Taiwan video website learning video TV as well as radio station website list) (for reference only)

yam-entertainment newshttp://n.yam.com/entertain/Taiwanthe entertainment news channel, providing the latest daily entertainment news.
MSN Taiwan-entertainmenthttp://ent.msn.com.twTaiwanGo online to look up movies, music, TV, and celebrity photos to MSN Entertainment, message discussion, celebrity calendar, and netizen interaction, also can watch movie trailers, mv premieres.
Taiwan Sina Entertainmenthttp://ent.sina.com.twTaiwanTaiwan Sina entertainment channel, entertainment star news, entertainment sound library, music ranking, star search library, chase star express.
KingNet AV Stationhttp://movie.kingnet.com.twTaiwanThe latest movie music online guide.
Yahoo! Chima Moviehttp://tw.movie.yahoo.com/TaiwanYahoo! Chima Movie – movie previews, latest movies, introductory movies, schedules, TV moments, DVD rental movies.
CTSN-entertainmenthttps://www.chinatimes.com/star/TaiwanCTSN Entertainment Channel.
Apple Daily – Entertainment Newshttp://tw.nextmedia.com/
TaiwanEntertainment news provided by Apple Daily.
World Cinema Magazinehttp://www.worldscreen.com.tw/TaiwanContains a magazine introduction, movie advance movie video, movie information, movie discussion forum, etc.
NOWnews Today’s news network-entertainment newshttp://www.nownews.com/
TaiwanInstant movie and drama, Numerology Street, movie and drama news review, watchNOW, online movie city, King of K, music, movie, TV, gossip, entertainment topic.
PChome News – Entertainment Newshttp://news.pchome.com.tw/cat/
TaiwanProvide the latest entertainment news.
Yes Entertainmenthttp://tw.chinayes.comTaiwanYes, Entertainment provides China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan star news, gossip, movies, TV, and music all kinds of fresh news Yes Entertainment is endless, there are all kinds of wonderful pictures, video news, and so on for you to dig, in addition to the frequent prize giving activities, more entertainment topics are in Yes Entertainment!
Name Website Relationship Introduction
udn united chase network
http://stars.udn.comTaiwanEntertainment news, video, gallery, stars, music, movies, TV, and community.
Open Eye Movie Networkhttp://www.atmovies.com.twTaiwanThe TV program and movie search service.
Koreanstar.comhttp://www.koreastardaily.comTaiwanKoreanStar.com was established at the end of 2009 and is a Chinese website specializing in providing the latest Korean entertainment information for 1.4 million users per month (until February 2011), providing the first information on K-pop, Korean dramas, movies, press conferences, and concerts. The content is mainly interviewed and filmed by our Korean company TVdaily, and we also cooperate with media and veteran fans in Greater China to bring you the news of Korean stars’ overseas activities.
Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards official websitehttp://www.goldenhorse.org.twTaiwanThe Golden Horse Award is a Taiwan film award, founded in 1962, for the world’s first Chinese film awards, the selection of films for Chinese films from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
GTV eight TV stationshttp://www.gtv.com.twTaiwanEight TV Co., Ltd. operates three major channels as well as audio and video program production and related businesses. GTV Channel 1] [GTV General Channel] [GTV Drama Channel] [GTV Entertainment K Channel], in Taiwan cable TV penetration rate of 100 percent. Among the more than 100 channels in Taiwan, the ratings and the reputation of program production are one of the best. The eight TV stations have more than 500 employees and professional departments, and the current general manager is Mr. Lin Bochuan, a senior and excellent TV worker.
China Television Corporation (China TV)http://www.cts.com.twTaiwanChina Television Corporation (CTS), abbreviated as “China TV” or “CTS” in English, is the third television company in Taiwan, jointly invested by the education department, the defense department, business people, and overseas Chinese leaders. CTS is the third television company in Taiwan, together with Taiwan Television Corporation (TTV) and China Television Corporation (CTV), and is known as Taiwan’s three oldest stations. The old three stations, together with the private national television company (ftv) and the public television station (PTS), are the only five wireless television stations in Taiwan, referred to as the Wireless Five.
Taiwan Television Corporation (TTV)http://www.ttv.com.twTaiwanTaiwan Television Corporation (TTV) was founded on April 28, 1962, with a capital of NTD 30 million. It was the first television station in Taiwan. On October 10 of the same year, TTV was officially launched by Chiang Kai-shek’s wife, Soong Mei-ling, with a button, starting the history of television in Taiwan. Together with China Television Corporation (CTV) and China Television Corporation (CTS), they are known as the “Old Three” in Taiwan.
ETTVhttps://www.ebc.net.twTaiwan(English: Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd., EBC), referred to as EBC East TV is a large cable television media in Taiwan, launched in September 1997.
