Some scenic spots in the Bahamas that I like and want to visit most

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1Pink BeachLocated on Hubble island in the Bahamas, Pink Beach has been selected as the
sexier beach in the world by Newsweek. The Pink Beach is about three miles long,
with clear water and fine sand. The real pink gravel is its major feature. There
are luxury resorts consisting of 25 colorful villas along the beach. These villas
integrate various styles such as Morocco, India, and Bali, Indonesia. It is also
a good diving resort in the world.
2Grand Bahama IslandGrand Bahama Island is the fourth largest island in the Commonwealth of the
Bahamas in the West Indies. It is 12 kilometers wide from east to west, 24
kilometers long from north to south, and covers an area of 1373 square
kilometers. Located on the northern tip of the Bahamas, it is about 96 kilometers
west of the Florida Peninsula in the United States. With low and flat terrain, mild climate, pine trees everywhere, and beautiful scenery, the island is a famous
resort for recuperation and sightseeing. There are white and flat beaches on
the beach, on which thatched sheds are built for tourists to enjoy the cool and
rest. Far away from the noisy big city, it looks very quiet, comfortable and
3Pig IslandPig Island, located in the Bahamas in the Caribbean in Central America, is
officially called dashazhou. Pig island is inaccessible, and there are 8 lovely
wild pigs living on the island. It is said that the “ancestors” of these pigs were
originally livestock, which was left by sailors when they passed the island many
years ago, hoping that they would become food supplies for future navigation.
But the sailors did not return, but the pigs multiplied on the island. Because these
pigs look cute and are not afraid of being born, they gradually attract tourists to
go and see the wonders. When tourists arrive by sightseeing boat, the brave piglet
will even pick up the side of the boat to beg for food.
4Paradise IslandParadise Island, located in the Caribbean, is rich in products and beautiful scenery, which is better than heaven. Undoubtedly, the most popular place on the island
is the 14-acre “Atlantis waterscape”. It is the world’s largest outdoor aquarium,
where more than 100 kinds of fish roam. There are two popular projects on
Paradise Island – “Dolphin dialogue” and “motorboat exploration”. The reason
why Paradise Island is called “heaven” is not only that the sea water is particularly
clear and the sand is particularly delicate, but also that the magnificent and
luxurious building is resplendent. From inside to outside, it brings together the
wisdom and essence of Seiko craftsmen from all over the world. The exquisite
works of Art are countless and breathtaking.
5Nassau pirate MuseumThe pirate museum tells the story of real pirates of the Caribbean. It not only
displays the weapons and ships used by pirates of the Caribbean when they
attacked and occupied the Bahamas, but also the museum itself is themed.
Different lighting effects are used from room to room according to the story.
6Atlantis Paradise IslandAtlantis resort, located in Nassau (Bahamas), is a world-famous tourist destination.
The resort center is located on Paradise Island, accounting for almost half of the
whole island, and employs 6000 local residents as employees. The resort covers
a huge area, including independent hotels such as the Beach Tower, the coral
towers and the Royal towers, as well as casinos, high-end shopping centers, restaurants, beaches, swimming pools, artificial lakes, Mayan water slides,
world-famous underground aquariums and other entertainment places.
7New Providence IslandThe main islands of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Between Andros Island
(West) and Eleuthera Island (East). The island is 34 kilometers (21 miles) long
and 11 kilometers (7 miles) wide. Most areas are flat, with marshes and several
shallow lakes. Nassau, the main city, is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Agriculture and Fisheries play an important role in the domestic
economy, and rum brewed on the island is exported to the international market. Nassau has developed into a world-famous tourist area around the city.
8Harbour I.Harbour Island, located in the Bahamas, is famous for its 3km long beach. Pink
gravel is a major feature of the beach. Among them, fensha beach is a famous
beach, with a luxury resort consisting of 25 colorful villas along the coast. The construction features of these villas are a combination of Morocco, India, Bali, Indonesia and other styles. The Bahamas’ pure Atlantic water and the warm
current from the Gulf have jointly bred the Bahamas’ unique natural
environment, which is a paradise for aquatic organisms and adventure tourists.
9BrilandLocated in the east of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, it is one of the older
towns in the Bahamas, and the long-term residents here affectionately call
it “briland”. The dock on Haigang island is not big, but it is very lively. When
you step on the dock, you will find that the means of transportation for people
on Haigang island is actually a golf cart. The harbor island is small, and there
are only a few main streets, which shows the delicacy of the island. In the annual selection of the Caribbean and Bermuda, this island ranks first among many
islands and is known as a beautiful island.
Lucaya National ParkLukaya National Park is located in the free port city of Lucaya, Grand Bahamas.
It is one of the most famous national parks in the Bahamas. Archaeologists
found the remains of local residents in the burial mounds on the island and
the underground water caves in the park in 1986, which confirmed that there
were human dwellings in the area in the pre-Columbian period, and thus named
the park. Lukaya National Park has lush plants, charming flowers, and beautiful
scenery. The plants in the park include almost all kinds of vegetation in the
Bahamas, and winding paths and boardwalks are all over the park, which will
take you to every corner of the park to enjoy the exotic flowers and plants here.
