List of Qatari video sites and learning video TV and radio sites (for information only)

Al Jazeera Qatarhttp://www.aljazeera.netQatari Al Jazeera is an international, Arab-based, global media company based in Doha, Qatar. The name Al Jazeera is derived from the Arabic word الجزيرة, which means “island” or “peninsula” and refers to the Arabian Peninsula. It was launched in 1996 and is owned by the Al Jazeera Media Group, which is funded by the Qatari royal family. In addition to Arabic, it also broadcasts news and documentary-centered content in English, Turkish and other languages, and is one of the world’s top three television news channels, along with the BBC and CNN.
Qatar Tribune  Qatari Qatar Tribune (QT) is a Qatari English-language newspaper.
The Peninsula Hotel Newspaper  Qatari The Peninsula is a Qatari English-language daily newspaper
Qatar Gulf Times  Qatari The Gulf Times (Qatar) is a Qatari English-language newspaper.
Qatar Government Online  Qatari Qatar Government Online (Hukoomi) is the Qatari government portal.
Qatar News Agency Qatar Newswire, Qatar’s first news agency and one of the leading news agencies in the Arab world, was established in 1975 under the Ministry of Information and Culture. Initially, it reported only on the country, the Gulf region, and Arab countries, but soon developed into a worldwide news agency.

Al Rasoul TV Al Rasoul TV is one of the commercial TV stations in Qatar, offering previews of program content, program guides, online videos of selected programs, etc. The website language is Arabic.
Qatar Government Network Qatar government website, available in Arabic and English, with country profile, subject search, public services, nationals, big events, news center, and more.
Qatar Ministry of Education of the Qatari Ministry of Education, available in Arabic and English, with content including institutional profiles, institutional settings, educational resources, scholarships, educational news, and more.
Qatar Tourism Authority Tourism Authority is available in English and Arabic. It provides basic information on the country of Qatar, accommodation and transportation, and tourist attractions, in addition to a search function to find flight routes and more.
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