Fiji, the holy land of island countries, is an ideal tourist destination

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1Tavarua IslandTafalua Island is a heart-shaped island in Fiji, with an area of about 29 acres. Seen from a high altitude, the island presents a large heart-shaped island to tourists. Everyone who sees its shape has to marvel at the miracle of nature. The island is dazzlingly beautiful against the colorful sea water.
As one of the most important islands inhabited by people in Fiji, Tafalua Island, like other islands in Fiji, is a volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs. Therefore, the island has rich marine landscapes and the sea floor is colorful because of a variety of fish.
The island has complete facilities, including swimming pools, hot springs, fitness facilities, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, etc., which provide convenience for tourists to come here for vacation.
Tafalua Island has become a famous resort in Fiji. A variety of recreational activities are fascinating. Surfing, fishing, diving, and kayaking are popular.
2SuvaSuva is located in the southeast of Viti Island and belongs to Suva Province, the central region. In 1874, Fiji became a British colony. In 1877, the capital of Fiji was changed from Levuka to Suva, officially becoming the capital of Fiji. The city is the busiest city in Fiji, and also the political, economic, and commercial center of Fiji.
Suva, known as the “cultural crossroads of the South Pacific”, is an important cultural center in the South Pacific and the most cosmopolitan city in the South Pacific. The buildings in this city are antique and full of amorous feelings. There are ancient markets on both sides of some streets, selling ancient woodwork and handicrafts. The most famous landmarks in Suva are the Suva City Library and Carnegie Library, which were built in 1909 and together with other colonial buildings constitute the most beautiful scenery of the city.
The Fiji Museum is the most important and spectacular historical museum in the South Pacific and an ideal place to find Fiji’s mysterious past.
There are 78 parks in Suva, the most famous of which is Albert Park, which is colorful. The annual traditional folk culture festival “Red Flower Festival” will be opened here, putting people in a sea of joy.
3MamanukaIslandsThe Mamanuca Islands, if the Vacia Club is the imperial palace of one island and one hotel, and the Mamanuca Group, located in the west of the big island, is the home of people living on one island and one hotel.
The Manuka Islands include Mana Island, Distressed Island, Malloro Island, Treasure Island, Charity Island, Nanhai Island, etc. Mana Island is the most famous. You can take a yacht from the big island to any island. The hotels on the island usually also operate water recreation facilities.
The hotels range from luxury five-star hotels to cheap apartment hotels that can be purchased monthly. White sand, blue sea, blue sky, and simple Fijians are common points on each island. Most European and American family tourists choose one to stay for ten and a half days. They can not only dive and bask in the sun every day but also sit in the corridor to drink tea and enjoy the sunset, People can’t help but sigh that such a life is a real leisure vacation. The most precious and fascinating thing in Fiji is the vast blue sea and sky. The coral reef islands like pearls emerge from the sea. The beauty makes people want to hold their breath.
The Mamanuca Group is a small island group with well-developed coral reefs, which is closest to Meidi Laiwu Island. There are about 20 small islands in the Mamanukao Island Group, which are formed by volcanic terrain, sedimentary limestone terrain, and coral reef debris. Beachcomber Island, Plantation Island, and Treasure Island are the most representative coral reef islands in Fiji, while Mana Island is the most popular destination for the Chinese.
Starting from the yacht wharf on Denarau Island, you can reach Mana Island, which is 30 kilometers away, in about two hours. The beach surf island is 20 kilometers away from the wharf. The closer the boat is to the island, the stronger the feeling of being shocked by the beautiful scenery. There is a white sand island floating on the dark blue water.
The green coconut shadow on the island is swaying, and there are a few clouds in the blue sky. At this time, the eyes will not give up blinking more. After the yacht slows down, coral is reflected in the clear water, and colorful colors shine into the eyes. This kind of coral reef is a limestone skeleton that the waves slap and wash the corals. It is formed by the accumulation of debris for a long time.
Coral reefs are usually accompanied, cut slightly above sea level, to protect the sand island from being washed by the waves and blown away by the wind. Therefore, there are developed coral reefs around the sand island. You can snorkel on the shore and enjoy the colorful sea world. Coral reefs also have wave breaking effect, so snorkeling and paddling are very safe.
4Levuka Historical Port TownLevuka, located on the east coast of the island of Ouvarao, is the capital of the eastern region of Fiji. It was the capital of Fiji until 1882 and was later replaced by Suva. For many years, the city has been applying for World Heritage and was finally listed as a World Heritage in June 2013.
