What are the tourist attractions in Antigua and Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda is a former British colony in the Eastern Caribbean, with the most intoxicating beaches in the world. Antigua attracts most tourists. Shopping, museums and historic buildings are the main attractions there. The island retains its history as a strategic naval port, and animal lovers can swim with friendly stingrays. The total population of peaceful Barbuda is less than 2%. Recluse seekers and nature lovers cherish tranquility, while birds like the legendary frigate reserve. Both islands have water sports; Diving, swimming, fishing, sailing, and windsurfing are all popular. Golf lovers can find several scenic courses in Antigua.

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1St. Johns HarbourSt. John’s is the capital and largest city of Antigua and Barbuda. On its horizon stands the magnificent baroque white tower of St. john’s cathedral. The church was founded in 1845. Half of the tourists who visit the island every year think that the tower is the first impression of Antigua, and many of them came by boat. With the completion of the cruise terminal on the island and the completion of some hotels, St. John has now become an active shopping and catering center. Tourists interested in the early history of the island can visit the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda located in the Colonial Court (1750), which displays Arawak artifacts and colonial handicrafts – all of which are derived from archaeological discoveries on the island. At the same time, there is also a thought-provoking Arawa house and a replica of the sugar plantation in the museum, which is the size of a real object. Be sure to visit the active farmers’ market in the south of the city on Friday and Saturday morning. Folk crafts, various delicious tropical fruits, and bustling crowds will certainly make this morning fresh.
2Shirley HeightsIt was named after general Shirley, the ruler of Leeward Islands in the late 18th century. The scattered fort and military buildings are famous for their breathtaking scenery. Not far away is the location of the cemetery, where an Obelisk tower was built to commemorate the soldiers of the 54th regiment. On the high point, you can see the beautiful scenery of the English harbor in the distance. On Sunday afternoon, people have picnics and barbecues here, enjoy drinking, and the performance of a steel drum band and melodious reggae music show a lively scene.
The high point is also a good place to watch the sunset. The car goes up along the mountain road, divided into two forks, leading to two high points with different scenery. One can see the same scenery of the sea and the sky, which makes you fully feel small; Another place overlooks the crocodile-shaped island below and the British port full of boats. Every Sunday evening, there is also a bonfire party. In addition to enjoying a free authentic local drink, you can also enjoy the singing and dancing of black boys and girls and the “fire-spitting” performance.
3Harmony Hall Art GalleryThe harmony Hall Art Gallery, located on brown’s Bay in Nonsuch Bay, is the art center of Antigua. In 1980, Annabella proudrauk and a group of friends spent a year restoring this Methodist pastor’s house in the mid-19th century to its original grandeur, and the gallery won international praise.
There are 100 representative artists and artisans here, but the highlights of each year are the Antigua artist’s exhibition and craft fair held in November. The sugar factory next to the Taihe hall has been converted into a bar, where customers can see the best all-around scenery of the island and, of course, the beauty of Nonsuch Bay. In such a quiet atmosphere and landmark building, everyone is welcome to enjoy visual arts and delicious food here.
4English HarbourEnglish harbor is a famous and beautiful area in the history of Antigua island. It is located on 15 square miles of nelson’s dockyard National Park at the southernmost tip of Antigua island.
Nowadays, the Nelson shipyard has been completely repaired, and it is the only Georgian-era shipyard in the world. The former residence was built as the residence of the later King William IV of England (1765-1837), who was the captain of the H.M.S. Pegasus and served in Nelson at that time. The scenic spots farther away from the harbor are Shirley heights, dow’s Hill interpretation center, etc. all the above places and the beaches with convenient transportation in the park will be particularly popular during a sailing week.
5Antigua Nelson Dock National ParkOne of Antigua’s most popular tourist attractions, Nelson dock National Park, located in the British seaport, is Antigua’s pre-18th century British naval dock (listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in July 2016), as well as the location of restored historical buildings and some of the best natural footpaths on the island. Nelson’s dock is the only Georgian dock in the world that continues to operate. The restored pier, with beautiful old stone warehouses, includes hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums. Both the Admiral’s residence Museum and the shipyard Museum trace the history of the site from the 17th century to the present.
After visiting the dock, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole island from the ruins of Fort Shirley. Fort Shirley is located on the top of Shirley heights, or Fort Berkeley, at the west entrance of the port. There is also a Clarence House built in the 18th century, which was originally built for the future King William IV, and the hill interpretation center, built along the lookout trail near Shirley heights.
6JamesburgJamesburg (1706-mid-19th century) is probably the most impressive building in Antigua because all the cannons are still left on the fort.
Around 1703, St. John’s developed rapidly, surpassing Falmouth and Parham, so people strengthened the defense of the harbor at its northern entrance. In 1739, witnessed by all Freemasons, the cornerstone of this still-standing castle was laid, and this historical stone is still visible at the east corner. In later history, the inscriptions on the stone were almost destroyed by some malicious treasure hunters, because they hoped to find treasure behind this cornerstone.
7Half Moon BayLocated at the southeast end of Antigua, the tranquil half-moon bay is surrounded by one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. This idyllic crescent-shaped white sand and blue sea protect the coral reef. Behind it are natural plants, which provide excellent snorkeling on calm days. Surfing can be rough when the wind blows. The small restaurant serves snacks just beside the beach. Please note that beaches are hard to find, so GPS will come in handy.
8Stingray City, AntiguaIf you are afraid of stingrays all your life, then this interesting face-to-face adventure of taking a five-minute speedboat on the east coast of Antigua should eliminate these fears forever. Stingray City is a shallow pool with a sandy bottom in the tropical coral reef. Hundreds of friendly Southern stingrays glide in the crystal clear water, waiting for tourists’ food. Depending on your comfort level, you can stand, swim or snorkel. After you encounter it, you can explore the surrounding coral reefs. Feeling their smooth, smooth body brush on your skin is a highlight of this exciting adventure. A trip to a stingray is one of Antigua’s most popular activities.
9Devil’s Bridge: The Indian Town National Park in AntiguaAlong the rugged northeast coast, the striking scenery of the Indian Town National Park is characterized by the natural limestone devil bridge, which has been shaped by the impact of waves for centuries. At high tide, waves force water from the fountain through pores in nearby rocks. The park also provides some beneficial hiking and excellent bird-watching activities. More than 36 species of birds inhabit the acacia trees in the park, and the eastern end of the park is considered to be Arawak camp.
10Babudadabi caveDarby cave is one of the most fascinating natural landscapes in Barbuda. It is formed by the dissolution of limestone. Although it is often described as a cave, it is actually a sinkhole with a diameter of more than 100 meters. In sharp contrast to the surrounding dry shrubs, the lush vegetation inside is like a tropical rainforest, surrounded by ferns, tall palm trees, and dense vines. Many birds can be seen among the leaves. The dripping water also caused the hanging stalagmites.
11WillikiesIf you have enough travel time, it is recommended to visit and play.
12Jolly HarbourIf you have enough travel time, it is recommended to visit and play.
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