List of Azerbaijani video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationshipIntroduction
Azerbaijan Trend News Agency (Trend)http://www.trend.azAzerbaijanThe trend is an independent news agency founded in 1995 and one of the leading news providers in Azerbaijan, the South Caucasus, the Caspian Sea, and Central Asia.
Milli.Azhttp://www.milli.azAzerbaijanAzerbaijan news portal.
Azerbaijan Information Agencyhttp://sia.azAzerbaijanWebsite of Azerbaijan Press Agency.
LENT.AZhttp://news.lent.azAzerbaijanAzerbaijani news site with news on politics, society, accidents, economy, world, cars, culture, sports, technology, videos, etc.
Oxu.azhttps://oxu.azAzerbaijanAzerbaijan News.
Day.Az and weather from Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.
Qafqazinfo.Azhttps://qafqazinfo.azAzerbaijanThe latest news from Azerbaijan and around the world.
BiG.Az provides the latest news in Azerbaijan and around the world. The site provides social, political, interesting, and business news on a variety of topics. Follow big. az to read the latest news.
Publika.azhttps://publika.azAzerbaijanIt constantly provides effective news about events in Azerbaijan and around the world.
Lider TV TV is a private television channel in Azerbaijan, established on September 1, 2000. The station offers 24/7 programming, keeps up-to-date with TV programs, presents airtime and brief content, as well as online videos, etc. The website language is Azerbaijani.
Azerbaijan Public Television is the public television channel of Azerbaijan and a member of the European Broadcasting Union. The station has a wide range of programs covering news, politics, economics, society, entertainment, sports, etc. The website language is English and Azerbaijani.
Azerbaijan State Television State Television is the state-owned television station of Azerbaijan, provides online videos, keeps up-to-date with TV programs, introduces program broadcast times, content profiles and other types of TV services, the website language is Azerbaijani.
Azer NEWS is Azerbaijan’s first English-language newspaper, a pioneering media outlet in the country, founded in 1997 and based in Baku. The website covers national and international business, oil, sports, arts, and culture, and the language of the website is English.
Birja is a popular free weekly Azerbaijani newspaper of notices and advertisements, which is published by Borja VDV. It was established in 1992 by Rafik Abbasov. It has an average circulation of over 10,000 copies per week in Azerbaijan.
The Borja newspaper was established with the goal of providing an advertising newspaper for the Azerbaijani market. It supports the nationwide Khinalug village project.
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Azerbaijani newspapers is an Azerbaijani state-owned public news newspaper, which is published by the National Assembly of Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan24 is the most recognized and authoritative public tourism service in Azerbaijan, providing information on all kinds of tourism services throughout Azerbaijan, including hotels, airline tickets, restaurants, escorts, hiking tours, city guides, cultural guides, and scenic introductions to various parts of Azerbaijan.
Sub-site of the famous search engine Google in Azerbaijan.  Sub-site of the famous search engine Google in Azerbaijan.
Medeniyyet TV TV is one of the more influential TV stations in Azerbaijan. The website is kept up to date with TV programs, providing previews of airtime and content, access to past programs, online videos, etc. The language of the website is Azerbaijani.
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