List of Russian video sites and learning video TV and radio sites (for reference only)

Russian Television TV is a state TV station, which belongs to the All-Russian State General Company for Radio and Television. This general company also has three very large radio stations: Mayak, Radio Russia, and Voice of Russia.
Russia’s first channelhttp://www.1tv.ruRussianThe official website of Russia’s Channel One.
Russian State Radio and Television Corporation State Radio and Television Corporation (RTR)
Russia HTB TV HTB TV official website.
Russian TV station TNT official website of Russian TV station TNT.
MTV Russia official website of Russian MTV TV.
Explorer TV TV
TV Centre Russia (TVC) Centre Russia (TVC) is one of Russia’s leading television companies, founded in 1998 and affiliated to the Moscow city government. With an average broadcast time of about 18 hours per day and night, the station reaches viewers in 76 regions of Russia as well as in the surrounding Baltic countries.
Yandex recommendations of movies, TV series, and cartoons. Free online streaming of more than 200 TV channels. Yandex Video shows you videos you haven’t watched yet and recommends videos similar to the ones you like.
@Mail.ru video sites, provide movies, TV, cartoons, humor, hobbies, music, and other videos.
Rutubehttps://rutube.ruRussianRutube is a leading Russian video portal site offering movies, TV series, etc.
Fishki.nethttp://fishki.netRussianRussian entertainment portals.
Russian Movie Network and television information, entertainment news.
MSN Russia – Entertainment Russian entertainment channel.
KinoPoiskhttps://www.kinopoisk.ruRussianAll Earth movies.
ivihttps://www.ivi.tvRussianRussia’s largest online cinema, the catalog contains more than 80,000 movies and TV series. Hollywood masterpieces and novelties from the world’s leading studios, as well as the best Russian and European TV series, movies, and cartoons.
Rambler of the three famous Russian portals.
RadioMayak – Russian Lighthouse Radio is a long-established and influential Russian radio station, founded in 1964 during the Soviet era, located in the capital Moscow and belonging to the All-Russian State Radio and Television Company.
Russian Arguments and Facts I Fakty (Arguments and Facts) is a Russian-language weekly newspaper that has been awarded several times as the outstanding non-English language newspaper in Russia and the world. The social issues section of the newspaper often sees in-depth coverage of serious social problems in social reality.
The Moscow Times Moscow Times is an English-language newspaper based in Moscow, founded in 1992, which provides comprehensive coverage of the economy, politics, culture, real estate, entertainment, and more in English.
Новая Газета in 1993, the Russian newspaper Новая Газета is a well-known national newspaper in Russia, known nationally for its coverage of Russian political and social issues. It is published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and is distributed throughout Russia and in some regions outside the country.
Russian newspaper Tribune newspaper Tribune, organized by Tribune Newspapers Ltd, is an all-Russian daily newspaper, formerly known as Workers’ Forum, and later changed to its current name. The newspaper is a “forum” for people who work efficiently, talk deeply about issues, are articulate, and have independent opinions.
Russia Conclusion conclusion is one of Russia’s most influential weekly newspapers, founded in 1996 in cooperation with the American newsweekly, owned by Gazprom, specializing in politics, economics, sports, art, film, and television, with a circulation of about 85,000 copies.
Radio Russia Russia is a state-run broadcaster, first broadcast on 10 December 1990, broadcasting 24 hours a day, covering the whole of Russia, on longwave, mediumwave, and ultra-shortwave, and also available online.
Russia Today (RT) Today (RT) is a Russian English-language international news channel and the first fully digital Russian television channel, owned by the state-owned RIA Novosti news agency.
Russian Youth Radio Youth Radio was founded in the Soviet Union and broadcasts to the whole of Russia. It features music, DJs, and dance music and has always been very popular with young people. With its lively and upbeat style, Youth Radio Russia is constantly bringing in the younger generation, bringing vitality and staying “young”.
The Moscow News Moscow News, founded in October 1930, was the first English-language newspaper of the Soviet era, covering national and local news, business, politics, commentary, arts and entertainment, sports, and more.
russian news agency – tass is the official Russian news agency and one of the top five news agencies in the world. It was formerly known as TASS during the Soviet era and as RIA Novosti in January 1992, and changed to its current name in 1992. It publishes externally in eight languages and provides news or economic information.
Official website of the Russian daily newspaper (Nezavissimaia Gazeta). website of the Russian daily newspaper (Nezavisimaya Gazeta).
Moscow City Radio City Radio, Moscow FM 87.9, through the website you can listen to Russian radio online, always with the latest news, and some conversation programs, which are definitely helpful to improve your Russian listening.
Russian newspaper The Independent Russian newspaper The Independent is a leading Russian newspaper, founded in 1991.
St. Petersburg Press Petersburg Express (St. Petersburg Press) is an English-language newspaper published in St. Petersburg, Russia, offering news, business, politics, employment opportunities, city profiles, and classified ads.
Russian newspaper Labor Russian newspaper Labour was founded on 19 February 1921 as the organ of the Soviet Union’s National Federation of Trade Unions. It currently follows a centrist line in its political views and is owned by the Gazprom Export Corporation of Russia.
Russian newspaper Pravda Russian newspaper Pravda was founded in 1921, formerly the Central Party newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and is now taken over by JSC Pravda Limited, which was established on 27 January 1999. The newspaper’s pages are divided according to content into political, economic, business, social, foreign, regional, CIS and sports sections.
Russian newspaper Red Star Russian newspaper Red Star is the organ of the Russian Ministry of Defence, currently one of the most authoritative military newspapers and media in the world. Founded in 1924, originally the organ of the Soviet Ministry of Defence, the newspaper provides comprehensive, full, authentic, and effective coverage of the news of the army in the study of international relations.
Komsomolskaya Pravda Pravda is a famous Russian newspaper founded in 1925 by the Soviet Union’s Komsomolskaya Pravda. Although it still carries its old name from the Soviet era, its content has long been very different, no longer filled with boring news such as meetings of top officials, and gossip has become mainstream.
Russian News Agency Novosti is Russia’s number one media outlet and state news agency, ranking among the top three news agencies in Russia. RIA Novosti’s predecessor was the Soviet news agency, which was founded in 1941. Today, RIA Novosti has branches in dozens of countries around the world and is one of the most authoritative and largest news agencies in Russia and the world.
Kommersant in March 1917, Kommersant was once considered one of Russia’s oldest and most authoritative newspapers and is a Russian newspaper with credentials. The main content includes news about the main events in Russia and abroad, analytical commentary, economy, business, culture, and sports.
Voice of Russia Radio Voice of Russia radio station (Russian state broadcaster) was launched on 3 December 1946 to broadcast programs outside the country and is a state-owned broadcaster, funded by the government. The main task of the radio station is to inform the world about Russian life, to present the realities of what is happening in the country, and to make listeners more aware of and closer to Russia.
NTV Russian Television (NTV) is the only privately owned joint-stock television station in Russia, founded in the early 1990s by Gusinsky, a media tycoon known as one of Russia’s “Seven Oligarchs”. it began operations in 1993.
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