The World’s most delicious food, The most popular Chinese pasta(Top 10)

No. 10: Yanji Cold Noodles, from Northeast China, is on the list. Many foreign tourists praise that it is more delicious than spaghetti. The cold noodles are made of special buckwheat flour. The special thing is that eating it often or more will not increase your weight. The practice is very special. You need to add ice to the beef soup. You must keep the noodles cold. The cold noodles include shredded cucumber, beef slices, And spicy cabbage, which tastes delicious.

No. 9: Wuhan Hot and Dry Noodles, mainly in the Hubei Province of China, especially in the local area of Wuhan City. Friends who love sesame paste have a special liking for Wuhan Hot and Dry Noodles. Wuhan locals are not strong enough to eat hot and dry noodles for a day. Wuhan people even eat hot and dry noodles as breakfast. Of course, foreign visitors who come to the local area, all want to taste this world-renowned Wuhan Hot and Dry Noodles. Most tourists will feel that it is more delicious than fish and meat, and they would like to eat this food three times a day.

No. 8: Old Beijing Fried Noodles. Old Beijing Fried Noodles are almost as famous as Beijing Roast Duck. President Biden of the United States loves to eat them. He once came to a noodle shop to taste the famous fried noodles of old Beijing. Since then, old Beijing fried noodles have been very popular in overseas regions.

No. 7: Sichuan Dandan Noodles. Sichuan is known as the City of Gastronomy. In addition to the delicious Yibin Burning Noodles, there are also the famous Dandan Noodles. It is said that more than 200 years ago, a Sichuan porter carried a shoulder pole on his body, with noodles and hot soup on both ends. People who were down in the dumps felt that the noodles were very fragrant after tasting them. Since then, Dandan Noodles have been very popular today. Friends who come to Sichuan for tourism should not miss this delicious food.

No. 6: Shanxi Sliced Noodles, a special delicacy in Shanxi Province. Some people in Shanxi operate restaurants that cut noodles overseas. Why is it called “Sliced Noodles”? It is noodles cut with knives. It is to carry the dough on your shoulder, and then use a knife to cut the dough into noodles and put it into a pot to cook. In a few minutes, a bowl of authentic Shanxi noodles will be ready. A few pieces of vegetable leaves and meat will immediately activate the color, smell, and taste. It is not to mention how beautiful it is to serve such a bowl of noodles in cold winter. Foreign friends can’t wait to drink the soup, which is enough to see the charm of Shanxi noodles.

No. 5: Shaanxi Youpo Noodles. Shaanxi is a veritable province of pasta. Rougamo and saozi Noodles are very famous, but saozi Noodles are not representative of Shaanxi. In Shaanxi, the really rich noodles are the famous Youpo Noodles, which are long and wide and look like trouser belts. They are also called trouser belt noodles. After they are out of the pot, they are drenched with secret oil-spiced peppers. The fragrance is immediately aroused. Few people can resist the temptation, This kind of noodles was once popular overseas, and many Chinese restaurants added the option of belt noodles to their menus.

No. 4: Taiwan Tanzai Noodles, also known as Minced Pork Noodles, has a history of 100 years in Taiwan. The practice is very simple. Add the secret Minced Pork Noodles, fresh shrimp, eggs, etc. to the cooked noodles, and you can eat them. The taste is very light. It is suitable for foreigners who have just come to China to taste it. A bowl of instant food can be sold for 50 yuan. Many people are willing to pay the bill.

No. 3: Henan stewed noodles, which are smooth and powerful in the mouth, have a fresh but not greasy soup. It was once listed as one of the top ten noodles in China. It is said that the stewed noodles are made of mutton soup, and the soup has to be boiled for three days and nights. How can it not be delicious if it takes so much effort? Put the noodles pulled in advance into the soup and cook them, then spread a layer of meat slices and coriander, and finally drizzle some pepper oil. It tastes great.

No. 2: Chongqing Xiaomian is a traditional pasta widely accepted by Chongqing citizens as a southerner. It is famous for its unique taste and spicy food, which is well-known nationwide in recent years. Chongqing noodle, a Sichuan noodle, is one of the four characteristics of Chongqing. Chongqing noodles originated from Sichuan – Chongqing municipality – Chongqing’s main urban area and are one of the staple foods in Chongqing, especially breakfast. Chongqing Xiaomian is the simplest kind of pasta in Chongqing. As the most popular pasta in Chongqing, Chongqing noodles have become an indispensable breakfast for the Chongqing people. Chongqing noodles were formerly called cut noodles, also known as “barbed noodles”. It is a comprehensive feature of “pressed noodles” and “cut noodles” developed from the three traditional techniques of “pressing”, “pulling” and “cutting” of Chinese handmade noodles.

No. 1: Lanzhou beef noodle was first introduced in the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty. Ma Liuqi, a Dongxiang ethnic group in Gansu, learned the craft of making beef noodle soup from Chen Weijing, a former Imperial College student in Suzhai Village, Huaiqing Prefecture, Henan Province (in Boai County, Henan Province). After innovation and improvement by Chen Hesheng, a descendant of the Chen family, and Ma Baozi, a Hui chef, The standard of Lanzhou beef noodles was unified with “Yiqing (soup), Erbai (radish), Sanlv (coriander and garlic sprouts), Sihong (chili), and Wuhuang (noodles yellow and bright)”. Over the next 200 years, Lanzhou Beef Noodles enjoyed a good reputation all over the world. It was famous at home and abroad for its delicious meat, fresh soup, and fine flour quality. It entered the country and won praise and honor from domestic and even worldwide diners. It was one of the top ten pasta dishes in China and was identified by the state as one of the three major Chinese fast food pilot promotion varieties. It was honored as “the first noodle in China”.

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