paved with white marble. Brilliant sunshine is scattered on the newlyweds through the transparent glass windows, which adds an aura to the wedding ceremony.
The wedding dress will also look very different. On the same floor of the church where the wedding is held, there is also a banquet hall and a VIP room, where other guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky. During the whole wedding process, there can also be pipe organ playing and singing in chorus by two people. This beautiful music can produce the touching movement of new people and guests.
11Pacific Islands ClubPIC Pacific Club is located in Tumon Bay, covering an area of 22 acres, with nearly 800 rooms, more than 70 kinds of activities and facilities, and 7 restaurants offering various kinds of food around the world.
The big difference between PIC Pacific Resort and general hotels is that there are Club Mates from all over the world in PIC, who enthusiastically lead everyone to participate in various interesting activities with sunny smiles, leaving you a memorable holiday memory.
The whole PIC Pacific Resort can be roughly divided into four areas: play area, food area, SPA leisure area, and accommodation area. The play area is a water park with the design concept of tropical rainforest as the theme, including several skating channels, swimming pools, 50000 square meters of windsurfing practice pool, and a mermaid pool.
In the food area, there are Chamorro dance dinner shows, sunset barbecues, Japanese cuisine, Italian food, etc. The SPA leisure area is equipped with the world-famous Mandara Spa, which has Swedish, Bali, Thai, and other massage techniques so that people can relax and enjoy a good mood. The accommodation area is composed of two buildings, which is the largest hotel in Guam. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful seascape of Tumon Bay without leaving home.
12White Arrow ChapelThe white-wing church has a 270-degree sea view and transparent glass, which can provide a panoramic view of the blue sky and sea.
The interior of the pure white church is added with fashionable texture, and what is more surprising is that when the ceremony is over and the new couple steps out of the church, the white feathers representing the angels slowly fall down, giving the new couple lofty blessings. The church can hold 50 people.
13Ritidian PointRattigan Beach is located in the north corner of Guam, which is quiet and peaceful. At the same time, it is also a wildlife conservation area of Guam and close to the military base. If you come here to travel, it is recommended to be accompanied by a local guide to avoid entering the forbidden area by mistake.
The sea temperature here is between 21-32 degrees Celsius all year round, and the water quality is clear. If you are fully equipped, it is very suitable for snorkeling. However, if you are not fully equipped, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to go into the water.
14The Ride Ducks GuamVisit Guam by the waterborne amphibious vehicle The Ride Ducks and experience different landscapes on land and water. The duck is both a bus and a boat. You can enjoy it in an amphibious vehicle and have a unique trip to Guam.
An exciting, unique land and sea view adventure. It drives like a bus, then goes straight into the sea and floats! This trip is very safe! It is a brand new ship and looks like a World War II landing craft!
It feels like riding in Disney World. An interesting tour starts from Tumon Center and passes through the historic Hagatna, where you can see the new museum, cathedral, Asan WWII Park, governor’s office, boat basin, and harbor.
The trip was very interesting, interesting and instructive. The multilingual audio system in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. A strange, funny, crazy ride is cheap and fun for the whole family. Adults and children can even sailboat.
15St. Probus Holy ChapelLocated on the hill at the western end of the Hilton Hotel, St. Paul’s Basilica is a primitive and rustic church on Guam, which combines logs and marble.
Walking through the egg-shaped gate symbolizing the beginning of a new life and on the holy road dotted with 10000 goose-yellow roses, the holy wedding is romantic. Standing in front of the altar in the shape of the imitation of Guam’s historic site “Lati Stone”, you can see the famous scenic spot Lover’s Point on the other side of the coast and the endless blue sea in the distance.
Because the gate is designed as a giant “egg”, which is similar to the “birthday”, it is very popular with new people who want to have a baby early. A total of 60 guests can watch the ceremony together.
It is worth mentioning that the traditional red carpet in the church has been abandoned and the glass walkway with yellow roses has been replaced, making the whole wedding full of warm ocean wind.
