List of Somali news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other sites (for reference only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
Somali government websites Somali government website, website language is English, and the content includes country profile, government profile, news, etc. The Republic of Somalia, abbreviated as Somalia, is located in the easternmost part of the African continent on the Somali Peninsula, with the capital and seat of government in Mogadishu, and the official languages are Somali and Arabic. Somalia has a presidential republican system, with the president as the head of state, holding real power.
Hiiraan Online Online (Hiiraan Online) is one of the largest comprehensive portals in Somalia, providing long-distance telephone channels, Somali music, sports, opinions, the latest Somali news and information of all kinds, forums, blogs, e-mail, search services, etc. The website language is English.
Somaliland Travel Agency Travel Agency is a Somali agency specializing in tourism business services, with its reception office located in the center of Sa Somali capital, Harge, which is the cultural center and political center of Somalia.
Somali TV TV is the largest satellite channel in Somalia, the signal radiates the whole of Somalia and the surrounding African region, especially the English-speaking African countries, providing program schedules, program previews, program information inquiries, program highlight reviews, etc. The website language is English.
The Hataf newspaper Half newspaper is an independent Somali newspaper owned by Hataf Radio and Television, and the language of the website is Somali.
Somali Radio website is a radio station operated by the Federal Government of Somalia and was established in 1951. The website publishes news from within and outside Somalia. The language of the site is Somali.
HCTV is one of the most famous TV stations in Somalia, known for its independent speech, providing the latest real-time news, news information, hot tracking, program schedule, program content review, etc. in Somalia as well as in Africa, the website language is English.
Somali National TV National TV is a TV station established with the help of international agencies at the expense of the Somali government, providing the latest information on Somalia as well as Africa, current affairs hot tracking, program schedule, program guide, highlight program review, and guide, etc. The language of the website is English.
Universal TVhttp://www.tvuniversal.tvSomaliUniversal TV (Somalia) is the mainstream media in the country and is the most famous TV station in Somalia with high popularity and viewership. This website is its official website, mainly providing the latest news information and hot insights of Somalia and neighboring African countries, and the language of the website is English.
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