Greenland, a desirable tourist destination, summarizes some good scenic spots

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1IlulissatIlulissat is the third largest settlement in Greenland, with a population of
about 4000. The town is in the middle of Greenland’s West Bank, 69 ° n, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic circle. Ilulissat’s Danish name Jakobshavn is also well known. Ilulissat translates literally as “iceberg” in Greenland. Ilulissat is the most popular tourist destination in Greenland because of the gorgeous Ilulissat
ice fjord nearby. Tourism is a major local industry. Knuz Rasmussen, a famous polar explorer, was born in Ilulissat. His childhood residence in the center of the settlement is now his Memorial Museum.
2UummannaqUummannaq is a city in western Greenland with a population of about 1500. umanak is located above 70 degrees north latitude, and the city is built on
umanak island with the same name. On the island, there is mount umanak
with an elevation of 1170 meters. Because the slope is very steep, it is
locally named umanak, which means “steep” in Greenland. Nearby is umanak
Fjord, where you can visit the scenery of the glacier. The main mode of transportation is Greenland airlines’ helicopter and boat crew.
3KangerlussuaqKangerlussuaq in English is Kangerlussuaq, which means “great fjord” in
Greenland. Its original name is Sondre Strom. It is a municipality directly under the central government in qeqqata province in the west of Greenland. It is a settlement
located on the top of the fjord with the same name (Danish: s? Ndrestr? Mfjord). It is also the main air transport hub of Greenland. Here is Greenland’s largest commercial airport. The airport was built during the Second World War. When Americans settled down, The hub is known as blue west-8 and sondrestrom Air Force bases. The area of khangel lussuk has the most diverse terrestrial
animals in Greenland, including muskoxen, caribou, and gyrfalcons. The
economy of the settlement and the 556 permanent residents are almost entirely dependent on the airport and tourism.
4NanotalikNanotalik is a town in Greenland. The total population is 1564 (2005),
ranking 10th in Greenland. “Nanotalik” means “the place of polar bears”.
Nanotalik was founded in 1770. Due to poor port conditions, the town moved
to its current location in 1830. Cape Fawer on Greenland’s main island is
located in this area. The economy is dominated by fisheries and tourism.
5SisimiutSisimiut is a small town in west-central Greenland, located on the coast
about 320 kilometers (200 miles) north of Davis Strait. It is the administrative
center of qeqqata city and the second largest town in Greenland, with a
population of 5598 in 2013. Sisymut is the largest business center in China, the national
capital of Nuuk in the north, and one of the fastest-growing cities in Greenland. Although the town has a growing industrial base, fishing is the main industry of sisimut.
6AasiaatIt is the fourth largest city in Greenland, located on the South Island of Disco
Bay in the southwest of Greenland, with a population of about 3300 in 2005.
Asiyat was inhabited many times in 5000 years. The latest human migration began with the colony established by the Norwegian missionary Niels egede in 1759.
The colony was located in the south of today’s Asia and moved to today’s
location in 1763. At that time, the main industry was whaling. The population increased from 390 in 1805 to 1269 in 1901.
7Alluitsup PaaA village in the city of cuyarego in southern Greenland. Fishing is the main job, employing most of the labor force. Shrimp, Greenland halibut, and COD are the main catches and shrimp. Along Narsarsuaq, Alluitsup PAA is the only rare
place in kujalleq that does not have its own church.
8ArsukArsuk is a village in the southwest of Greenland in sermersooq Municipality. In 2010, it had 156 residents. The name means a beloved place in Greenland. On the southeast coast of Arsuk fjord near the Labrador Sea. Most towns and settlements show a negative growth pattern in southern Greenland. In the past two decades, the population of many settlements has decreased rapidly.
9NuukThe capital of Greenland. It is the largest port city in Greenland and the seat of the Nuuk local administrative region government. Nuke covers an area of 105000 square kilometers and is located at 64 degrees and 10 minutes north latitude and 51 degrees and 43 minutes west longitude of the earth. It is called gothhob in Danish and Norwegian, which means good hope. Danes living here are used to calling this city gothhob, but after the implementation of local autonomy in 1979, the official name of the city is Nuuk in Greenland.
10Ilulissat ice fjordIlulissat fjord is 40 kilometers long and flows westward from Greenland’s inland ice cap to disco Bay near Ilulissat town. Ilulissat ice fjord was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004. The Eastern source of Ilulissat fjord is Jakobshavn Glacier, which is the glacier with the largest flow in the northern hemisphere. Glaciers flow 20 to 35 meters per day, and 20 billion tons of icebergs break up and drain out of fjords every year. Many of these icebergs are huge (up to one kilometer), so high that they run aground in the fjord. Sometimes they have to wait for many years before being broken by the power of glaciers and icebergs flowing up the fjord. After the broken iceberg flows out of the sea, it initially flows north along the current, then turns south and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Larger icebergs usually do not melt until 40-45 degrees north latitude (farther south than Britain and at the same latitude as New York City).
11Eskimo VillageThe ancient Eskimo village, located in the Seymour valley of the most famous Ilulissat ice Fjord, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004. The rich and colorful Inuit culture here has a long history of more than 4000 years. Today, you can still see ancient cultural sites, so that you can better understand the history and customs here before Europeans set foot on this land. You can also enjoy the magnificent iceberg and further feel the charm and feel of the millennium-old city.
12TassilakTasirak is the most prosperous port town on the east coast. There is Kursk airport in the suburbs, and it takes only 1 hour to fly from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Due to the convenient transportation, many people come to spend the weekend. Tassilac area used to be a tribe inhabited by Inuit people who lived on fishing, and many relics are still preserved today. You can also see the live scene at that time when you go to the museum. In addition, the terrain of the west coast is steep, and mountains stand along the coastline, giving people a solemn and desolate feeling. It is one of the most charming places in tassilac. Tasiilaq is a typical Inuit name, and most of the residents here are also Inuit, that is, we often say Eskimos.
13DiskobugtenIt is a water area on the West Bank of Greenland. Today it is mainly an Arctic resort. The first Europeans to arrive at disco bay were the Scandinavians led by red-haired Eric. In 986, red-haired Eric established two settlements on the West Bank of Greenland, which depended on animal husbandry for a living. Established in settlements in the west, the hunavians traveled northward along the Greenland coast to disco Bay during the summer ice melt. The rich resources of sea animals here are very important to the navians: ivory of walrus, the fur of seals, and many resources of whales. These resources have become the most important source of output and income for Greenland settlements. The navians of Greenland traded with the European continent through Iceland, Ireland, England, and Scotland. Without these resources, these two settlements would not last so long.
14Nassar SuwakNasarsuwak is located in the south of Greenland, the core of Eric fjord. It is said that this area was discovered by Eric, a Viking pirate with reddish brown hair, in 982. Now we can see many historical sites that remind people of the past, such as church sites. There is also a monument to the late Japanese adventurer Mr. naosaki ikemura, who crossed Greenland in early 1978.
15NahsakThe main traffic arteries in southern Greenland. For travelers, it’s really worth seeing here. Walking easily, you can reach the waterfalls of unaltok and nanol Tariq, which are famous for their hot springs. If you are interested in historic sites, you can go to kashilarsk, which is also a good choice. Kashilarsk is the place where the pirate “red Eric” found Greenland and landed on the island. In late spring and early spring, drift ice can be seen along the coast, moving southward from the east coast of Greenland or northward from the west coast. Sometimes you can see white bears and seals on drift ice.
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