List of video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. in France (for information only)

French TV programme networkhttp://www.programme-tv.netFranceEverything on TV programs, news, TV series, and films.
Vimeo makes your videos look great. Vimeo is video + you; the best way to share, discover and get inspired.
DailyMotion France is one of the world’s leading video sites, the second largest in the world after YouTube; users can upload, share and watch videos on the site, known for the high-definition quality of its clips.
Dailymotion allows users to search for videos using tags, channels, or user groups. The search system also introduces keywords searched for by other users in the search results. The maximum video size for regular users to upload files is 2GB, and the video length limit is 60 minutes. However, MotionMaker users upload videos without video size and time limits. In addition, Dailymotion’s terms of service state that posting pornographic content is prohibited. Since August 29, 2007, Dailymotion has been blocked in mainland China and later unblocked. In addition, it was blocked in Tunisia. Since March 2010 mainland Chinese internet users have again been unable to access it properly.
Dailymotion is one of the leading video sharing sites with 106 million single views and 2 billion videos viewed per month (source: ComScore). Dailymotion’s website is available worldwide and its homepage consists of 34 localized versions and 16 languages, striving to provide the best user experience while protecting video content.
France Télévisions 3 3 is one of France’s leading state-run television stations, launched in 1953 and renamed in 1992, with a focus on regional news, European news, and entertainment programs. The station is owned by 23 local stations, covering 95% of the country’s population.
Allocine  FranceAllocine is a commercial film site with lots of European film information and reliability. In terms of film data, Allocine is not as comprehensive as IMDb but is more detailed than Imdb in the European film section.
France Télévisions 5 5 is one of the French public television stations, launched in December 1994 and created by the government after the collapse of the formerly prosperous TV5, as an educational channel broadcasting 24 hours a day various programs covering: social education, cultural education, job hunting, etc.
Dronestagrwww.dronestagr.amFranceDronestagr: Aerial drone video network is a video sharing website for aerial photography by drones published by a French company. Many aerial photographers publish their aerial photographs, where you can see aerial views of the world and follow the lens of a drone to navigate the geographical landscape where the publisher is located.
France TV One Télévisions 1 is an influential national private television station with high ratings among the French public. Many foreign immigrants living in France see this program as a window into French society.
Global French TV5 is a global French-language television network that started broadcasting in 1984 and is based in Paris. It is now the fourth-largest international media network, broadcasting international news, TV series, films, music, and games.
European news stations is a multilingual, pan-European, multinational news station based in Lyon, France, which started broadcasting on 1 January 1993 and covers international news from a European perspective.
French Fashion TV Fashion Television (FTV) is the world’s leading fashion television outlet, enjoying a leading position in the international fashion industry. Founded in 1997, it is the world’s first and only fashion and trend channel with 24-hour global coverage.
Radio France International’s only radio group broadcasting worldwide, providing rapid and accurate global coverage of political, economic, social, and cultural events around the world through news and current affairs features.
The Dauphine Free Press Dauphiné libéré is a French provincial daily newspaper created in 1945, focusing on local news and events, covering news, environment, health, weather, sports, etc. in several regions of the country.
French newspaper 20 Minutes French newspaper 20 Minutes is the leading free newspaper in France, distributed free of charge mainly to commuters, offering news on politics, economics, real estate, cinema, culture, sports, technology, and more.
SIPA Press Photo Press (SIPA Press) is one of the three main photo news agencies in France, with a focus on journalism, and is currently the distributor in France of international photo agencies such as Associated Press and Rex. SIPA Photo Press places great importance on training and supporting new talent and is considered to be the cradle of renowned photojournalists.
Le Soir de France Soir is a French national daily newspaper, founded in November 1944, formerly known as the French underground newspaper La Defense, which, on its tenth anniversary, had a circulation of over a million copies and gave its readers the first glimpse of good news.
French newspaper La Republique de l’Est’Est Républicain is the main daily newspaper of the Lorraine region in eastern France. Founded in 1889, it was one of the first few newspapers to be established in France.
French newspaper L’Humanité Humanité was launched on 18 April 1904 as a socialist newspaper, published in Paris, and became the central organ of the French Communist Party in 1920. The newspaper reflects and defends the social and economic interests of the working masses, and its readers are mostly party activists and industrial workers.
French newspaper La Voix du Nord Voix du Nord is the largest newspaper and the most widely read newspaper in the northern French department of Béjarais, based in the city of Lille, with a circulation of 330,000 copies in 2000.
Nice Morning News, France (France) is a French local daily newspaper based in the southern French city of Nice.
French newspaper La Republique de Lorraine Républicain Lorrain is a local French-language newspaper in Metz, France.
French newspaper La Crosse Croix (The Cross) is a French daily newspaper founded by the French-speaking Roman Catholic Church, providing information related to religion, politics, economy, culture, science, family, sports, etc.
Marie Claire Claire, founded in France in 1937, is one of the world’s leading high-end women’s periodicals. It has always presented a diverse and trendy life with a delicate female perspective and unique social coverage. A magazine that has influenced women worldwide for 50 years, a beauty magazine, a fashion magazine, and a magazine that searches for women’s souls.
