List of Cypriot video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for information only)

Philenewshttp://www.philenews.comCyprusOfficial website of the largest newspaper in Cyprus.
Sigmalivehttp://www.sigmalive.comCyprusNews from Cyprus and around the world, including political, economic, and sports news.
BRT TV is one of the leading television stations in Cyprus, covering Cyprus and the surrounding Turkish region, providing up-to-date information on all types of programs, program guides, previews, program schedules, program highlights, online videos, etc. The website language is Turkish.
Sigma TV TV is a commercial television station in Cyprus, established in 1995, aimed at a young audience, with an approximate age group of 18-45 years old, with programs such as children’s programs, sports, news, movies, etc. The website language is Greek.
Ada TV TV is one of the leading television stations in Cyprus, with high ratings in Cyprus, offering the latest program schedules, previews of program content, news information, highlights of program reviews, programs to watch online, etc. The website language is Turkish.
Cyprus International Star Cyprus Star International is a weekly English-language newspaper in Cyprus. The newspaper is formed from two separate newspapers, the Cyprus Star and the Turkish Star. It is published twice a week and the newspaper is owned by the Star Kibris Media Group. It was founded in April 2008 by its current editor Dan Gibson.
The Cyprus Observer Cyprus Observer is a weekly English-language Cypriot newspaper established in August 2005. The newspaper is also sold on the internet in the UK and Turkey. It is a Berliner-format newspaper published on Fridays from its headquarters in Kyrenia.
The Cyprus Observer is owned and edited by Hasan Ekcakica, the spokesman for the Turkish Cypriot government, and in the last few years, there has been a growing number of English-language newspaper publications in Northern Cyprus due to the growing English-speaking population.
The Cyprus Observer is also available in London and has a website that is updated weekly. As well as covering British society news, it also covers political developments in Cyprus, business news and news from the south of the island, news, international news, Turkish news, and more.
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Cyprus Tourist Board Cyprus Tourist Board manages agencies in Cyprus and abroad and is based in Nicosia. The official website provides an overview of Cyprus, travel bookings, transport and accommodation, type plans, tourist attractions, and much more.
Extra TV TV is located in Limassol, Cyprus, and offers a wide range of news and information, hotspots and insights, program schedules, program guides, program highlights, online video streaming, etc. The website language is Greek and English.
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