List of Australian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

CitySearch’s leading entertainment information search site, browse for local entertainment, business events, and venues, including 14 cities and regions in Australia.
Ticketek Australia’s leading online booking site for tickets to various sporting and entertainment events.
Australia News-Entertainment News ( entertainment channel, TV guide, and celebrity entertainment news.
MovieFIX movie guide website, movie showtimes, movie reviews, movie trailers, and stills.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), is a national radio and television network media in Australia.
Australia SBS TV’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster. Includes news, sports, entertainment, documentaries, movies, food, radio and TV schedules, and program information.
Australian radio stations Australia, Australia’s broadcasting service to Asia and the Pacific, provides exciting features on international, regional, and Australian news and current affairs, Australian culture, entertainment, and more.
Network Ten access to your favorite TV shows from TEN, ELEVEN, and ONE, plus more about the show!
Australia ABC TV guide, video, program plan, ABC TV, ABC2.
National Geographic Channel Australia spotlights and schedules, news, contests, movies, sound clips, desktop wallpaper, postcards, and educational resources.
TVB Australia’s largest Chinese TV platform.
Globe TV are one of the largest providers of Arabic, Greek and Turkish television programs in Australia and New Zealand. Globe TV is the official and sole authorized distributor of some of the best Internet receivers in the world. It is the home of ZAAPTV, MAAXTV and ARAABTV.
ninemsn Ninemsn video home page, TV program video, news video, entertainment video, fashion/beauty video, MTV video, comic video, travel video.
australiannews.net is Australia’s comprehensive news website, publishing Australian domestic and world news, including finance, business, weather, sport, and many other aspects. News is sourced from mainstream national media, including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age Australia, and more.
Vakthaa.tvhttp://vakthaa.tvAustralianVakthaa. tv is a leading Australian video-sharing website. The site offers videos on a variety of topics including education, news, events, entertainment, and more for users to watch and share.
The Brisbane Times Brisbane Times is an Australian online newspaper for Brisbane and Queensland, created in 2007, featuring news on sport, entertainment, politics, business, commentary, lifestyle, travel, cars, and more.
Courier Mail Courier Mail is an Australian regional daily newspaper for Queensland, northern New South Wales, and parts of the North. Founded in 1846, it is part of News Corp Australia and is published Monday to Saturday. It provides local news, sports, entertainment, business, and lifestyle news.
Palace Films Films is an independent film distribution company that is family owned and operated from Australia and has been distributing films in Australia and New Zealand since 1965, with Palace Cinemas as its sister company. Australian films produced by Palace Films include Kokoda and Chopper, and the company also distributes numerous foreign language films in Australia.
The Sun Herald Sun Herald is an Australian morning newspaper, based in Melbourne, founded in 1990 and part of Mercado’s News Corp. It features news, sports, entertainment, business, lifestyle, and video channels.
National Film and Sound Archive of Australia National Film and Sound Archive of Australia is an internationally recognized center of excellence in audiovisual preservation, designed to collect, preserve and share the nation’s rich audiovisual heritage. The Archive has over 1.6 million titles, including films, television programs, radio programs, audio tapes, records, and compact discs. In addition, the Archive collects documents and photographs, such as posters, scripts, publicity material, etc.
The Australian newspaper Australian, founded in 1964 and part of Murdoch’s News Corporation, is one of Australia’s most influential national newspapers, with its headquarters in Sydney.
The Daily Telegraph, Australia Daily Telegraph is an Australian small-format newspaper owned by News Corporation and distributed mainly in Sydney and New South Wales, Australia
Australian Associated Press Australian Associated Press (AAP) is an Australian national news agency founded in 1935. It has foreign correspondents in Port Moresby, Jakarta, Auckland, London, and Los Angeles, as well as contributors in other parts of Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa; and alliances with major international news agencies around the world.
111 Hits Hits is one of Australia’s most influential television stations, keeping up to date with TV programs, providing timely news coverage, program guides, previews, viewer feedback, and more. The website language is English.
UBI World TV World TV is an Australian system of live satellite digital television entertainment and information services for non-English speaking people. The website language is English.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s national public broadcaster.
FILMINK is the official online website of Australia’s leading film and television magazine, featuring upcoming releases of the latest films, communication from producers, actors, and behind-the-scenes personnel, reviews, and more.
Yahoo! 7 TV! 7 TV (Australia’s leading lifestyle and entertainment television station) provides news, entertainment, sports, finance, travel, and other programs.
The Australian Financial Reviewhttp://afr.comAustralianThe Australian Financial Review is Australia’s leading financial daily newspaper for Australian business people and government officials, covering finance, Australian business, and industry updates, Commonwealth financial news, stock market sentiment, and more
Village Roadshow Pictureshttp://vreg.comAustralianVillage Roadshow Pictures is an Australian film company founded in 1997, based in Melbourne, and part of the Village Roadshow Entertainment Group.
4WEB http://www.e4me.tvAustralian4WEB is an Australian television station with some influence.
