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1appleThe sales volume of apple is much higher than that of the second place watermelon every year! Apple is the most popular fruit among people.
2watermelonWatermelon is the king of summer fruit! Whether old or young, watermelon has become a more popular fruit!
3 orangesOranges are rich in vitamin C. their delicious juicy pulp, delicious sour and sweet taste, as well as the universality of their production areas and low prices, rank No. 3 in honor!
4bananaBanana, because of its cheap price, detoxification, defecation and other effects, as well as its wide growing area and strong seasonality, has become a common figure on the table of every family.
5grapeAs the fruit of red wine, grape not only plays an important role in wine, making its products popular all over the world, but also as a fruit, the nutritional value and delicious degree of grape are praised.
6strawberryStrawberry is sweet, sour and delicious, which is loved by the people! Strawberry is rich in nutrition and tastes delicious! Although it is not easy to store, it still can not affect the amount of food!
7pearCool and delicious, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Pear, as a fruit rich in water, has become one of the best fruits to quench thirst! The popularity and sales of pears occupy a large place in fruit stores!
8cherryNo fruit is more attractive than cherries. However, cherries are not available in all places and seasons.
9peachWhen it comes to the delicious juicy peaches, you must think of the monkey king making havoc in heaven and stealing flat peaches! There are many kinds of peaches. The taste is mainly sour and sweet. Peaches in summer must be eaten.
10Hami melonHami melon is not only sweet, but also rich in nutrition. Hami melon is mainly produced in Western China. Therefore, the output limit leads to the low ranking.
11PapayaIt has to be said that papaya is favored by female friends because papaya is rich in nutrients and has certain beauty and breast enhancement effects!
12mangoThe delicious mango is mouth watering! The golden flesh and delicious taste make it popular with many people! Mango flavored fruit juice and drinks are also popular!
13pomeloGrapefruit belongs to the orange category. It is sour, sweet and delicious. It is popular in both the north and south. It is big, juicy and tastes delicious. Since October in the south, it has become one of people’s favorite fruits.
14durianDurian has been controversial all the time. The reason is that its strange taste is difficult for some people to accept. However, people who love to eat durian absolutely know the taste of durian. Moreover, durian is known as the king of nutrition in fruit, and it is a kind of excellent nutritional fruit!
These lists are for reference only. For specific nutritional composition and content, please refer to relevant materials.
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