Health knowledge. In daily life, these two kinds of drinks should be drunk as little as possible for health and family.

The main reason: Long-term use of these two kinds of drinks will cause great damage to the kidneys and have a great impact on the health of the body.

First, there are all kinds of drinks on the market, such as carbonated drinks, milk tea, and various concocted drinks. Don’t let drinks replace water. Long-term drinking will increase the burden of metabolism on your kidneys and body. In serious cases, it will lead to kidney failure. In addition, the drinks contain a lot of sugar, which will accelerate our aging, cause obesity, and significantly increase the risk of cancer.

The second is beer. The purine content in beer is very high. Excessive or long-term drinking will lead to hyperuricemia, and long-term high sulfatemia will lead to renal failure.

Water itself is water. It is absolutely not allowed to drink similar drinks as water for a long time. Although the taste of the drink is pleasant, the concept of health must not be ignored. For your own health, you must never drink drinks as water again.

For knowledge about renal failure, please refer to the following text:

The so-called renal failure, in fact, refers to the decline of the kidney’s ability to drain water and detoxify. However, if the ability of drainage and detoxification decreases, it will lead to an increase in the water burden in our bodies. The earliest increase in the water burden is the edema of our eyelids, and then the edema of our lower limbs. The edema of our lower limbs is often manifested as light in the morning and heavy in the evening. The locations where the edema is most easily found include the dorsum of our feet, including our inner and outer ankle joints, and the front of our shins, These are the easiest to find edema, and this is the first. Second, if there is more and more edema, it will cause pleural effusion, peritoneal effusion, pericardial effusion, and even pulmonary edema and brain edema, which is a hazard that water cannot be drained. If the toxin cannot be discharged, it will also cause various symptoms in our bodies. If the toxins on the surface of the stomach increase, it will cause us to feel sick and not want to eat. If the toxins increase, even the surface of the stomach will fester. If the festering place happens to be on our small blood vessels, it will cause gastrointestinal bleeding and gastrointestinal bleeding. The toxin can also cause changes in other organs and functions, which will cause various symptoms. Therefore, the harm of renal failure, in fact, is more, will be reflected in all systems. Expert tips: The harm of renal failure is more, which can be reflected in all systems of the body. First, it will lead to a decline in the body’s ability to drain water, leading to body edema. Secondly, the detoxification ability of patients with renal failure will also decline, which can cause nausea, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.

This article is only for health education, reference, and study, and should not be used for self-diagnosis, and cannot replace medical examination, treatment, prescription, or other medical advice.

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