What are the interesting tourist attractions in Puerto Rico (preferred)

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1Moro CastleIn Puerto Rico, the place you have to go is the castle. Among them, Morro Castle is the most popular, beautiful, and famous castle in Puerto Rico.
After Columbus discovered Puerto Rico in 1493, the Spanish began to be busy consolidating their territory. By the mountain and the sea, the castle was built. Indeed, one man was in charge of the pass, and ten thousand men could not open it. It’s really not a big deal to set up a fort on the upper layer and put ammunition on the lower layer to defend against those pirates and other European armies. The castle also features three flags: the American flag, the Puerto Rican flag, and the Spanish military flag. Today’s Mauro castle is more like a dramatic villa. Those sea holes that can stretch out the barrel and barrel of a gun have become windows for tourists to overlook the sea. The sea with white waves is poetic and picturesque, which makes people envy the beautiful sea that the soldiers guarding at the beginning guarded.
Puerto Rico is a mountainous island. Tourists who come to the island for sightseeing will find an ancient mountain city with cobblestone squares deep in the mountains. On the coast, there are beautiful coral reefs in different forms and colorful coastal life. Puerto Rico’s beautiful natural scenery and charming cultural charm are attracting more and more tourists from all over the world.
2San JuanSan Juan is the capital and largest city of Puerto Rico, an autonomous territory of the United States. It is located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico island and in San Juan Bay. It is the largest port on the island. Many ancient buildings, the most famous of which are San Jose church, Moro castle, La Forta Lessa palace, and San Juan cathedral.
The city is divided into new and old districts. The area of the old city is small, and there are many ancient buildings city. There is a 6.1-meter-thick and 42.7-meter-high rampart built along the coast. There are three ancient castles in it, of which the La Forta Lesa palace, which is now the presidential palace of San Juan, is the largest. The oldest building is the white building built by Ponce de Leon in 1523, which is now the Museum of Puerto Rico history. The Cathedral of San Juan baudis, built in 1542 and restored in 1802, is the cemetery of the colonist Ponce de Leon.
The new urban area is on the North Bank of the main island of Puerto Rico. Due to its convenient transportation, pleasant climate, and numerous historic sites, San Juan has become a famous tourist attraction in the West Indies. Tourism has become a major economic pillar. Tourist hotels are famous in Latin America for their largest and most luxurious scale.
3Camuy Cavern ParkCanvi cave park can successfully defeat other rivals with similar strength, such as the Ponce Art Museum, for two reasons: first, tourists can visit the famous Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico (many travel agencies give it as a gift); Second, you can take some real adventures there. Canvi cave is the third largest cave system in the world. Tourists can walk through the canyon at the bottom until 600 feet deep underground. There may also be underground rivers here. Those active and courageous tourists can also try to lower with a lasso above the mouth of the cave, slide in the mud, paddle with their bodies, and do many extreme jumping sports in this underground world.
4Pengsai Art MuseumThe Ponce Art Museum in Doric is one of the most important museums in the western hemisphere with a collection of pre-Raphaelite works, with about 4000 works distributed in 14 galleries. The Ponce Museum of Art in Puerto Rico is the largest art museum in the Caribbean and the only museum in Puerto Rico that has been accredited by the American Museum Association.
The famous paintings preserved in the Ponce Museum of art include the representative works of three former Lafayette masters Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, and Sir John Everett Millais.
One of Frederic Leighton’s most famous paintings in the history of art, “blazing June” and five landmark works of Edward Burne Jones are also the highlights of the collection. With the support of young Rossetti, William Morris, Walter Crane, and burn Jones created a set of paintings based on the Arthurian legend of Thomas Mallory. Three of the related works were created by Bourne Jones. One of the six-meter-long paintings and his group painting “Sleeping Beauty” completed in 1873 are collected in the art museum.