West of France newspaper Ouest-France newspaper was founded on 2 August 1899 in the city of Rennes in western France. With its content focusing on local news, it is the top daily newspaper in France and is currently the largest and most important local newspaper in France in terms of circulation and influence in the western part of the country.
French newspaper Sud-Ouest is a French regional daily newspaper from the southwest of France, founded in August 1944 and distributed mainly in the Bordeaux region of France, which reports on national and international news in France.
Le Midi Libre Midi Libre is a French daily newspaper published in Montpellier, France, founded in 1944, covering general news.
Le Progres Progres is one of the largest local newspapers in France, founded in 1859 and based in Lyon, covering local news in the Rhône-Alpes region.
French newspaper L’Express French weekly newspaper L’Express is the earliest French weekly news magazine and influential current affairs and lifestyle magazine. It was founded in May 1953, initially as a political supplement to L’Echo. It is a right-wing liberal political magazine aimed at middle and high-ranking employees and the intelligentsia.
French newspaper Le Parisien Parisien is a well-known French newspaper, one of the most widely read in the Paris region, and a popular publication even in other provinces. It has always had a reputation for objective information and careful choice of subjects to report on.
French Tribune Tribune is a French national newspaper and the second-largest economic newspaper in France.
French Viewpoint opinion is one of France’s leading weekly news magazines, founded on 25 September 1972, with a circulation of 420,000 copies. Its founder and president, Claude Imbert, is an influential senior journalist in the French press and has close ties with political figures.
Extension, France magazine was founded in 1967 and is part of the SOCPRESSE publishing group, which is owned by the Dassault Group. It is aimed at senior management and is known for its rigorous and thorough economic research and policy analysis.
Paris Match Illustrated Match is a leading French weekly current affairs news magazine, founded in 1949, covering major global events and topical news, leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of French national and international issues.
Le Figaro newspaper Figaro is the largest national daily newspaper in France and the oldest surviving newspaper, founded in 1825, with a name derived from the characters in the plays The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro by the great French writer Garonne de Beaumarchais.
Libération newspaperération is a major French national newspaper, the largest newspaper of the left wing. It was created in May 1973. Its readers are mainly intellectuals, senior administrators and university students.
International Herald Tribune international newspaper in English, based in Paris. It was founded on 4 October 1887 and is now fully owned by The New York Times Company. The newspaper focuses on international news and cultural developments and is valued by the international financial community for its rapid coverage of New York stock quotes.
European Times of the largest Chinese-language newspapers in Europe was launched and published in France on 1 January 1983. There are Global Hot Topics, European News, Chinatown News, Hong Kong, and Macau News, Taipei Fax, Southeast Asia News, etc.
Echo de France French economic daily newspaper of considerable authority, founded in 1908 by the Scrie brothers, it provides a relatively complete picture of important information on French finance and foreign economics, covering domestic and foreign industry and agriculture, science and technology, finance, economic policy and law, economic figures, etc.
Agence France Presse French world news agency and one of the four major Western news agencies. AFP is a non-profit, autonomous public organization authorized by a special law of 1957.
Le Monde of the most widely circulated newspapers in France. Founded in 1944, its main readers are intellectuals, government officials, and other elite social figures, and it is arguably the most prestigious newspaper in France.
Foreign Music Time Machine Oldies Time Machine is a website that can take you back to different periods of music from all over the world. It contains old music from all over the world and can take you to see old photos and relive old songs from those times if you like to listen to old songs or want to try to see old music from all over the world.
Solidays Music Festival is currently the second-largest music festival in France, offering concerts and performances on the theme of the fight against AIDS. 2014 marks the 16th year of Solidays and the festival opened on 27 June local time in France, attracting 175,000 spectators.
Vosouleur Asian International Film Festival in 1995, the Vosouleurs Asian International Film Festival is the first Asian film festival in Europe and the only one in Europe dedicated to films from the Asian region. It is held annually in Vosouleurs, France.
Deezer online music website offers not only customized internet radio but also the possibility to search for bands and songs and to play music with your browser.
Universal Music France Music France (France), French music, pop rock, electronic dance music, and black music.
Aurore  FranceAurore is a Sino-French community portal based on scientific and university collaboration
MSN France  FranceMSN France is the French subsite of MSN
 Alice  FranceAlice is a comprehensive French portal offering information, marriage and dating, cars, antivirus, blogs, movies, magazines, photo albums, mobile phones, sports, shopping, TV, travel, and many other contents.
Voila  FranceComprehensive French Voila website offering email as well as a networked hard disk service with sections on news, dating, videos, job hunting, etc.
Yahoo France  FranceYahoo France website, website features news, cars, movies, circles, horoscopes, maps, mobile phones, music, sports, TV, and more.
M6 Télévisions 6, a radio station aimed primarily at young people.
COMFM and radio, COMFM offers video recording, music websites…
RFO TV network.
CFI France and CFI are two French international channels dedicated to broadcasting programs to the outside world.
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