The church of St. Paul’s Pass is looking across the sea from the Lover’s Cliff. Imagine the long-spread love story, which conveys the loyalty of love. After the wedding, the newlyweds can also go to the beach to take photos.
The blue sea, the pink mood of the newlyweds, and the pure white sand on the shore are really beautiful pictures!
16Skydive GuamSkydive Guam office is located in the airport. After the participants fill in the form, the staff will first explain the matters needing attention in skydiving, and then they can board the plane one-on-one with the coach.
The standard height of skydiving is 10000 feet, and participants can also choose 12000 or 14000 feet higher for extra money.
However, skydiving is always a high-risk activity, and heart patients are not recommended to participate.
17Coco Palm Garden BeachThe beach is located in the north of Guam. As it is a toll beach, there are few tourists, so you can book a one-day tour. The road to the beach is rugged, but the water here is clear and the sand is fine. This place is very suitable for snorkeling.
18Piti Bomb Holes PreserveGuam is a quiet place with few tourists. The nature reserve is particularly quiet, and the ecology is very good. All kinds of plants and animals live together harmoniously, which is very relaxing. If you have the opportunity to come to Guam, I think it should be the place you want to experience. It’s really beautiful.
This is a famous air raid shelter in Guam. Because it is very large, many facilities have been built in it, and there is also a beautiful hotel.
19Gun Beach DivingThis is a small beach north of Tumon Bay. It is a good place for snorkeling and watching the sunrise of Tumon Bay. There are many volleyball fans here in the daytime, and in the evening, it becomes a beach club.
20Fai Fai BeachThis is a beautiful beach with beautiful scenery and isolation. On Guam in the western Pacific Ocean, few tourists want to visit. Apart from occasional local people playing in the water, there are few people to see, just like a paradise. Do you live in Tumon Bay? You can walk or drive along the north end of Tumon Bay Beach to the next beach, Gun Beach. You can park your car there, walk or swim to the next stop in the north, and then you will find this beautiful and hidden beach, which is only a few minutes away from the downtown of Tumon Bay. Swimming outside the coral reef can see the spectacular blue sea, which is very suitable for swimming or diving. If you go further north, it is Lover’s Point. You can see the lookout on the cliff above your head.
21Agana Bay Sunset CruiseHow can Guam’s evening entertainment be less than the sunset cruise dinner on Guam? At dusk, when the sun sets, the cruise ship departs from Apra Harbor to experience the beauty of Guam while enjoying delicious food: Chamorro red rice, braised chicken wings, barbecue, Japanese buckwheat noodles, lobster, smoked salmon, ice cream, fresh tropical fruits, etc! Enjoy the perfect food, as well as the impromptu orchestra, which will definitely keep you high all night.
22Del’Anello ChapelThe church is located in Leo Palace Resort, and the corresponding facilities are also quite powerful.
This is a crystal church – Del’Anello Chapel, also known as Leo Palace Resort Chapel. Del’Anello is Italian for rings, and Spanish for hope; The reason why the church is named is that the 12-meter-high arch design seems to be like a beautiful wedding ring, bringing happiness to new people. Another design of the church is the transparent curtain glass, which absorbs all the outdoor light and makes the 2200 Swarovski crystals in the church crystal clear. In addition to the holy atmosphere, this married couple also enjoys a moment of luxury and romance. Some people say that the church is beautiful in the afternoon, while others say that it is beautiful in the evening. Different people appreciate its different beauty. Only those who come here can know which is not suitable for you. Del’Anello Chapel stands by the lake. The 12-meter-high arched dome makes her look beautiful. After entering the church, you can see thousands of Swarovski crystals of different sizes hanging from the ceiling. In the daytime, under the sunlight and the refraction of seawater, the church is constantly shining with different colors. The whole church is based on white, with white exterior walls and white interior walls. The walls are inlaid with blue and white glass windows, which look like a crystal palace. On both sides of the seat, there are white roses, which, of course, have been specially treated and are
always bright. The Church is about 30 minutes drive from the airport.
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