The Age Age is an Australian daily newspaper, mainly published in Victoria but also available in other states, founded in 1854, based in Melbourne, and distributed by Fairfax Media Age Limited.
News Weekly Weekly is a newspaper founded and published by the National Civic Council of Australia (NCC), which was established in 1941.
Australian Christian Channel Christian Channel is Australia’s largest Christian television station, offering a variety of program content, program schedules, program booking, past program searches, and more.
Canberra Times in 1926, the Canberra Times is an English-language daily newspaper in the Australian capital, Canberra, with a daily circulation of more than 40,000, covering national and international news, sport, the environment, commentary and more.
Townsville Bulletin Townsville Bulletin is the only daily newspaper in the Northern Territory of Queensland, Australia, founded in 1881. This website is its official website and features national and international news, sport, entertainment, economics, lifestyle, and travel.
The West Australian West Australian is the largest media group in Western Australia. Founded in 1833, the group covers local, national, and international news, including tourism, transport, and the economy.
The Advertiser Advertiser is an Australian tabloid newspaper published in Adelaide, South Australia, founded in 1858, providing local news and influencing the lives of South Australians with the content it provides.
The Australian Women Weekly Australian Women Weekly, founded in 1933, is the most influential media magazine for women readers in Australia! 7 is the Australian branch of the global Internet giant Yahoo! 7, providing comprehensive web services such as search engines, domestic and international news, email, instant messaging, photos, and videos in Australia.
Telstra Media Media Australia’s leading web portal, created and operated by Telstra BigPond, Australia’s largest ISP service provider, consists of three main sections: News, Sports, and Lifestyle, covering news, sports, TV, music, movies, games, shopping, job hunting, children and more.
Body + Soul + Soul, Australia’s leading lifestyle magazine, features health, food, family, beauty, fashion and emotions.
Daily Melbournehttp://www.dailymelbourne.comAustralianDaily Melbourne is a local subculture and lifestyle guide website for local food, drink, lifestyle, art, fashion, big events, music, business yellow pages, and more.
Weatherzone is Australia’s oldest continuously published newspaper to date. This is its official website and features weather inquiries, radar and maps, nautical information, agriculture, waves and storms, climate, services, an online shop, and more.
Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald was Australia’s first newspaper, founded in 1831 and based at 201 Susser Street in the heart of Sydney’s business district.
Australian Chinese Daily Chinese Daily is one of the largest Chinese-language newspapers in Australia. Founded in 1987 by Hong Kong immigrant Lau Mei-ling, it is based in Sydney and is mainly read by Chinese Australians. is Australia’s leading news portal, providing Australian domestic and international news and information, business information, technology information, film and entertainment, lifestyle, property information, wealth news, and more.
NineMsn is Australia’s most popular web portal, formed by Microsoft MSN and Ecorp, an Australian internet company. The site is popular with the public because it is the default home page for Australian Internet Explorer 6 users. The site contains sections on news, sports, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, video, cars, job hunting, and eBay.
Space Daily Daily is a site dedicated to space news, founded in 1995 and based in Australia; here you can browse the world’s research and latest achievements in outer space, as well as the latest knowledge on scientific and technological exploration.
NT News Northern Territory News (NT News) is the news media of a self-governing territory in the north of Australia. Founded in 1952, it has been serving the Northern Territory region for more than 60 years, covering regional, national, and international news, covering breaking news, sports, entertainment, economy, life, travel, and more.
Townsville Bulletin Townsville Bulletin, Australia’s only daily newspaper, was established in 1881 and is published Monday to Saturday in a tabloid format, covering domestic and international news, sport, entertainment, economics, life, and travel.
NewsBlaze is an online newspaper. NewsBlaze features a front page, breaking news, and world news covering politics, economics, health, food & wine, women, opinion, tech, sports, horoscope, entertainment, music, and more.
The Brisbane Times Brisbane Times is the only newspaper in Queensland, Australia. It was established in March 2007. The site’s mission is to bring readers and users the most up-to-date and fresh news and information.
WAtoday is Western Australia’s leading news website. Established in June 2008, the site provides news and information on news, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, and weather for readers and is part of Fairfax Digital, a division of Fairfax Media.
Australian Christian Television Christian Television is Australia’s largest Christian television station, featuring a variety of content, times, online viewing, shopping, program subscriptions, past program searches, and other television services in English.
Canberra Times in 1926, the Canberra Times is an English-language daily newspaper in the Australian capital, Canberra, with a daily circulation of more than 40,000, covering national and international news, sport, the environment, commentary, and more.
Australia New Express New Express is an overseas Chinese language newspaper jointly created by Yangcheng Evening News Newspaper Group and Qiaoxin Group Limited, founded in Sydney on 30 June 2004, which aims to serve the Chinese community, reflect the voices of Chinese people, promote Australia-China exchanges and enhance Australia-China friendship.
The Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Morning Herald is one of Australia’s largest and most influential newspapers with daily updated news stories including local Australian news, world news, financial news, sports news, breaking news, entertainment news, and more.
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