List of Japanese video sites, TV, radio and newspaper websites (for reference only)

GyaO! video site GyaO! Popular overseas TV series, online movie premieres, and anime, with new works appearing one after another every day
niconicohttps://www.nicovideo.jpJPJapan’s leading anime video site
BIGLOBE Video BIGLOBE video channel with a colorful assortment of news, movies, music, dramas, anime, originality, travel, etc.
GyaO! Store such as movies, dramas, anime, variety shows, and documentaries are being released in the GYAO! store. From the latest hits to acclaimed masterpieces are being released one after another.
ShowTime JPJapanese ShowTime website is a comprehensive video website that brings together movies, overseas TV series, cartoons, sports, music, etc.
Web Japan Japan is a portal site that provides information on life in Japan. The site presents information on Japanese news, fun and new trends, traditions and popular culture, technology, food, travel, and lifestyle.
AOL Japan JPThe website of the American portal site AOL in Japan.AOL Japan mainly provides information on the weather, all kinds of news, videos, games, search, free email, music, games, cars, job hunting, etc.
Livedoor Co., Ltd. is a company that operates a Japanese portal and blogging platform, it is also a Japanese internet service provider and operator.
OCN is a comprehensive portal site in Japan. The site offers translation, Blog, search, email, real estate, shopping, film and entertainment, finance, and other services.
All About About is a famous portal site for clothing, food, housing, and transportation in Japan. The website provides various information about life in Japan.
Rakuten Infoseek JPA portal site of Japan’s Rakuten Internet Service Provider, offering search, email, shopping, maps, news, dictionaries, finance, and other services.
Yahoo Japan! Japan is a Japanese Internet company. Yahoo Japan is a joint venture formed by two companies, Yahoo, an American Internet company, and Softbank, a Japanese Internet company. Yahoo! Japan is headquartered in the Tokyo Midtown Tower City Building in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Aichi TV Aichi Broadcasting (TVA) is a Japanese television station in Nagoya, which is also known as Aichi TV. It is a network of TV stations owned by TXN.
INNOlife website operated by Youcanbuytheworld Ltd. provides information on Korean movies, Korean dramas, Korean entertainment, Korean culture, Korean products, and more. The company operates
Vid-DL is a Japanese video download website. The website provides users with anime video downloads, video storage, and video search services.
eyeVio is a still image and video Internet-sharing service owned by Sony, which was established in April 2007 to provide access to videos on Sony’s portable products such as computers, PSPs, and Walkmans, as well as products from other companies such as Apple’s iPod and Nintendo’s Wii.
Woopie JPWoopie is a popular Japanese video website, which was officially launched on August 8, 2007. The website has a simple and clear design, and through the search function provided by Woopie, you can find all the videos from different websites at once, not only is the support for Japanese quite good, but also the support for Chinese search is also very good.
YouTube Japan’s Japanese subsite
Sea of Japan News Nihonkai is a regional newspaper based in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The newspaper was founded in 1883 and is distributed mainly in Shimane Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture in the east. The newspaper provides daily snapshots of Japan, national news, travel, the economy, videos, and other content.
gadget news JPgadget news is a Japanese news and information website. The site provides the latest news about anime, society, politics, life, IT, digital, games, and other fields.
Newsmap is a news aggregation website built on Google New
Tokyo Reporter Network Reporter is a Japanese English-language news website that uses the Japanese tabloid news model for its reporting.
Japan Focus Focus (Japan Focus) provides a critical analysis of the Asia Pacific region and the world.
Japanese Television Network System Television Network System (NNS) is a television network launched by NTV Television in Tokyo. It mainly broadcasts entertainment, as well as non-news programs.
Fuji TV Television (Fuji TV) is a Japanese television station based in Tokyo. It is the flagship station of the Fuji News Network and Fuji Television Network.
Daily News Shimbun is one of the leading news media in Japan. The newspaper is published by Mainichi Shimbun Limited.
Asahi Shimbun JPAsahi Shimbun is one of the top five national newspapers in Japan, with its registered headquarters in Osaka. As of June 2010, the morning paper had a circulation of 7.96 million and the evening paper had a circulation of 3.1 million. The newspaper is second only to Yomiuri Shimbun in terms of circulation.
GQ Japan Japan (GQ Japan) is the Japanese edition of GQ magazine.
Gigazine magazine is a Japanese online magazine-type website.
VOGUE Japan Japan (Vogue Japan) is the Japanese edition of Vogue magazine.
ELLE Japan Japan (ELLE Japan) is the Japanese edition of ELLE magazine.
SHIFT Magazine JPSHIFT is an online magazine about the creative culture around the world. Launched in Japan in 1996, SHIFT provides creative-related information on art, design, fashion, music, and multimedia from around the world with its professional interviews and unique perspectives.
Japan Sports Nippon (Japan) is the first daily sports newspaper published in Japan. The newspaper was founded in 1948. It is a newspaper of the Mainichi Shimbun subsidiary.
China News Shimbun is a local Japanese daily newspaper based in Hiroshima City and owned by Chugoku Local News Co.
China-Japan News JPChunichi Shimbun is a daily newspaper published by Chunichi Shimbun, Ltd. for the prefecture of Dao Aichi, Japan.
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