Laika, founded around 1820, is the first European settlement in the Fiji Islands, the oldest city in Fiji, and the first modern city in Fiji. Levuka is not only an important port but also a trading post. It was established and developed as a trading center in the early 19th century.
European and American immigrants built warehouses, shops, harbor facilities, residences, religious buildings, educational facilities, social organizations, etc. here. Levuka is a port city deeply influenced by aborigines in the late colonial period, and it is also a rare colonial port town in the late colonial period influenced by local aborigines. The houses of aborigines are more than those of Europeans Levuka is the most outstanding representative of the Pacific immigration port city in the 19th century, which reflects that the local traditional architecture is deeply influenced by European and American architecture because it has formed a unique urban landscape in the world.
5Navini islandThis is a beautiful island like a painting. It is surrounded by a wide silvery white beach, reflecting bright white light in the sunlight. The light green sea water around the island is so transparent that people can directly see the sand more than 10 meters underwater. Colorful fish swim in the water. If you look up, you may see flying fish jumping out of the water to greet tourists. Dark blue starfish move slowly under the beautiful coral, and there are much nameless fish swimming leisurely at the bottom of the sea. Experienced locals can often catch some for tourists to play with.
6Bouma National Heritage ParkBouma National Heritage Park was established in 1990, mainly to protect the tropical rainforest and its rich species on Taveuni Island, and also to maintain the survival of villagers in villages near the park. The park occupies 80% of the area of Taman Island, mainly covering 150 square kilometers of tropical rainforest and coastal green forest. The park is famous for its dazzling waterfalls, forest hiking trails, and coastal pedestrian trails.
The beauty of the waterfalls in Poma National Heritage Park is famous around the world because the Hollywood business card Blue Coral Reef is set here. This is a pure place. Visitors can walk into the forest hiking trails to see the beauty of the star waterfalls here.
There are three Tavoro Falls near the tourist service center in the park. The water flowing from each waterfall forms a natural swimming pool. Among them, the first waterfall is 24 meters high, and you can walk 10 minutes from the tourist service center along the flat path; The second waterfall takes about 30 to 40 minutes to reach. Although it is small, it is also a good natural swimming pool.
The path to it is steep, but there are also paved steps and railings. In addition, walking through Poma National Heritage Park can also see many local unique animals and plants, which will be an interesting and happy trip.
7Viti LevuViti Levu is the largest island in Fiji, which also means that there may be more beautiful Fiji here. The historic sites of Fiji in New Caledonia, Kula Park, and Sugarcane Garden are your destination! Don’t miss it. It is the most representative island in Fiji, usually called the “Big Island”. It is shaped like a swinging lemon and covers an area of one-third of Taiwan. The capital Suva and the international airport Nandi are located on the east and west of the island, respectively.
They are the most developed islands for sightseeing and tourism. The road system is convenient. Queens Road and Guowang Road form a ring island system. The tourism resources of the Big Island are quite diverse, including large and small beaches, diving and snorkeling in the redeveloped coral reefs, mini trains in the coastal sugar cane fields, highland bamboo raft rafting, four-wheel drive, waterfall hiking, men’s press on the coral reef coast, visiting traditional villages, enjoying traditional Mick dances, acrobatics, etc., which are all fascinating tourism focus.
8Beqa LagoonThe famous Beqa Lagoon is located in the center of the southwest Pacific Ocean, within Fiji’s territorial waters, 290 kilometers from Tonga in the southeast, 805 kilometers from Samoa in the northeast, and 2735 kilometers from Sydney in the southwest.
Bekaa Atoll is a famous tourist resort, with diving, yachting, visiting tribes, and fire ceremony as the main activities. There are year-round warm sea water and tropical fish everywhere. The colorful and huge coral landscape has long been a world-famous diving spot.
Divers from all over the world explore these world-class diving areas by scuba diving.
Bekaa Atoll is known as a paradise among divers. Located in the northwest of Bekaa Atoll is Fiji’s famous soft coral kaleidoscope, where corals are colorful and beautiful. Many European and American tourists come to Bekaa Atoll for diving, because there are quite a lot of underwater attractions here.
A variety of coral reefs and colorful tropical fish make divers linger. It is also a good choice to participate in the one-day or three-day cruise in Bekaa Atoll. Several uninhabited islands are usually selected for the cruise. Sail in the daytime and eat seafood barbecue. Have a party on the beach or on the boat at night to enjoy the fun of natural life. You can also take a boat sailing in the sunset to the seaside restaurant for a romantic dinner.
9Coral CoastFiji Coral Coast is actually an 80km long coastal highway, with beautiful scenery, white sand, blue sea water, and coral reefs looming along the way. There are many high-end hotels around, as well as a variety of affordable accommodation options.
