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1sabaThis kind of fruit is very popular. Everyone is familiar with it. It is a very common fruit. Bananas from the Philippines should have a hard skin and crisp meat. The most important thing is that they should be much sweeter. Many countries and people often buy imported Philippine bananas to eat.
2Zhanhua Winter JujubeThis kind of fruit is produced in China. It is a very precious fruit. Its shape is very similar to apple, but it is much smaller than apple. The skin is thin and the meat is tender. It tastes sweet and fragrant. It is very nutritious and contains a, B, C, P and other vitamins. It is known as the “king of fruits”. It is not only popular in China, but also sold all over the world.
3Cactus fruitMost cacti will not bear fruit. Cactus fruit mainly grows in North America, and also in Yunnan Province, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Hainan Province and other places in China. Cactus fruit is high in sugar. It tastes sweet and nutritious. Eating it often can improve immunity. It has thorns on its surface. Be careful when eating it.
4Red meat honey pomeloThis kind of fruit is relatively large, almost as big as watermelon. It is mainly produced in Fujian Province of China and is very popular in the world. The fruit begins to mature in late October every year. The skin is very thick, the flesh is very fresh and tender, and tastes very sweet. It is called “the crown of grapefruit”.
5Taiwan Sakya fruitIn Taiwan, China, the sugar content is 25%. It’s sweet. It’s really sweet. The pulp is tempting milky white, with a lot of juice. The meat is also very sweet. It tastes good. The feeling of eating sugar, combined with the fruit’s own aroma, is a very delicious fruit. It’s really sweet. But the price is a little expensive. Eating too much is also easy to decay your teeth. It’s better to eat less.
6litchiThe average sugar content is 20%, so the data shows that it’s very sweet!Litchi was first known as “from the branch”, cut off the branches, because the ancients have realized that this fruit can not leave the branches and leaves, even the branches can lengthen its preservation period, is also very popular all over the world.But litchi attribute is hot, easy to get heaty, can’t greedy!
7Lenier cherryThe fruit is large, solid and juicy. It tastes sweet, slightly pink and moist. The flesh is delicate, the color is clear, the juice is colorless, and the entrance is fragrant and delicious. It is sweet and tender. The sugar content of Lionel cherry is 21%, which is sweeter than litchi.
8Ximei, XinjiangXimei is native to France, but it also exists in Xinjiang, China. This fruit has sufficient sunshine time, large temperature difference between day and night, less precipitation and other climatic conditions to create a unique sweet flavor of fruit, containing more than 20% sugar!And rich in nutrients, eat three medium-sized west plum, it is equivalent to eating the fiber content of a fresh fruit.
9American dinosaur eggAmerican dinosaur egg, also known as American apricot plum, because of its white inside the red purple, and dinosaur egg color is similar, contains 14% sugar.American dinosaur eggs are crisp in texture, rich in juice, sweet in taste, and heavy in quality, with only a few fruits in a kilogram.
10Australian navel orangeNot all oranges are sour. The sugar content of this navel orange is as high as 12%, and it is rich in vitamins and carotene. It also has the effect of protecting blood vessels and lowering cholesterol.
11Chilean Gala fruitChilean apples have an average sugar content of 12.3%, a little higher than Australian navel oranges. Chilean Gala fruit has a symmetrical and beautiful appearance, high sweetness and rich nutrition. It contains nutrients necessary for brain development, which can promote brain development and enhance memory. It is also known as “wisdom fruit”.
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