List of video websites and learning video TV and radio sites in Macau, China (for reference only)

Macau Cable TV Cable TV brings together some 55 TV channels from around the world, offering an exceptionally wide range of different types of TV programmes for customers to choose from.
Macau Radio and Television Limited in 1983, Macau Radio and Television Corporation Limited (MRTV) is the first company in Macau to provide free-to-air television broadcasting in Chinese and Portuguese.
Lotus TV TV (Macau TV International Business Channel) is a satellite TV channel specializing in the promotion of business information in China, which was officially launched in Macau on 28 October 2002, with the approval of the Macau SAR Government.
Australia-Asia TVhttp://www.imastv.comMacauMacau-Asia TV is a professional news network that focuses on the new pulse of the four regions across the Taiwan Strait. Established in 2004, it is currently the only satellite TV station in Macau that has been approved to enter the Mainland and go international, and has a certain viewership influence in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan at the same time.
Macau TVhttp://www.aomen.tvMacauAomen.TV is Macau’s leading film and television production services company, providing an online video channel on the latest developments in Asia’s entertainment capital, Macau, to viewers in China and around the world.
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