It starts from the small train in Sikatoka and ends at the Pacific Harbor, where you can visit the Pacific Harbor Cultural Center and learn about Fiji’s traditional culture and skills. You can climb mountains to enjoy the waterfall rainforest inland, and ride horses, play golf, sail, dive, etc. to the seaside, which is very suitable for fixed-point play.
The coral reefs in Fiji are extremely beautiful and rich. Compared with the coral reefs in Australia, they are much more peaceful, mysterious, romantic, and lazy. When you travel among them, you may find something new at any time, such as a beautiful fish, a silly turtle, and a colorful shell.
The clear sea water here seems to let you stay in the crystal and get closer to nature.
10Mana IslandMana Island is an outer island of Fiji. One side of the island has been developed into a resort. The single wooden house has an elegant appearance and complete internal facilities.
All nonmotorized equipment, such as snorkeling equipment and canoes, is free of charge. On the other side of the island are local villages, which still live a simple life of fishing and planting crops. Mana Island is located in the middle of the Mamanuca Islands. It is an island with ethnic characteristics and primitive customs, and is also an excellent diving destination in the South Pacific.
Go to Mana Island to enjoy the sunshine, white sand, and seawater of the South Pacific Island. Snorkeling is the best choice. The soft blue sky, colorful sand, reefs, corals, etc.
will make the sea water colorful under the refraction of sunlight. Swimming in the sea, in addition to the fish you swim with, there are cross starfish, small seahorses, and tiger-skin striped shellfish that seem to have only been seen on TV. You may think that you fell into the aquarium, but these are really presented in front of you.
There are many kinds of water sports on the island, including diving, rubber boats, and windsurfing. It is a good choice to enjoy the coral and tropical fish underwater or have close contact with the waves on the sea.
11Vatulele IslandVatulele Island is a unique island in Fiji. It has an adventurous and romantic atmosphere and is far away from the secular world. There is no telephone, fax machine, radio, TV, or even newspaper! It is said that the Fijian word “Vaturere” is the English word “annular rock”. In this way, Nature Island is an island full of annular rocks.
Once you arrive at the island of Vaturere, you can leave all your worries behind and enjoy the sunshine of Fiji. 54 service personnel will serve you carefully. The maximum number of tourists here is 24. The ratio of service staff to tourists is two to one. Friendly service staff comes from four villages on the island. In addition to several beaches on the island, you can also go to several nearby islands and island colonies, where there are hundreds of species of seabirds. You can also visit caves, lighthouses, and jungle trails in the villages where tapa Tulu is made.
If you are active, you can also play surfing and sailing. There are various yachts here, and scuba diving is very popular here. You can explore sunken ships or lie down all day long.
The most popular activity on the island is to lie in a hammock after lunch. Fishing is exciting entertainment on the island. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, where several kinds of fish, such as snapper, yellow croaker, and marlin, breed.
There is a legendary growth place of red-whiskered shrimp on the island of Vaturere, which is known as the Holy Land. Tourists may as well come here to see if it is really like the legend.
12Mamanuca IslandsOn a sunny day, the Mamanuca Islands can be clearly seen from Nadi, Fiji’s third-largest city. It is an archipelago composed of 32 small islands, which are formed by volcanic terrain, sedimentary limestone terrain, and coral reef debris, mainly including Mana Island, Coral Island, Malolo Island, Treasure Island, Beachcomber Island, and Plantation Island.
When the tide rises, these islands are reduced to about 13, It is a well-known tourist attraction favored by local tourists and foreign tourists.
The most precious and fascinating thing in Fiji is the vast blue sea and sky. The coral reef islands like pearls emerge from the sea.
The beauty makes people want to hold their breath. You can arrive at any island by yacht from the big island. The hotels on the island usually also operate water recreation facilities. The hotels range from luxury five-star hotels to cheap apartment hotels that can be purchased monthly. White sand, blue sea, blue sky, and simple Fijians are common to each island.
Here, tourists can not only dive and bask in the sun every day but also sit on the promenade to drink tea and enjoy the sunset. People can not help sighing that such a life is a real leisure vacation.
An island in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji has won a special honor: the tiny Maluredge Island was the scene of the film “The Remaining of a Desert Island” in 2000. Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, encountered several difficulties in order to survive on Mallorich Island, including making fire and finding fresh water sources that can be cited. Fortunately, during this period of time, his companion Wilson has been with him, becoming the spiritual pillar for him to continue to live.
