List of Chinese video sites (for reference only)

YOUKUhttp://www.youku.comCNVideo Play, Video Post, Video Search
SOHU movie and TV drama channel, HD documentary channel, providing users with exclusive first-run movie and TV drama-documentary online viewing services, providing video information including current affairs, finance, society, legal system, entertainment, sports, etc.
Tencent Videohttp://v.qq.comCNThe online video media platform, with its rich content, ultimate viewing experience, convenient login, seamless 24-hour multi-platform application experience, and quick sharing product features, mainly meets users’ needs for watching videos online.
BAIDU world’s largest Chinese video search engine
TUDOUhttp://www.tudou.comCNThe personal video site, has free unlimited space, upload your videos, watch and search tons of video shows, favorite your favorite videos, subscribe to podcasts you follow, and share to your friends easily and conveniently
Akiyohttps://www.iqiyi.comCNThe most valuable online video broadcasting platform; is a large video website providing free, high-definition online video services. Covering movies, TV series, variety shows, documentaries, cartoons, and other popular series
Phoenix Videohttp://v.ifeng.comCNOver 60 high-quality videos of the best programs and aggregation of the world’s best videos, the best videos, easy to view
CCTVhttp://www.cntv.cnCNChina Network Television’s Internet website business, news website, featuring video, based on interactive and mobile services, with exclusive views as the core, global-oriented, multi-terminal, three-dimensional news and information sharing platform
Sina Video, film and television, sports, news, guest chat, and a variety of colorful information video content-based comprehensive site
Mango TVhttps://www.mgtv.comCNIt is a new media audio-visual comprehensive communication service platform that integrates network features and TV features to achieve “multi-screen integration” of exclusive broadcast, cross-screen, and self-production, and is also the only Internet video platform of Hunan Broadcasting Corporation.
NetEase Videohttp://v.163.comCNA comprehensive video information portal that integrates news, entertainment, online video, original self-timer, fashion life, documentary, film and television drama, interviews, and other content
M1905 Movie Networkhttp://www.m1905.comCNCCTV6 Movie Channel’s official website, covers the latest movies, good movies, classic movies, movie recommendations, free movies, HD movies to watch online, and a large amount of the latest movie graphic video information
VeryCD eDonkey Bookhttp://www.verycd.comCNThe most comprehensive navigation for watching movies and TV series online
Xunlei Lookhttp://www.xunlei.comCNHD video portal, providing free movies, TV series, variety shows, music videos, cartoons, new movies, and blockbusters in HD online and download, is the largest and most complete genuine movie and TV distribution platform in China
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