Sanli TVhttp://www.settv.com.twTaiwanSince its founding in 1992, Sanli TV has insisted on the spirit of “originality” and created five major content, including drama, entertainment, music, finance, and news, and extended six TV channels (Sanli Taiwan, Sanli Metro, Sanli News, Sanli Finance, Sanli International, and MTV), producing 4,000 hours of content each year, and is the largest content creation base in Taiwan.
MinTVhttp://www.ftv.com.twTaiwanCivil National Television Co., Ltd. officially started broadcasting on June 11, 1997, becoming the fourth wireless TV station established after TTV, CTV, and HTV, and the first private wireless TV station in Taiwan’s history.
CTV Global Information Networkhttp://www.chinatv.com.tw/TaiwanChinese television company CTV, provides program schedules, online news, drama, and variety show information.
TVBShttp://www.tvbs.com.twTaiwanTVBS (also known as “Wireless Satellite Television” or collectively as “TVBS Wireless Satellite Television”, the company name is UNI Production Co., Ltd.) is the first local satellite television station in Taiwan, which premiered on September 28, 1993. It is a joint venture between Hong Kong Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) and Taiwan’s Era Group.
Public TV stationshttp://www.pts.org.tw/TaiwanTaiwan Public Television.
China Broadcasting Corporation (Taiwan)http://www.bcc.com.tw/
TaiwanChina Broadcasting Corporation Taiwan news webcast, including program content, host archives, event alerts, and online listening.
\Videotv.comhttp://www.videoland.com.tw/TaiwanTaiwan Wistron TV Network is a CITIC Group-related company, its main operating channels: are Wistron General Channel, Wistron Japan Channel, Wistron Sports Channel, Wistron Movie Channel, Wistron Drama Channel, Wistron Yule Channel, Wistron Kids Channel.
hichannel livehttp://www.hichannel.hinet.netTaiwanProvide Taiwan’s major television stations live online with a variety of types of free programs and film.
AXN Taiwanhttp://www.axn-taiwan.com/TaiwanPlay movies, action movies, animation, etc. Provide TV program introduction and broadcast schedule.
Perak Satellite TVhttp://home.pili.com.twTaiwanPILI has taken Pugilism as its starting point and crossed over into various entertainment and consumer fields. Its artistic and cultural achievements and entertainment business value have made “PILI” not only the dominant local culture in Taiwan but also the most unique culture and synonym of film and entertainment in Taiwan
Dongfeng TV Stationhttp://www.aziotv.tv/TaiwanTaiwan’s official website, providing entertainment @ Asia, happy people 100, popular tracking and other TV programs introduction, program schedule, event information, message board, etc.
im.tv Digital TVhttp://www.im.tv/Taiwanis.tv Digital TV
Chunghwa Telecom-Radio Stationhttp://radio.hinet.net/TaiwanProvides online broadcasting of music, news, learning, foreign languages, and live entertainment.
sian Broadcasting Networkhttp://www.asiafm.com.tw/TaiwanAsia Radio Network-ASIA NEW STYLE‧MY STYLE.
Geelong Cable TVhttp://www.klcatv.com.twTaiwanProvide cable TV service.
Hakka TVhttp://www.klcatv.com.twTaiwanAn all-around and full 24-hour TV channel focusing on Hakka culture and people style.
International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT)http://www.icrt.com.tw/TaiwanTaiwan English radio station FM100, provides radio news, online radio listening, studio webcam, etc.
Perak Satellite TVhttp://channel.pili.com.tw/TaiwanIntroducing broadcasted Peranakan and Korean dramas, with program schedule check
Qunjian Cable TVhttp://www.cctv.com.twTaiwanTaichung city-wide, providing cable TV programs, news, and program production, industrial and commercial filming and recording, channel listings, rebate activities, and other services, as well as additional services such as cable broadband Internet access, digital TV channels and digital Internet telephony
HyTV TV Kinghttp://www.hytv.com.tw/TaiwanLtd. produces, providing TV program search, the province’s cable TV channel list, program profiles, and related website collation, etc.
Taipei Student Internet Radiohttp://radio.tp.edu.tw/TaiwanProduced by students as a 24-hour online communication channel connecting teachers to students, parents to students, and students to students.
Yahoo Chima-video newshttps://tw.news.yahoo.com/video/TaiwanWatch the latest audio-visual news on Yahoo Chima News. Find breaking video news as well as news videos.
MSN Taiwan-videohttps://www.msn.com/zh-tw/videoTaiwanProvide videos of entertainment, news, novelty, travel, sports, health, military, etc.
YouTube Taiwanhttp://www.youtube.com/?gl=TW&hl=zh-TWTaiwanProvide free video uploading and sharing services.
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