13Garden of the Sleeping GiantThe Garden of the Sleeping Giant is located at the foot of the Nausori Highlands in Fiji, not far north of Nadi. It was originally a private garden established by American “Wheelchair Detective” male star Raymond Burr in 1977.
At first, the garden was not famous, but later, with the increase of tropical orchids planted in the garden, the Sleeping Giant Garden has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Fiji.
Although Sleeping Giant Garden is famous for orchids, its interesting shape and structure are also attractive enough. From a distance, the whole garden looks like a giant with a deep face and a big belly, which is unique to the local people. That’s why the garden is named.
In this plant garden covering an area of 20 hectares, there are about 2000 different varieties of orchids, including some rare orchid varieties unique to Fiji, which is the largest orchid garden in Fiji.
In addition, many tropical plants are specially planted in the garden, as well as 30 to 40 kinds of precious Asian lotus! Walking on the country road full of natural flavor in the Sleeping Giant Garden, surrounded by a jungle, there will also be a large lotus pond dotted in this garden like a pearl.
The footpath is full of floral fragrances, and the colorful and charming orchids are definitely a kind of beautiful enjoyment!
14Treasure IslandTreasure Island is a favorite resort for vacationers in Fiji. The whole island is surrounded by marine reserves and nestles quietly in the embrace of the sea. Here is like a paradise, where tourists can freely swim and snorkel in the crystal clear sea, and choose a beach with palm trees to relax and enjoy the day like a fairy!
Treasure Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji. The sea bed here is very low and the water is almost transparent. You don’t need heavy professional diving equipment. You can go to the sea to enjoy the wonderful world at the bottom of the sea with your diving goggles and breathing tubes. The island is equipped with complete facilities (only 10-20 tourists are received every day).
The green sea water, white beaches, grass houses, and various entertainment facilities are freely available. Choose a beach and a large hammock that belongs to you. Surf in the green sea water with a visual depth of 50 meters and full of coral reefs, pick sea cucumbers, starfish, sea urchins, kayaks for two people, and fish (fishing can be done without a pole or with bare hands).
15Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud PoolFiji is located in the Pacific volcanic belt, so there are many geothermal hot springs on the island, of which the Sabeto mud hot spring is a more distinctive and popular one. Although the whole mud pit looks ugly, soaking in it is very comfortable, and can relieve the pain in muscles. After taking a bath, you feel relaxed and your skin will become smooth and tender.
16Captain Cook Cruises FijiEnjoy the delicacies carefully cooked with local and imported ingredients on the 7-hour Pacific Island cruise. Buffet lunch, morning tea, and afternoon tea, and other drinks are provided by the ship’s bar at their own expense. Fiji’s KAVA cultural entertainment and spectacular scenery make you spend a perfect day at sea!
17LevukaLevka, Fiji’s first capital, and the first European landing is on Ouaro Island on the southeast side of the Great Island. There are many “firsts”: the first hotel in the South Pacific, the first newspaper in Fiji, the first bustling nightlife street…, etc.
There are many Victorian-style buildings preserved here, quite suitable for walking. The long beach road is full of PUB and hotels, which is also quite lively.
18Sawa-I-Lau CavesThis is a limestone island located between Asawa Island and Nakula Island. It is similar to the sea caves in other parts of the world. You can swim in one section, but you need to have good water quality.
This is also the shooting place of the film Blue Coral Reef. The cave is composed of several open caves and several completely closed karst caves that can only be reached through underwater entrances.
19WayaWaya Island is famous for its beautiful coral reef lagoon, beautiful beaches, and a mountain-top observatory for watching the sunrise. This is a rugged hilly island, mostly covered in dense virgin forest.
There are high and low peaks on the island. From the edge of the steep cliff, you can see the incomparably spectacular ocean scenery. The beaches under the sea level are also amazing. The rich coral reefs and many beautiful marine creatures can also be seen in the sea area around snorkeling.
20Turtle IslandTortoise Island is more famous than other islands in the Asawa Islands. You can reach the lagoon in Blue Sands Reef within 1 mile from the east coast.
Turtle Island is a privately owned island, famous for the luxurious accommodation of the island resort. This resort is hidden between the beach and the rugged volcanic cliffs. It only has 14 traditional Fijian cottage villas and 14 private beaches, which are very private and expensive.
21SavusavuSavu Savu is an official entry point for Fiji cruise ships. There are customs and health quarantine services here.
Here, facing the vast bay and leaning against the green hillside, hibiscus flowers are in full bloom. This is a small town like an idyllic paradise.
The town has charming scenery, and people here are living a very leisurely life.
There is a coral reserve near Vanua Island.
There are many kinds of marine organisms on the sea floor, which is a good diving point.
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