5St. Jones’ ChurchGothic churches are rare in the New World, but Puerto Rico has two: Botacory Church, built in St (San German) in 1606, and St Jones’ Church, built in the old city of San Juan in the 1630s. St Jones’ Church serves as the first church on the island and is the oldest church in the Western Hemisphere. Although the original building was blown away in the hurricane, the present church still dates from the 19th century. St. Jones’ Church was originally a monastery and chapel of the Dominic Church, built for St. Thomas Aquinas (Saint Thomas Aquinas), and was renamed to the Jesuits when the Jesuits in 1865 took over. History and art lovers will be able to see a 16th-century wooden cross donated by Juan Ponce de Leon, the first governor of Puerto Rico (Juan Ponce de Leon). The 15th-century altar was brought to San Juan from Cadiz (ADIDAS) in Spain. Puerto Rico’s most famous artist, Jones Campeche (Jose Campeche), is buried here. Juan Ponce de Leon also originally lay here resting, but later his body was moved to a more elegant place in San Juan Cathedral. His badge covered a wall, while his statue, a bronze cast of a cannon captured from the British in 1797, stands in the center of a small square in front of the church. Also, be sure to visit the Domingo Club monastery (Dominican Convent) next door. Built-in 1523 on land donated by Ponce-de-Leon, it was once a monastery, a barracks, and a United States military headquarters. Today, it is home to the Puerto Rican Cultural Society (Puerto Rico Institute of Culture), where several concerts and exhibitions are also held.
6Paradise Scuba & Snorkeling CenterThe Caribbean Sea seen in Puerto Rico is so wonderful! Various forms of coral reefs, colorful fish, flexible and lovely 🐢 green turtle… Even if you can’t swim, you can also snorkeling and play with Marine creatures under the guidance of professional PADI staff. Green turtles not only love swimming, are not afraid of people, but also
super like to eat seaweed ~ ❤ Travel Little ❤ 1 Snorkeling is super attractive, and there
are some things to pay attention to during the play 2 Try to use sunscreen and mosquito repellent solutions that are harmless to coral 3. Do not touch the fish, sea turtles, lobsters, sea urchins, and other sea creatures, keep a certain distance, and do not affect their normal life 4. Watch out for the sea urchins! There are a lot of sea
urchins in the shoal, so be careful not to step on them! If you step on it, clean up or tell your guide, or you won’t walk well for a week (don’t ask me how I know) 5 Book in
advance, temporary will be no location oh ⚠ 6 Try to follow professionals to experience, and be familiar with safety instructions 7 The snorkeling experience is safe for children
aged 6 or older but requires at least one adult companion
7Marauder Sailing Charters – Private ToursAt about 10 o’clock, catamarans set sail for Cayo icacos. Sailing on the
beautiful Caribbean Sea, you can overlook the El Yunque mountains. After enjoying a rich
buffet lunch, you can swim, snorkel, or walk on the beach, which is also a
good choice. Return to the departure dock at about 15:30 to finish the day’s journey.
8Ron del Barrilito Visitor CenterThis is a secret. If you go, you must visit it and regret it later.
9El Yunque National ForestThere is not much description here. If you are in Puerto Rico, you can’t miss the scenery here.
10Flamengo BeachFlamengo beach in kulebra is a beautiful beach. We have a pleasant relaxing
time. This is a beautiful place. During our tour, there are no seaweed and not many tourists,
so we really enjoy the beauty of the beach. We spend a day walking on the
soft beach, swimming in the clear water, and taking many beautiful photos, which are
all worth it. This beach is highly recommended, especially if you are a beach lover.
11Fluorescent BayThe real place is really great! If you want to travel to Vieques, you must
put it first on the “to do” list! I expect the bay to glow (obviously) but I didn’t know the effect would be so exciting, great! There are many travel companies here.
to previous comments, we chose Blackbeard sports. They are a few dollars more expensive than other companies, but they are 100% professional. Our guide is
very interesting and knows a lot.
12Castillo de San CristobalWalking through the top of the castle and the tunnel is really a great
experience. This Santa Cristobal castle has a very good history of restoration. I’ll give you some useful suggestions. Please put on your sneakers and visit here. Walking here is
very frequent. Some tunnels are wet and the road surface is very uneven. Therefore, it is recommended to wear sports shoes.
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