11 Abaco Is.Abaco islands, located in the northern Bahamas, is mainly composed of coral
reefs including Abacos, Abaco, and “series”, and its sea area is considered to
be the best boating and navigation sports area in the world. The island has
the most natural areas, especially coral reefs and Bahamas pine forests, forming
the most beautiful scenery. The beach along the coast is soft, lying on the beach, enjoying the sunshine bath, relaxing, reading on the reclining chair under the
sun umbrella, and enjoying the short tranquility are all good choices. The sea
is clear and blue, and its sea area is enchanted by many people
The island is protected layer by layer, and it is often quiet and serene. It is a
paradise for boating, sailing, fishing, and snorkeling lovers. In addition to the
unique natural environment, the “live entertainment service facilities” in the
Abaco islands are also flowing, such as the “golf ball”, comfortable and luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars, exquisite resorts… All of these will provide the best
service for your vacation.
12Cat I.Carter Island (also known as Cat Island) is located in the middle of the
Bahamas, The highest altitude is 63, which is the highest in this island country.
It is said that after Columbus discovered America, Cat Island was the island he
landed on. In 1783, the earliest Europe arrived here. It is said that the name of
this island is mainly based on a name named Arthur CATT; Also (because of
the island
There are many wild cats, named Cat Island. Historically, this island was once prosperous due to cotton planting, but the degree of development on the island
is low, and the residents are still living a primitive life of farming. The island is
rich in Kali, which is distributed by the Ministry of Commerce to Italy. It is the raw material for pharmacy, and raw material for making Kali and Bali bitter wine.
Cat Island has simple folk customs, a simple natural environment, and beautiful scenery. There are also temples called “hidden temples” on the island, which
are said to be built by John Hawes, a Catholic Franciscan monk. Many
domestic and foreign tourists come here for sightseeing and vacation every year.
13Montague fortressMontagu fortress was founded in 1741 and located on the east coast of the new provident island in the Bahamas. It was mainly a fortress built by British colonists
at that time to defend against the invasion of Xian. Now, this fortress has
become a relic and one of the most important scenic spots in the Bahamas.
The reason why Fort Montagu is famous is that this is the first time that the
United States Marine Corps has taken military action: in 1776, the Continental Congress learned that the British army had a batch of drugs hidden in new
provident Island, and ordered the newly formed Marine Corps General Esek
Hopkins to lead the troops. When general Hodgson arrived about two kilometers
away from Montagu fortress, he did not expect the Bahamian army to retreat
without fighting
Fort Nassau was transported by the Bahamas government as early as the Marines arrived. Finally, the Marines brought back only 46 cannons and 1000 shells
obtained by the United States from Fort Montagu. But these also became
important supplies for Washington’s troops at that time.
14Dean Blue HoleBlue Hole refers to a hole of blue, which has two types: an ocean blue hole and
a land blue hole. The ocean blue hole is a kind of sinkhole that exists on the
seabed, which is called the lower hole; Many places in the world, such as Belize
and the Bahamas, and the red sea belt, have blue holes. Due to the lack of
circulation, the marine material method is alive in the blue hole, but it is of
scientific research value. (former scientists found many ancient fossils at the
bottom of the blue hole
and some animal remains. Dean’s blue hole is located in the bays of Clarence
City, long island, Bahamas. It is said to be the deepest ocean blue hole in the
world. In 1992, Jim King completed the whole journey of the blue hole for the
first time; In April 2010, the famous diver William Trubridge broke the world
record of diving in the blue hole and swam in a depth of 92; In December of
the same year, he swam deep in 101 only by his feet.
15Abbaco National ParkThe Abaco National Park is 22,500 acres in the Bahamas, and 5,000 acres are
covered by pine forests, this mangrove forest is a living paradise for more
than 1,000 endangered Abaco and Bahamian parrots. The Bahamian parrot
belongs to the subspecies of the Cuban Amazon parrot, and its fossils were
found showing that the bird species can date back 50,000 years ago. The bird
is usually 12 to 13 inches long, with flawless white head feathers and bright
green body feathers, which are very easy to identify. When Columbus was said
to be surprised by the number of parrots there and wrote in his travel records: ” Groups of parrots even cover up the sun.” So, the Bahamas parrot was chosen
as the mascot for the “500 Years of Columbus’s discovery of the Americas” memorial series. The pine forest in Abaco National Park not only provides a natural “home” for the Bahamas parrots but also provides them with high-quality food. When the
parrot breeding season comes, the pine cones of pine trees are rich in protein
and are the best nutritious food for feeding the young parrots. But when the
rainy season comes, the nests are often damaged, and many chicks die in the
rain. Now, it is observed that the total number of such parrots is about 3,000
in the Bahamas has been listed in the list of endangered birds, and the government has introduced a series of conservation policies to prevent the Bahamas parrots
from going extinct.
16Acklins I.Acklin island is one of the “series of islands” located in the shallow lagoon
of the
big of backlinks in the Bahamas, with an area of 120 square
meters. The island
not only has primitive natural scenery, but also ancient colors.
There are some historical landmarks and many Lucayan
Indian sites; Among them, ⼀ sites are considered to be the most ⼤ lukayo Indian
(sites) in the Bahamas. This simple
folk customs and ancient natural beauty make the island
unique, and it is
considered to be the most charming island in the
Bahamas. The history of
Wakelin island can be traced back to the late 1980s.
At that time, some people
began to settle on the island and hired more than 1000 slaves
to open up
cotton plantations. With the abolition of slavery, the economy
of the island
also declined, and the cotton planting industry was gradually
replaced by
the salt industry and sponge industry. Later, the development
of synthetic
fiber hit the sponge industry on the island. Now the residents
of the island
are mainly fishing and scale agriculture.
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